Hey, what’s up? I had a great time steaming They Live earlier today with Nora. I might even make these theater streams into torrents, but I don’t know how many would download them. Lemme know if you’re interested. Anyway, we’ve got a cool cartoon for you before I catch a very short nap. It’s called Diabeetus.


  1. GG is the cause of all the problems in their life, its not like they are unhealthy, or make poor choices its GG manipulating reality and time again.

    1. Can GG manipulate the lottery commission into giving me free money? I have plenty, but could always do with more.

      1. sorry mate the device(‘s) are still quite experimental. they currently can only be used to screw with aGG’s, feminazis, and SJW’s safely, all attempts to do something else has resulted in the opporator being pulled inside out before combusting all while alive. good news is we have managed to get the time someone is forced to live down from 10 minutes to 9 minutes 59 seconds, so progress. *thumbs-up*
        If we can get the device working for general things GG shall rule the world with a ethical fist from the shadows.

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