I’ve been busy with site business today, which is by far the shittiest part of this gig. But, I did get a YouTube episode about George Soros recorded, so be on the lookout for that later. In my absence, things were blowing up on Twitter…as usual. Today, it involves Bill Mitchell, who I’ve never spoken to in any fashion. He’s gotten to be well-known off his support for the Donald Trump campaign and he does some radio show. I think most of you probably know him. There’s been profiles of him in the mainstream media, etc. The Free Beacon recently named him Man of the Year (in a tongue-in-cheek fashion). That article dubbed him The New Nate Silver. And to be fair, his prediction of a Trump win came through in spades, although he was hardly the only one to make that prediction.

Still, since he was one of the main Trump supporters on Twitter, he’s gotten a lot of shine for his stance. Plus, I think the media just loves laughing at the guy. I don’t have any issues with him. Still, I never looked towards him for serious analysis. Someone on twitter tells me his radio show is good. I wouldn’t know. Maybe it is. However, one thing that isn’t good is trying to get people fired based on who they call their friends or what accounts they follow on Twitter. That’s the fire surrounding Mr. Mitchell today.

I can’t say if it’s true, but there are certainly some troubling things surrounding the silver-haired host.

Here’s the statement from Amy Moreno, a writer for TruthFeed. That’s the one who has allegedly been targeted by Mitchell. In the past, she’s tweeted out one or two of my stories and laughed at a couple of my tweets. I’ve never spoken to her in any personal capacity. I like her, though. She seems very nice. In fact, she seems a lot nicer than Bill Mitchell, truth be told…but again, I don’t really know the guy. Maybe he’s super nice.

However, stuff like this doesn’t help his case…


There are two things that get under my skin about her allegations.

  1. I, too, associate with accounts which maybe be considered extreme. I’m not a white nationalist, but some of my followers definitely are. Do I feel like I need to disown anyone? No. If I can find common cause with people on certain issues, I take that opportunity. I’m pretty sure some of them might not like my race-mixing ways, just as I don’t care for the idea of a white ethnostate. I’m marrying a woman of Pakistani origin, for fuck’s sake. If I feel the need to distance myself from controversial ideas, I do so and then move on. Singling potential allies out personally is not something I do, unless they do it to me first. For example, I thought Richard Spencer saying “Hail Trump” and the subsequent Nazi salutes that surrounded it (salutes done by others, not Spencer himself) were stupid as hell. I said that once or twice on Twitter. After that, I was done. Banging the drum didn’t interest me much.
  2. The other thing that got to me is this seems petty as hell. Why is Bill Mitchell going after this women, if what Ms. Moreno says is true? And given what I’m about to show you, I tend to think it is.

Here’s a screenshot of text messages that were supposedly sent to Amy Moreno. If they’re fake, I haven’t yet seen any denials.


He’s talking about Jared Wyand, who was recently booted from Twitter after putting out a tweetstorm about Jewish control of the media, and “the Jewish Question” (among other things). I’m not surprised he got banned, as he definitely violated the code of conduct (even though I believe that code should be much more liberal). And while I do think that Israel is not a great ally to the United States, and that the Israeli Lobby has too much influence over our politicians, that’s where it stops for me.

People who talk about “the Jewish Question” and other antisemitic tropes actually weaken this argument, in my opinion…and that’s one reason why I wish they would stop, even though I defend their right to say what they want. I don’t think there’s some major Jewish conspiracy. Many rich Jews (and our own military industrial complex, who get billions off the arms deals we have with Israel) just advocate for a place they see as their homeland (Israel) over the place they actually live (America). I think it’s undeniable that money and power have been used to put Israeli foreign policy interests above our own, but I don’t call it some sinister plot.

I do call it, however. Does that make me antisemitic? I don’t think so. It’s an analysis of foreign policy. I’m getting off into the weeds, but I wanted to address that real quick.

Back to Bill Mitchell. The things he’s saying aren’t consistent.


Yea, other than pretty much calling her a Nazi-by-association, you said nothing disparaging about Amy Moreno. Also, if we want to talk public positions people could be fired for (and she is being attacked merely for knowing people, not taking positions on her own…but I digress), this tweet from Mitchell himself might be up at the top of the list.


I don’t wish Bill Mitchell any harm. I’ve never been a fan of his and I don’t follow much of what he does. But the stuff coming from his Twitter account today is out of line. Trying to use guilt-by-association tactics against a fellow Trump supporter is uncalled for. Saying all the outrage against his tactics is the work of George Soros is idiotic. In fact, some people might call that antisemitic as well (Soros is a rich Jew), if we were taking a less charitable view of Bill’s tweets. Regardless, I think he should apologize to Ms. Moreno and move on with his radio show. That would be the best thing for everyone. Allegedly, he has a video statement coming out this evening. If he posts it, I will update this article with a link to it.


UPDATE: Bill Mitchell has responded via video…



UPDATE II: Amy Moreno’s daughter has jumped in to defend her mother while noting that she’s the product of a mixed race union. Mitchell really seems to have stepped in it with this one.



UPDATE III: Things just went from bad to worse. Now Bill has decided to take on…Pepe the Frog. This was a mistake.





That was just a small sampling. I have no idea what this guy is thinking. Why would he move from his horrible day right into taking on Pepe? It’s utter madness.


UPDATE IV: Pepe slays another…