This warms my heart. I won’t pretend today has been a good day for Donald Trump, but snakes like Paul Ryan deserve all this and more…

This is not an isolated reaction. GOP voters all over the country are turning on their own representatives over their denunciations of Trump.

  1. There isnt a bigger beta cuck traitor than this dickfaced queer

    He’s as bad as ted kennedy

  2. Well, I suppose I’m glad to see the Republican party turn inward and devour itself. The party that brought Dubbya to power to blight the earth is, hopefully, going to change into something that will actually reflect the majority of it’s voter base, instead of just the rich and the delightfully insane evangelicals. As for the Democrats… well, they really do need to start losing, sooner or later. It’s the only way they’re going to learn their shit is poisonous and corrupt.

  3. Ryan has a reputation, well deserved, as a fucking surrender monkey. The conservative base had been trying for YEARS to jettison John Boehner. Ryan had made good impressions and there was hope that he would finally work to stymie Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    Well, we all saw how THAT turned out. *knocks back a shot*

  4. I’m voting for a man who is not perfect, but neither am I. Something he said years ago won’t change my mind. He hasn’t killed anyone (there would be video of it, released by killary no doubt). Can she say the same?

  5. You can see the machine right out in the open, how orchestrated this has been. The globalists have selected the deocrats as their chosen messengers and “progressivism” as their chosen spin. The establishment GOP is nothing but a token opposition party that’s there to lose and it’s personalities are wretched little cucks. I’m glad to see so much of the base is waking the fuck up.

  6. Seeing that the support for Trump among the people hasn’t been destroyed by the media is reassuring. The establishment conservatives reacted just as expected – they denounced him on the first sign of weakness.

  7. THE TRUMP TRAIN WILL NOT BE STOPPED BUT WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO THROW OUT ALL THE RINOS. Oh, how soon we forget! ………….. John Kennedy had young girls
    swimming naked in the White House Pool….& dozens of
    mistresses….A Drunk Ted Kennedy Drowned his possibly pregnant
    mistress……John Edwards had his Love Child with his
    mistress………..Bill Clinton assaulted numerous women over 30
    years…..The Democrats were fine with all this……………..But
    Donald Trump TALKED dirty..

    He should have just let Americans die in Benghazi, and had Vince Foster
    killed and scammed millions of people in Haiti, got fired over
    whitewater, and deleted emails that were under subpoena and lied to
    congress and the FBI, and destabilized the entire middle east and lost
    $6 Billion of taxpayer money, and helped Bill Clinton get away with rape
    … there are no consequences for any of that.

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