It gets hard to come up with the openings to these posts sometimes. How many ways can you say the mainstream media has sunk to a new low? Over the last 24 hours they have been pushing a debunked story about Donald Trump being controlled by the Kremlin. I’ll give The New York Times some credit for shooting down the bullshit coming from Slate and Mother Jones, but you have to wonder if the truth will get as much play as the lies.


Some of the more rabid members of the press simply refuse to let this line of attack go, however. How can you keep the storyline rolling in the face of this huge slap down?

Make up a lie about the Russians having an orgy recording starring Donald Trump, of course! Why didn’t I think of doing something similar to Hillary? Possibly because she’s completely undesirable? Yes. But it’s also because I’m not in the habit of printing stories or spreading rumors that have no basis in reality. Luckily for them, the ruling media class has no such qualms.

Many people on the timeline have wondered if they’ve thought this one all the way through, though.

It’s not exactly shocking stuff for someone in Trump’s position (assuming it’s true, which it isn’t), but the media is so used to salacious currency like this hurting politicians that they can’t help themselves. They thought the lame pussy grab tape would do Trump in, but he’s still here with a shot to win one week out from election day. So, now they turn to this.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so fucking pathetic. OK, you’re right. It’s still pretty damn hilarious.