I woke up yesterday, after a long night on GamerGate patrol, to an ongoing operation dubbed #OpSKYNET, aka Operation SKYNET. Named after the AI in the Terminator movies, it was begun as a way to connect GamerGate, so that we wouldn’t have to rely on the big voices as much. That’s a noble goal, but the biggest thing I’ve taken out of it the last day, is the unity it has inspired. We now have the infighting of last week completely in our rear-view mirror. Every time the SJWs and their enablers in the mainstream media count us out, we rise to the occasion once again. No event, or act of censorship, can stop us. All it does is fan the flames.

Seeing everyone come together was, and still is, a touching sight. SJWs have been doing everything possible to split us up. Hell, as I said, we’ve helped them out with that ourselves, at times. But when it’s time to come together, damnit, we come together. As I said in a previous column, we’re a family.


More than a few of the people I’ve followed during #OpSKYNET were people who had been longtime followers. I thought I had already followed them, in most cases, but actually never had. So, I wasn’t just getting in touch with new people. I was also reconnecting with old followers. It truly was the best of both worlds. I felt ashamed that I hadn’t followed these people already, but at least I was able to rectify it due to this lovely initiative.

Let’s keep this spirit of cooperation in mind as we move forward. We know there will be other battles within GamerGate. Some of them may even get nasty. Still, if we always keep in mind this spirit of cooperation, we can fend off some of the worst self-inflicted damage. At the end of the day, everyone in GamerGate is on the same team, even if we have different ideas about how to get there. Keep that in the forefront of your mind as we move forward.

  1. When I came in I was added to an OpSkyNet group and I wasn’t even sure what it was at first. It’s actually restored some of my faith in humanity though to see how GG has brought so many people together.

  2. So the RawStory website is apparently an echo chamber for uneducated or barely educated left wing extremists and children without critical thinking ability. I beat down several of them with logic and they got so angry. I don’t understand where this idiocy comes from that makes people think that just because they believe something makes it true. Belief doesn’t define reality – FACTS define reality.

    Apparently Stephen Colbert continued his sell-out douche bag train by going after a mistake Breitbart made and then claiming their issuing a correction wasn’t “good enough” – typical SJW bullshit. Now, there’s lots of stupidity on Breitbart. I don’t like conservatives, but unless they’re lying, then they deserve both the benefit of the doubt and due process.

    These morons don’t seem to grasp that in their myopic crusade for feelz they’re advocating for authoritarianism and censorship.

    1. EW WHAT THE FUCK! This is the same shit I keep running into! These fucking people think that they can reach into the past and magically claim the oppression of people who have been LONG DEAD, along with their oppressors. The world is not the same fucking place. Ok, that’s it. We need to have a civil war – these people need to be destroyed.

    2. Holy shit, this guy is mental. Whatever point he might have had (emphasis on MIGHT, since I’m not even sure there is one) is utterly annihilated by his overwhelming vitriol, literally calling for the deaths of others, demonization of the opposition, and general bugfuck insanity. The fact that he sees Anita Sarkeesian as the most important contributor to feminism ever is mind boggling, as is his insistence that #GamerGate is equal to, if not greater than, the goddamn Nazi Party in terms of political importance and scale. And to top it all off, he’s a massive hypocrite to boot, since after his long spiel about how the constant worldwide oppression of women justifies his behavior and how women should get to say whatever they want, he talks down to the women that support GamerGate by saying that their decisions and worldview are wrong and forced on them by men, and that he’d be happy to ‘mansplain’ to them why they are wrong (doesn’t use the word, but that’s basically what he’s offering to do), but that they won’t listen because they’re miserable and selfish.

      In other words, I’m glad that this guy got fired. He deserved it big time.

        1. He’s a psychopath using fuzzy logic to justify his own insane hatred.

          The funny thing is that Gamers really are the scapegoat here, so ironically it IS a bit like the holocaust.

    3. This guys compares the Nazi death camps to not being allowed to run in the Boston marathon. No sense of scale at all.

  3. Got news for you. There are some of us that are not gamers that are in support. I joined because of the deceit I saw in the anti gg community.

    1. I’m only a casual gamer, but as soon as I saw the blatant lies and hypocrisy being held up by fucking “academics” I went NUCLEAR. Spreading ignorance should be punishable by death.

  4. Let us all give thanks to the DewRito’s Pope for name dropping GamerGate after shitlord Morhaime mentioned it offhand (hey, whatever, gamergate is about anti-harassment to, considering how fucked over it’s supporters have been). Morhaime looked like he was going to kill the smug, arrogant little prick. And now the WoW community knows about it. And then some stupid admins deleted threads. Behold the Streisand Effect! And wouldn’t you know it? MMO players don’t like SJWs. At all.

  5. Censored and banned when all I did was make logical arguments and keep my cool against people bashing me with typical SJW rhetoric.

    RawStory is kill.


    Do me a solid and go over there if you see this an let them know that it’s rude to start threads about someone just to insult them and then ban them when they interject into people’s echo chambers.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Trigger Warnings to go inflict in the name of justice.

      1. Well, I just have to keep reminding myself they’re just a very vocal retarded minority. Dangerous and frustrating, but still a minority.

          1. It serves no real purpose to bombard these idiots as the mods will just ban us and delete our comments. What pissed me off was that my comments were over MANY hours (at this point I’ve written close to a couple hundred pages about GamerGate) and were entirely justified and the cunt SJW mod protected very obvious troll SJWs.

            I guess it goes back to that whole “not touching the poop” thing. -_- Honestly these people CANNOT be reasoned with; the well of their reasoning powers have been poisoned. Unlike Ralph I fully advocate for a purge, but I have a good reason:

            Ancient China was the FIRST culture to develop sea faring.. however, the then promptly lost the knowledge when a philosophical/religious eunuch rose to prominence and declared that all of societies problems were due to the INTELLIGENTSIA/LITERATI aka the people who actually DO SHIT.

            He lead the stupid, fearful peasantry into an uprising and killed them all and then his followers BURNED all their records and books, destroying all of the accumulated knowledge. Fucking tragic and just a prime example of the dangers of charismatic sophists attacking reasonable intellectuals.

            If we’re going to go into these dens of intellectual iniquity, then it should be with a pre-typed, copy and past, with links to all the relevant sources.

            Something that I’ve found works SOME of the time, is to simply goad people into looking by saying, “The only thing you have to lose is the ignorance someone is imposing on you”. Alas, 99% of the time their delusional narrative is more important than evidence and they make excuses.

            You see, that’s the entire point of claiming the issue is about Feminism and Misogyny and not about Corruption and Ethics – if the accept there IS an issue with corrupt journalists and ethics, it undermines their stance about feminism and misogyny.

            The really funny thing? Older games, people who’ve been around for 10+ years and are adults, they tend to not buy into the bullshit, whereas the younger, more “liberally” minded “gamers” eat this bullshit right up.

            And then you have the armies of circle-jerking hipsters and douche bags that don’t even LIKE gaming that are involved. /sigh

          2. There are a few sites that are salvageable though. Some don’t have active moderation or an actual henpecking order. I’ve found that moderate sites are full of people asking for more information. In the absence of information, many will default to the “I’m a good guy” party line and condemn what they perceive to be a “harassment” campaign.

            I don’t think it is hopeless. The hardest places to crack are ones that require Facebook integration as social sharing promotes the lowest of low-hanging intellectual pursuits.

          3. Of course, ignorant people definitely get sucked into the “GOMP” phenomena. Me? I’m gay, type 2 bipolar and diabetes and an atheist AND I was a social pariah all the way from kindergarten to high school. Did I have issues? Hell yes. But I went to therapy and DEALT with them (most… logic and reason and truth do the rest of the work). As someone who has and will always be an “outsider”, and technically a minority, I do not give two flying fucks about being viewed as a “good open-minded person”.

            The problem with a mind that’s too open is it’s going to get filled up with useless shit.

          4. I grew up in total squalor and was raised in government homes by poorly trained workers. For most of my life I was hiding in videogames. To undo my social issues (and depression or whatever else) I took a stressful customer service job and powered through them. This also led to me understanding a ton of other modern social problems that most people around me wouldn’t acknowledge. Now that I can articulate these things, I’ve been told I have changed a number of people’s lives. I’d like to do whatever I can with to spread my perspective.

          5. True suffering will either break someone and turn them into a callous, selfish dick, or it will temper them, like a piece of steel having all it’s impurities forged away and teach them empathy and compassion.

  6. I just read “401 girl gamers” article in the Swedish Metro, and the underlining tone was that girls are being harassed in the games they play and are therefore forced to hide their identity from sexist predators resulting in misconception that there are no girl gamers. The article then encourages girls to go to some page and tell the world they are girl gamers. Now you might be wondering what this has to do with gamergate and this video. Well, Swedish Metro has taken an anti-gamergate stance since beginning and this whole thing sounds to me like an attempt to mimic notyourshield, and then add the narrative about harassment of women in gaming. Basically what they are doing is encouraging girls to post their pictures and then Metro adds a narrative of sexism and harassment being reality for girl gamers.

    Perhaps I am wrong about their intent, but I think we should not take any chances. What I am trying to say is that this might spread to other countries and we should spread the word about it so that any girls who do decide to register themselves as gamers make it very clear in the comment section that they support gamergate. Perhaps you can even post pictures with a piece of paper saying “I support gamergate”. In this way you might prevent manipulation of the narrative the media is trying to force. Also, take screenshots of your comments if the site tries to remove gamergate comments, and if the site does remove gamergate posts then we have another evidence of media corruption. Please spread this, because we are already late. Here are the links in Swedish:

    PS. Can anyone from some other country check if this is happening in your Metro? I will also spam this around a few videos, just so the word gets around. Please can anyone cover this.

  7. Slightly off topic: How many people here are familiar with Larry Correia?

    He’s been slugging it out with SJWs infesting scifi/fantasy fiction for a while, and doing quite well (especially as they get into such a tizzy).

    This fight is bigger than just GamerGate, frighteningly enough. Might not hurt to look into making some allies.

  8. I’ve been out of the loop due to a combination of the flue and life’s typical bullshit, so I’m not sure exactly what this all entailed, or quite how it worked. Just showed up and people were talking about it.

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