I woke up yesterday, after a long night on GamerGate patrol, to an ongoing operation dubbed #OpSKYNET, aka Operation SKYNET. Named after the AI in the Terminator movies, it was begun as a way to connect GamerGate, so that we wouldn’t have to rely on the big voices as much. That’s a noble goal, but the biggest thing I’ve taken out of it the last day, is the unity it has inspired. We now have the infighting of last week completely in our rear-view mirror. Every time the SJWs and their enablers in the mainstream media count us out, we rise to the occasion once again. No event, or act of censorship, can stop us. All it does is fan the flames.

Seeing everyone come together was, and still is, a touching sight. SJWs have been doing everything possible to split us up. Hell, as I said, we’ve helped them out with that ourselves, at times. But when it’s time to come together, damnit, we come together. As I said in a previous column, we’re a family.


More than a few of the people I’ve followed during #OpSKYNET were people who had been longtime followers. I thought I had already followed them, in most cases, but actually never had. So, I wasn’t just getting in touch with new people. I was also reconnecting with old followers. It truly was the best of both worlds. I felt ashamed that I hadn’t followed these people already, but at least I was able to rectify it due to this lovely initiative.

Let’s keep this spirit of cooperation in mind as we move forward. We know there will be other battles within GamerGate. Some of them may even get nasty. Still, if we always keep in mind this spirit of cooperation, we can fend off some of the worst self-inflicted damage. At the end of the day, everyone in GamerGate is on the same team, even if we have different ideas about how to get there. Keep that in the forefront of your mind as we move forward.