Rarely do I see someone as pathetic as Kimberly Crawley. If you’ll recall, a former contributor of ours (Brooke) called out her terrible column about chans and GamerGate that ran on the InfoSec Institute website. It was so riddled with inaccuracies, that I think a 6th grader with Internet access could have done better. It really was complete shit. So when the editor of her publication was alerted he was naturally grateful. The article was quickly pulled and her employment was terminated (she had problems well before GamerGate). If only Rolling Stone had taken some lessons from the InfoSec Institute!

Here’s what the editor said, in case you missed it:


Regardless of any possible merit in the Gamergate article, it has caused more than a little grief for me and for InfoSec. At best, it was a bad fit for us. At worst – which I am now in my third day of being called on the carpet for – it has tarred our name and damaged the brand. Whether or not the haters coming after you and us have any legitimacy is irrelevant. This is exactly the kind of bad press that can cost us business. In the end, that’s the sole criteria that counts for anything around here.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been taken to task for content appearing under your byline but it is the last. They wanted to can you outright and pull all your articles. For the time being, they are being kept up, but that can change at any moment.

To the extent that you can call off anyone out there making noise on your behalf, please do so.

She’s successfully rewritten history on the SJW side with the help of Ghazi idiots and is now in full-on victim mode. The sad thing is, this shit is working. She’s gotten a couple thousand dollars off this lame act and shows no signs of slowing down:79r0Upj

GamerGate didn’t put you in poverty, you dingbat. Your shit reporting is what put you into the poorhouse. Why do these bastards ALWAYS refuse to take the blame? I guess because it pays pretty well to be completely full of shit:kquyZ4M

This is a recurring theme with all SJWs. They just can’t live in reality because fantasy-land pays the light bill. They have to keep the con going or they will be out of options. I guess I feel sorry for them in a way, since this is the result of amazingly poor life-planning. We all have our issues, though. The difference is not all of us lie to get by. Some people still value dignity. Kim Crawley isn’t one of those people.