I’ve been busy with site business today, which is by far the shittiest part of this gig. But, I did get a YouTube episode about George Soros recorded, so be on the lookout for that later. In my absence, things were blowing up on Twitter…as usual. Today, it involves Bill Mitchell, who I’ve never spoken to in any fashion. He’s gotten to be well-known off his support for the Donald Trump campaign and he does some radio show. I think most of you probably know him. There’s been profiles of him in the mainstream media, etc. The Free Beacon recently named him Man of the Year (in a tongue-in-cheek fashion). That article dubbed him The New Nate Silver. And to be fair, his prediction of a Trump win came through in spades, although he was hardly the only one to make that prediction.

Still, since he was one of the main Trump supporters on Twitter, he’s gotten a lot of shine for his stance. Plus, I think the media just loves laughing at the guy. I don’t have any issues with him. Still, I never looked towards him for serious analysis. Someone on twitter tells me his radio show is good. I wouldn’t know. Maybe it is. However, one thing that isn’t good is trying to get people fired based on who they call their friends or what accounts they follow on Twitter. That’s the fire surrounding Mr. Mitchell today.

I can’t say if it’s true, but there are certainly some troubling things surrounding the silver-haired host.

Here’s the statement from Amy Moreno, a writer for TruthFeed. That’s the one who has allegedly been targeted by Mitchell. In the past, she’s tweeted out one or two of my stories and laughed at a couple of my tweets. I’ve never spoken to her in any personal capacity. I like her, though. She seems very nice. In fact, she seems a lot nicer than Bill Mitchell, truth be told…but again, I don’t really know the guy. Maybe he’s super nice.

However, stuff like this doesn’t help his case…


There are two things that get under my skin about her allegations.

  1. I, too, associate with accounts which maybe be considered extreme. I’m not a white nationalist, but some of my followers definitely are. Do I feel like I need to disown anyone? No. If I can find common cause with people on certain issues, I take that opportunity. I’m pretty sure some of them might not like my race-mixing ways, just as I don’t care for the idea of a white ethnostate. I’m marrying a woman of Pakistani origin, for fuck’s sake. If I feel the need to distance myself from controversial ideas, I do so and then move on. Singling potential allies out personally is not something I do, unless they do it to me first. For example, I thought Richard Spencer saying “Hail Trump” and the subsequent Nazi salutes that surrounded it (salutes done by others, not Spencer himself) were stupid as hell. I said that once or twice on Twitter. After that, I was done. Banging the drum didn’t interest me much.
  2. The other thing that got to me is this seems petty as hell. Why is Bill Mitchell going after this women, if what Ms. Moreno says is true? And given what I’m about to show you, I tend to think it is.

Here’s a screenshot of text messages that were supposedly sent to Amy Moreno. If they’re fake, I haven’t yet seen any denials.


He’s talking about Jared Wyand, who was recently booted from Twitter after putting out a tweetstorm about Jewish control of the media, and “the Jewish Question” (among other things). I’m not surprised he got banned, as he definitely violated the code of conduct (even though I believe that code should be much more liberal). And while I do think that Israel is not a great ally to the United States, and that the Israeli Lobby has too much influence over our politicians, that’s where it stops for me.

People who talk about “the Jewish Question” and other antisemitic tropes actually weaken this argument, in my opinion…and that’s one reason why I wish they would stop, even though I defend their right to say what they want. I don’t think there’s some major Jewish conspiracy. Many rich Jews (and our own military industrial complex, who get billions off the arms deals we have with Israel) just advocate for a place they see as their homeland (Israel) over the place they actually live (America). I think it’s undeniable that money and power have been used to put Israeli foreign policy interests above our own, but I don’t call it some sinister plot.

I do call it, however. Does that make me antisemitic? I don’t think so. It’s an analysis of foreign policy. I’m getting off into the weeds, but I wanted to address that real quick.

Back to Bill Mitchell. The things he’s saying aren’t consistent.


Yea, other than pretty much calling her a Nazi-by-association, you said nothing disparaging about Amy Moreno. Also, if we want to talk public positions people could be fired for (and she is being attacked merely for knowing people, not taking positions on her own…but I digress), this tweet from Mitchell himself might be up at the top of the list.


I don’t wish Bill Mitchell any harm. I’ve never been a fan of his and I don’t follow much of what he does. But the stuff coming from his Twitter account today is out of line. Trying to use guilt-by-association tactics against a fellow Trump supporter is uncalled for. Saying all the outrage against his tactics is the work of George Soros is idiotic. In fact, some people might call that antisemitic as well (Soros is a rich Jew), if we were taking a less charitable view of Bill’s tweets. Regardless, I think he should apologize to Ms. Moreno and move on with his radio show. That would be the best thing for everyone. Allegedly, he has a video statement coming out this evening. If he posts it, I will update this article with a link to it.


UPDATE: Bill Mitchell has responded via video…



UPDATE II: Amy Moreno’s daughter has jumped in to defend her mother while noting that she’s the product of a mixed race union. Mitchell really seems to have stepped in it with this one.



UPDATE III: Things just went from bad to worse. Now Bill has decided to take on…Pepe the Frog. This was a mistake.





That was just a small sampling. I have no idea what this guy is thinking. Why would he move from his horrible day right into taking on Pepe? It’s utter madness.


UPDATE IV: Pepe slays another…


  1. Bill is the worst kind of conservative. Anyone that doesn’t march to his flaccid brand of conservatism is wrong and should be destroyed. People like him are one of the reason I moved away from the conservative brand. They’re weak on important issues, like pushing back on SJW policies, but all too willing to rip into people on the right. Self-righteous twats, most of them. They love pandering to minorities and race baiter too…they’re cucks. The type that listens to leftists when they say “If Republicans want to win they have to….”

    1. He doesn’t like Nazis. That makes him a bad conservative? The Alt Right are Neo-Nazis. OMG will the frog meme and the word CUCK ever go away??? Please?

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      2. Are you clutching your pearls, “fuq u”? LOL “Nazi” was a slur invented by communists and peddled by British media owners, but of course you’re too dumb to know the real word is Nazist. As used in many languages, just not the cucked English language where the slur becomes the norm because of media control. But you’re a good little parrot, so you stopped thinking long ago and now just spew out what the media tell you.

        Pathetic cuck.

        1. Wow. really? I’m a woman. Thanks. Stop writing “cuck” please. You sound like a cuck… lulz Just ugly frog memes and cuck, huh? That’s your “movement” That’s immature AF and it only appeals mom’s basement dwelling mastubators. I can’t imagine a woman wanting to go to any Alt Right event, even. You sound like Revenge of the Nerds.

        2. UHhhh, well the NAZIS killed millions of people based on their religion and sexual preference. So, I find it VERY disturbing that you think there is any way to slur NAZIS. They were, and still remain, the scum of Earth. If you don’t agree, we have nothing to talk about. It’s funny, most normal people understand that Nazis were terrible people-except other Nazis. Go ahead and defend this ridiculous movement.

          1. Thats why I married a goy. To practice my Native American Iroquois goy-eating ways over him. He is in on the whole thing, too. He loves eating Matzah with chopped up baby Aryan. We take over the world from our laptops, daily with the alien/UFO’s.

          2. Hmm… Could a noisy Jewess possibly be biased? returnofkings.com/62716/the-damaging-effects-of-jewish-intellectualism-and-activism-on-western-culture

          3. Non Jewish, leftist women also have a war against women;

            Susan B Anthony was not a Jew and she started the whole thing.

            Mary Wollstonecraft, non Jew, Alice Paul, non Jew, Carrie Chapman Catt, non Jew

            Simone de Beauvoir, non Jew, Sojourner Truth, non Jew, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Germaine Greer, non Jew and more non-Jews in the founders of the scam called feminism.

            Ursula Burns, non Jew, Ashley Judd, non Jew, Madonna, non Jew, Ertharin Cousin, non Jew, hillary Clinton, non Jew, Bell Hooks, Jessica Valenti, non Jew, Tracie Egan Morrissey, non Jew, Roxane Gay, non Jew, Elizabeth Warren, non Jew, Cecile Richards, non Jew, Tressie McMillan Cottom, non Jew, Huma Abedin, non Jew, Malala Yousafzai, non Jew, Rosie Odonnell, non Jew, Whoopie ( Caryn Elaine Johnson) Goldberg, non Jew, Cher, non Jew, Beyonce, non Jew, Lady Gaga, non Jew, Katy Perry, non Jew.


            I could go on forever, but if I am only looking AT Jews, I am only going to SEE Jews and I am also going to think there is a “Jewish plot’ when there isnt.

  2. I started following Mitchell a few months before the election. Mainly because he was tweeting stuff about bias within the sampling for the polls, which mostly turned out to be true. At times he was a bit annoying but mostly he was a good person to follow.
    After the election he seemed to tweet a lot less, though I noticed he was very much enjoying some of the MSM attention he was getting for predicting the election (which is fair enough).
    Last week he tweeted that his followers should block those who disagreed with him and were trying to cause “civli war within the ranks.” I politely disagreed and he instantly blocked me. He has since been very guilty of causing a “civil war” by attacking those to his right when there was absolutely no need to. All for the alleged benefits of good PR.
    When you get down to it he is just an old school cuckservative who cottoned on to the Trump phenomenon early and bet big on him.

    1. He blocked me too for complaining about muslim immigration. Couldn’t care less. He’s had his time in the spotlight and is no longer useful. Time to move on and leave rinos like him in the dust.

    2. You’re right about that, Rural Scot.
      Billy Michelle is a funny case of a cuck who actually supported Trump, and he does it by claiming that what Trump has to say for tactical reasons, like race denial, is what Trump is actually about. Pathetic.

      Everyone both for and against Trump knows you support Trump because you oppose brown mass immigration. You oppose Trump because you want the mass immigration to turn Whites into a minority. That’s it.

      In unguarded moments Billy has shown that he doesn’t care much for Mexican immigration either. But then he deletes the tweets. And now? Seems leftists got to him IRL. Now he fears for his status and his income. And he is hoping to cash in on his Trump support by becoming a sought-after pundit – in which case he must do what the media want, and attack nationalists.

      Perhaps funds are running low and time is running out for him, so he started tweeting about this issue non-stop. He is also very prickly, can’t debate. That goes with his feminine writing style, sounding like a cheerleader in junior high, capping it off with mandatory cutesy-cutesy smileys. It wasn’t a very stable mind to begin with.

    3. Yup. We didn’t defeat the lugenpresse just to turn it over to cuck parasites like Jeb! supporter Billy here. Once the squishy moderate lets the mask slip and shoots you in the back *NEVER* trust them again.

      He’s been antagonizing the alt-right for the last week, was never one of us, insisted on ‘taking it back’ from the ‘neo-nazis’ who somehow took it from the cucks (kek) and when that failed decided it was just a dead brand and went with the old school 40’s white nationalist #AmericaFirst. He’s like Shapiro without the any brains or talent, good only for mocking.

      1. I had heard that …that he’s a poll analyst, but where is that coming from? The only job I see him associated with is something called ‘Executive Decision .biz’ or something like that. Thanks in advance if you know :)!

        Also, when I first started following him, though I had no idea who he was and had never heard of him, I had just assumed, for whatever reason I don’t know, that he was somebody very well known. It wasn’t until very shortly after the election that I got curious, googled him, and was surprised to find out he wasn’t a “well-known” for lack of a better term.

        1. He is not known at all. I dont know what his job was before. At all. All I DO know, is that I follow him on Twitter and watched him with the polls and he was always right.
          I believe he is just a centrist and that’s all.
          When people attack him, he has no clue where they’re even going.
          I think he also is a den/basement person. Very secluded type.

          When people go after him, it flabbergasts him and he loses focus to the max. He’s just a cheerleader and is exc with polling

  3. Why is he using the same tactics the left uses against the right?

    These are cuckservatives, sadly. They don’t actually give a damn about fighting against any of the left’s policies or their cultural Marxism, they just pay lip service to opposing it so as to lap up a voter stock base in the Bible Belt and “fly over” country.

    What the hell have christians OR conservatives actually conserved? They can’t keep trannies out of bathrooms, yet want you to think that the west NEEDS their particular ideology/religion to survive.

    1. Why is the ‘alt right’ Tweeting this person things like this:

      F*ck the below tweet. In 2017 we need to A ss Rape @mitchellvii n @Cernovich Into submission.

      #A ssRape mindset.

      #MakeTheirA ssesHurtAgain

  4. He is making the same mistake SJW’s on the left made, you don’t do this to your own.The goal is to stop these tactics by making people fear MAD.That way free speech can regain its place as mature adults can start having actual discussions again…

    If you just wanna abuse your power and use guilt by association and call someone a racist on your own side. Well you are no better then the ones who created the divide on the other side. It appears he lacks the vision to see what this path will eventually lead to…or he is all about quick gains for himself…

    1. He is one several “right wingers” who jumped on the hype train surrounding Trump and gave attempted to ride it to the bank.

  5. Bill points out to Amy privately that Jared is extremely anti-Jewish.
    Had never said anything negative about her publicly.
    Amy makes his private message public.
    Everybody starts condemning everybody the way Leftists do.

    Whenever you find yourself typing: So-and-so *is* … try to catch yourself. Move that conclusion/judgement to the bottom of the paragraph, presenting the content of what upsets you first. I don’t need people telling me what is, I can arrive at those conclusions myself for myself.

    1. Agree, Bill spoke to Amy privately; it was HER choice to make it public, which resulted in bad consequences. Now, we need to ALL get back to the movement and unite to continue to help PEOTUS Trump and stop the back and forth fighting. In all fairness too, his video states he did NOT try to get her fired. That was assumed by the others.

      1. I don’t know for sure, but Amy is saying her boss asked her to make a public statement. She could have worded it differently, sure.

  6. It’s important that America stays predominantly white. Every race has their countries so why shouldn’t white people. Being for a multiethnic America is racist. I am a great supporter of Israel and have no problem with Jews.

    1. I just recently found out that whites are only 16% of the global population. And I also find it interesting that countries founded by whites are the only ones that are expected to be diverse(sic). Nobody tells China, Mexico, India, Saudi Arabia, and Japan that they need to become diverse and multi ethnic.

      That said, I don’t believe you’re a racist, and I know that I’m not (and the black woman that I was once engaged to knows I’m not either).

          1. This is not accurate. I even the college degree info and claims only around 20 million have an Associates. NO. That can’t be right. Those stats are bogus.

          2. Then find the right info to prove your case you are the one who claims this info is incorrect. Also education was not the claim it was the percentage of whites to other races. Prove your claim or fall to Hitchens’ Razor.

          3. Hitchens’ Razor as put forward by Christopher Hitchens states,
            “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

            @mistergoldiloxx:disqus put forward that the global population of whites is only 16% of the total population of the world. You claimed it was not accurate. I provided links to sources for said data. You state this is not accurate either.

            Your personal incredulity about the data aside. The statement was not about, “age expectancy,” (I charitably assume you mean life expectancy,) and Education the statement in question is how many people in a world of 7 billion are Caucasian (white.)

            Still awaiting evidence to support your assertions as to the total population percentage of whites the world over.

            Best of luck.


          4. oh yeah I’m not worried about some more stats for u. Like David Axelrod said, the nice thing about stats is you can always find some that will back up you argument. No worries.

          5. k. I know more 20 million people have at least an associates degree. You bore me. You know what? I have no idea why I even started to you. I’m not even interested. This is boring. lulz

          6. It’s not my data. It’s just something I copy and paste off the pf the internet. you can do it, too.

          7. It means a member of a monastic community or order. It was used in, “Hellraiser,” and makes sense when you consider what Pinhead, and his fellow Cenobites were, and how they became that. I used it as a call sign in various games where it usually ended up shortened to Ceno. Makes me glad I didn’t use Jacobite when I was picking a name.

          8. haha. Pinhead was my favorite. Hellraiser was rated X. I remember watch that when I was little girl. I read Weaveworld. Did you see Midnight Meat Train? Bradley cooper. Candyman?

  7. Baby Boomers like Bill should not be allowed into any future right wing movements.
    They simply cannot imagine a future where America ends up not being majority white. It will always be the 60s to them!

  8. Yeah I’ll worry about muh Nazis as soon as the left actually cleans it’s own fucking house, so basically never then.

  9. I’m on Bill’s side. I’d be freaking out if someone I was friend’s with was getting close to a Neo Nazi, too! The Alt Right and Richard Spencer are white supremacist, Neo-Nazis. Spencer can deny it until lhe’s blue in the face. I know what he is. BTW, that stupid frog meme has got to go. It’s so douchy and passe. Grown men are using it on Twitter. smh

  10. 1) People really shouldn’t bash Pepe; that’s asking for trouble, and of a completely goofy, avoidable kind.
    2) People should have the right to associate with whomever they fucking please. This is America. Unlike the EU and Britain, our Constitution allows people to have bad ideas and associate with other people who have bad ideas. Full stop.

    1. I know its a common misconception Silence among my American cousins that yours is the only consitiution in the West that protects freedoms of thought, association and expression…..but it aint.
      Most European countries have written constitutions that provide similar protections.
      The UK is pretty unique in not having a written constitution, instead substituting the principal of “Constitution by Law and Statute”
      And above them all, as the highest level of law in the EU states is the European Convention on Human Rights. Its articles 9, 10 and 11 protect freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of association. Nations within the EU were required to enact mirror legilsation at a national level which enshrined all the ECHR protections as a foundational requirement of membership, and did so. In the UK that law is the UK Human Rights Act 1998. The three freedoms we discuss are at Articles 9 to 11, UKHRA 1998.

      What America has in its Constitution is an absolute protection of free expression. EU states and the UK do not.

      Unfortunately, the various HRAs across Europe have loopholes which allow for insidious hate speech laws. Then again, consider that in the UK the practical interpretation of those laws means while the right wing EDL and similar groups are allowed to operate freely, islamist scum like Anjem Choudry are all but silenced and his various groups banned and closed down. While people were free to protest at the funeral of Maggie Thatcher, Choudry and his bearded chums are now banned from holding their shabby islamist protests at the funerals of military personnel and at the Cenotaphs on the day of national mourning on the 11th November.
      Cant say Im that upset at that interpretation.

  11. Nazi….another one of those words that, during 2016, lost any meaning it once had as a result of it being reduced to a social media buzzword.

    Call me a nazi and I will grin and start whistling “Horst Wessel Lied” just to see if you flip out.

    You gotta admit though…. its a toe tappin’ tune eh?

  12. Great roundup/site… You described my take on this Bill Michell. I took the guy as pretty much a harmless joke. I followed him only because he supported Trump, but never ever woke up hoping for a hot take from Bill Mitchell – believe me. Like say Cernovich or Watson or Nolte or some of the other break out stars of the Trump movement. His polling analysis comprised of “D+” and “skewed polls” and not much else.

    PS – Story found at http://www.politipage.us.

  13. How many of America’s sprinkling of Nazis voted for Trump is as irrelevant as how many of America’s sprinkling of Communists voted for Hillary.

    There used to be a word for that sort of thing — McCarthyism.

    Hmmm. Who did the furries vote for? Who did the otherkin vote for?
    There fruitless surmises and poutrages left untapped?

  14. I knew Mitchell was a fraud when Trump was supposedly softening on immigration during the primary. Mitchell quickly came out with boiler pate left wing talking points about illegal immigration. Fortunately, it was a false alarm, but Mitchell exposed himself. If Trump thinks his supporters are a bunch of Bill Mitchells we are screwed. He will do whatever he wants and not fear his constituents will hold him accountable.

  15. I do not want to dislike Bill Mitchell, but that’s getting harder & harder not to do. On election night he kept me sane & I am grateful for that. It was shortly after that I saw he was developing a bit of ‘pride’. I let it go because after all he did do something to be proud of, and I thought- “hey he’s put up with a lot of flak & insults over the past few months and he ended up being right, so a little ego is probably only natural and will even itself out & go away after awhile …Sadly, it did not, but rather got much worse. Another thing, I notice a lot of what he says doesn’t make much sense to me. For instance, he repeatedly said around election time he had the ability “to see the patterns in chaos” that that was his “gift” & i’m like WTH- is that even a thing? Also, he doesn’t really seem to be all that knowledgeable; and I’m not trying to be mean here at all especially since he still has some really good tweets, but a lot of what he says is just “surface” stuff …fluff. I didn’t let any of this dissuade me from following him or even liking him …I still did; I mean, no one’s perfect.

    However, another thing that pulled at my conscience was his gofundme account. He announced shortly after the election he was quitting his job to do his radio show full time & asked for support from us(while at the same time showing off all his new technology, gadgets, Trump gear, watches, etc.). Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be supportive of him …I liked him & I saw how many others were jumping at the chance to send him money and thought it must just be me. He did provide a service in that he helped many get through election night & provided a show for folks to listen to, but I have ran this over & over in my head and I can’t find a way to make quitting one’s job then asking for donations to fund one’s career sound okay. I can’t help it it just sounds shady to me. And even after this I’m still hanging right in there with him.

    It wasn’t until he started telling us who we could follow/unfollow & who was a bad/good person that I started to dislike Bill. Him calling this girl, Amy’s, boss was the last straw. He claims he didn’t do it to get her fired, so then why did he do it? It wasn’t out of duty to his friend, who happens to be Amy’s boss, because if so he would have contacted him first. If you’ll notice in the text that has been made public between Bill & Amy, Bill gets angry and states to Amy that their “friendship is over”. He was angry with her so in turn he called her boss with malice in his head & heart. The fact he expects us to believe anything else is insulting, and I would think a hell of a lot more of him at this point if he would man up and admit he did so maliciously & that he was wrong for what he did.

    There is also another text exchange out there where someone asks him to respond to the claims he made about once working for the Trump campaign in NC. He in response writes this vulgar, expletive-laced comment about how he will make it his mission to report her page and/or get her into some kind of trouble. At first I didn’t think this particular text convo was real because of all the curse words & I’d never saw Bill cuss; however, very shortly after that he posted a tweet with the f word in it. Also, the first line of Bill’s response to this person was something like “So what I will tweet what I want you don’t tell me what to tweet”; I’ve saw Bill say this at least a couple of times before. If you’ll notice in both these tweets he seems bent on revenge …In the 1st one calling the girls boss & in this one reporting her.

    Also, the way he handles conflict is very telling. If you’ll refer back to how often he tweets when he perceives someone has slighted him …Like all the recent tweets on the “racists” & “whitegenocide” for example …how he accuses, demands people ‘unfollow’ others, his claims of superiority, etc, this also shows he is bent on revenge when he perceives someone has wronged him. They, in his mind at least, have wronged him, his ego is bruised, so now he’s gonna get revenge by making them lose followers, lose a job, whatever. So, all these things make me believe that Bill Mitchell did in fact write that tweet. They show a pattern. Wait …Is that a “pattern in the chaos”, lol!? In closing, Bill is cool, charming & confident publicly, but I suspect that inside, just below the surface, something is simmering and even boiling over at times, and I suspect he has the potential to be a very dangerous man.

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