I saw a video clip a few minutes ago and decided to post it on Twitter. It’s from MTV and goes a step beyond their regular degeneracy. Although, come to think of it, maybe it’s right in line with the usual fare they offer.

I made the comment that MTV needed to die ASAP, but several people noted that has been the rule of the day for years now, after they stopped even pretending to be about music. I’d agree with that sentiment, but shit like this makes their current state even worse. It’s bad enough to prop up teenage moms as a life goal, along with other forms of despicable programming. However, I would argue promoting shit like this is taking it a step further. Otherkin? Are you fucking serious?

Here’s some Twitter replies about this crazy ass shit…







Don’t stop with deleting the account, though. Delete the channel, the brand, and everything else associated with the heap of horseshit MTV has become.