Oxford Student Gets Away with Stabbing Boyfriend Because of Her "Extraordinary Talent"

Oxford Student Gets Away with Stabbing Boyfriend Because of Her “Extraordinary Talent”

If you’re like me, then you’ve read story after story from feminists complaining about how the justice system unfair lets male aggressors off the hook when they commit crimes against women. Even though the jails are full of men and there are countless studies that show women receive lighter sentences for pretty much every single crime on the books, they still spout this garbage…and the corrupt and sick mainstream media help them do it. Here’s another example of how full of shit both feminists and their journalist co-conspirators really are.

Don’t expect to see this one on Mother Jones, MSNBC, or in The New York Times. As you read it, try to imagine how noted harpies Amanda Marcotte and Jessica Valenti would be reacting if this was an “extraordinarily talent[ed]” man who got off the hook for stabbing his girlfriend.

An Oxford University student who stabbed her boyfriend could be spared jail after a judge said she had an “extraordinary” talent for medicine. 

Lavinia Woodward, 24, who studied at Christ Church College, Oxford, stabbed her Cambridge-educated boyfriend in the leg on December 30 last year following a row. 

The pair had a drink and drug-fuelled argument, and Woodward punched and swiped at the victim with a bread knife. 

She then stabbed the man before hurling a laptop, glass and a jam jar at him…

She admitted a charge of unlawful wounding at Oxford Crown Court and Judge Ian Pringle said the offence would normally mean a custodial sentence.

But he then deferred sentencing for a period of four months and hinted that she would not be jailed – because of her ”extraordinary” talent.

He said: “It seems to me that if this was a one-off, a complete one-off, to prevent this extraordinarily able young lady from not following her long-held desire to enter the profession she wishes to, would be a sentence which would be too severe.

“What you did will never, I know, leave you but it was pretty awful, and normally it would attract a custodial sentence, whether it is immediate or suspended.”

Ah, it’s good to have that female priviledge, isn’t it, ladies? To be clear, there is a chance that it was a one-off mistake. And I understand the judge wanting to be lenient. But just imagine all the articles that would have been written had Lavina been named Larry.

The feminist double standard is blinding.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Migi

    For all we know she could be the next Harlod Shipman.intelligence doesn’t really rule out mental illness.

  • Celerity

    Even if she was extraordinarily talented at something other than the classic feminist pasttime of sucking off the patriarchy, there’s still plenty of punishments that don’t remove her from the medical field so it’s still bullshit.

    What actually happened is she used disproportionate force and got a free pass on it. Yet another example of domestic violence being acceptable when it’s woman on man.

    • JasonC5

      she was drunk and she’s done drugs which leads me to wonder how she was able to stay on the med track. I guess this won’t bar her from getting a license to practice medicine.

      • Celerity

        I guess you can be Gregory House if you have a pussy.

  • AverageJoe1987

    I don’t care if she has some kind of talent.

    She needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    So tired of the pussy pass. And women want to act like the world is against them when everything is always stacked in their favor.

  • Mr0303

    Female privilege at its finest. I also fail to see the logic of allowing a knife killer to become a surgeon.

    • JasonC5

      Not just stab someone but she was definitely drunk and possibly done drugs as well yet she’s somehow still allowed to be a STUDENT (which in no way determines if she has “extraordinary talent”) and still allowed to attend Oxford. Also, she’s only 24 yet she’s a surgical student? Med school takes 6-8 years including undergrad even with a pre-med track and becoming a surgeon takes longer. Sounds like another case of affirmative action. As usual people on the anti-feminist side are saying it’s not a pussy pass but instead class privilege… despite the fact that a male doctor was arrested and may have lost his license after a DV charge.

    • JasonC5
  • Danlantic

    Nobody has said it so I guess I will.
    “…a judge said she had an “extraordinary” talent for medicine.”
    I suppose her specialty will be surgery?

    I’ve heard that some surgeons are sublimated sadists.

    • Celerity

      Some professions attract a disproportionate number of sociopaths. Doctors, and especially surgeons are among them. Nurses aren’t, interestingly enough.

      • JasonC5

        nurses are just as bad and whine quite a bit about not being considered equals to those that went to school longer for a higher title. Seen too much of this shit during nurses week, but I guess it’s no surprise considering the profession is made up of mostly women.

        • Celerity

          Entitled yes, but since the job requires a lot more patient interaction and a lot less power over those weaker than you you see less sociopathy.

  • Grust

    So what if she has talent in medicine, what she did was wrong and should be fully punished. And even with a talent in medicine, that doesn’t make you a good person. That talent could also be used for making illegal drugs or working an underworld hospital (hospitals for criminals, gangs, and the Mafia).

  • Toastrider

    I was initially going to say ‘connections’ — as in, she’s got a family member who’s an MP or something.

    Then I remembered it’s (formerly) Great Britain, where they wrist-slap criminals and punish people who fight back.

  • rsanchez1

    I wouldn’t want that girl anywhere near a scalpel, or needles…

  • Lost Question

    this seems familiar, like a guy was accused of something and got off ‘easy’ except i remember the soc just types and feminists losing their collective shit over it, ugh i cannot remember

  • Botiemaster

    I bet she’s extraordinarily talented… Some of you bring up men, but I wonder if another woman, saaaaay a short fat weirdo with blue hair, would have gotten off easy, too. You know, a short fat weirdo who weighs 250+. I somehow doubt any judge would come to the same conclusion. It’s not necessarily a pussy pass. The requirements also include fuckability.