Paul Nehlen is cancer. He’s a failed politician who got absolutely smoked by Paul Ryan the last time he ran against him, and he’s on pace to lose by an even wider margin this time. That would be bad enough, but he’s also been recklessly attacking legitimate critics of his bizarre behavior as of late. I’ve followed him with some curiosity for awhile. Some of his antics were pretty funny, even though I don’t agree with a lot of his wilder statements. But now, he’s outlived his usefulness altogether.

He doxed Ricky Vaughn the other day on Gab. As a result, Huffington Post picked it up and is now blaring out details about Vaughn’s life to every left-wing nutjob in existence. They’re pretty much trying to ruin his life. I don’t think it will end up working, for various reasons, but that’s the predicament he now finds himself in…all because Nehlen got mad at some perceived slight on a podcast, or something. Ricky actually did valuable shit, unlike Paul Nehlen, who is pretty much a circus sideshow act. Fuck this dude.

As a result, Gab chief Andrew Torba has decided to remove Paul Nehlen from the platform. Usually, I am against all forms of deplatforming, and I am hesitant even in this case. But you know what? I’m gonna go ahead and co-sign it. Why? Because fuck Paul Nehlen, that’s why. I don’t really need another reason.

More on this will be added as the story develops. I’m sure Nehlen will be out with some ridiculous statement before long. I’ll post it here when it comes across the wire.