I went to sleep this morning after news broke out of Orlando, Florida that a mad gunman had shot up a gay nightclub and killed 20 people. When I woke up, that number was now 50. Not only that, it turns out the nutter declared allegiance to the Islamic State (aka ISIS) before shooting up the place. Needless to say, shit has been pretty crazy since then. Since everyone else is popping off, I figured what better place than my own site to come and do so myself?

First off, I don’t hate Muslims and I don’t want them all banned from the West (as I’ve talked about before). I don’t need to justify that to SJWs and radical leftists, because I don’t care what they think anyway. But I do feel it’s important to point it out here, because many of you do want them banned. While it’s certainly a position that I can understand, I feel like doing so undermines the whole Western experiment. It’s not something I ever see myself getting behind, although things can always change.

Now, while I don’t favor a Muslim ban, I do favor smart immigration tactics. We need to rigorously check all people who may be a threat to our nation before they become citizens or are allowed to stay. Actually, scratch that. We need to check everyone coming into this country regardless of background, because at this point, you don’t know who is a threat and who isn’t. Even with that sort of thing, which we supposedly already have, there will still be terror attacks. Innocent people will be killed here and elsewhere in the free world. There’s no way around it. The freedom we enjoy can also be turned against us.

It’s the price we pay, but perhaps we can make that price a little less steep by being more vigilant (Side note: the FBI had investigated this guy before. It looks like they might have dropped the ball.)

The other thing I’m in favor of is speaking honestly about religion and the terror it motivates. I’m not a religious person and so I don’t mind calling out Catholics or Protestants when it’s needed. However, the fact of the matter is that 90% (or more) of terrorism is being done by Islamic radicals at the moment. That’s not to whitewash some of our policies or military misadventures. I’m not stupid enough to think that we haven’t contributed to the problem here and there. I was against the Iraq War for that reason, among many others. But when a psycho walks into a nightclub and guns down 50 people while claiming allegiance to a foreign terrorist cabal based on Islamic radicalism, well, we need to call it out for what it is.

Yes, he targeted gay people. Guess what? Islam isn’t very friendly towards gays. In fact, homosexuality is punishable by death in several Islamic countries. Yes, other religions don’t treat it very kindly either, but that’s not really the issue in this case.


The leftist media has been shameful today. Many of them are trying to blame this attack on anyone or anything other than Islamic terrorism. It’s trickled down to the common commenter as well…


This is one of the most offensive things I’ve read all day. This was an attack on America and on the gay community. The two are not mutually exclusive, you braindead idiot. In fact, it would be even more disgraceful if I was a gay American reading this. Gays have fought in our armed services and served as our political representatives. Many of them have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. To say the Orlando massacre is somehow separate is not only wrong, is disgusting. Then again, goons like “kimberly” take their orders right from the mainstream media, and if you read them today, you can see where this is coming from.

They’re going out of their way to quote the gunman’s father, who said it wasn’t about religion. There’s more than one problem with them using that as evidence, but the most glaring one is this guy is a religious extremist himself. He’s on record supporting the Taliban, for fuck’s sake.

The media is leading us down a perilous path. It doesn’t really matter to them, though. They get paid regardless. They might care one day, though, when shit gets so rough that it finally starts impacting their personal lives. Then and only then we will (perhaps) hear some straight talk.


UPDATE: Doing a live show with Vee right now over on YouTube…