Damn, that was a good fucking movie earlier. Furious 7 is worth anyone’s time. But when I got home, I saw that there was a shitload of news to cover. I’ve been  gathering all the sources and screenshots up and I’m ready to talk to you about a problem at PC Gamer. It turns out one of their writers, Ian Bransfield, has a hate crusade against TotalBiscuit and GamerGate. But that’s not even the worst of it. He also brags about getting swag from developers and has some serious problems with disclosure. In short, he’s only a shade better than the Rolling Stone writer I’m going to talk about next.

Here’s TotalBiscuit calling him out the other day for not showing the replacement joke in Pillars of Eternity:

How did the journo react to all this? Not well:ZDAAgrXOne look at this guy’s history tells you all you need to know. He’s a major anti-gamer, and supports the SJW agenda lock, stock, and barrel. Here’s more from Mr. Bransfield. We can start off with him making a crude joke about erotic fanfic to the Polygon UK writer who was laid off a couple weeks ago:

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It doesn’t get any better from there (thanks again to @TheIvyClover1):






I9ewLrd6VbmgL8sCU7eHu1GVxil1Basically the guy just goes on and on for ages about hating gamers and loathing GamerGate. There’s a lot more stuff here, including him chopping it up with Leigh Alexander and Brianna Wu. The KotakuInAction thread also goes into more detail. He even wrote a “GamerGate is dead” article back in November for Red Bull, which is strange in and of itself. I didn’t know Red Bull had shit to do with all this, but apparently they needed cheap-ass content for their site. But before you think all is lost, at least Bransfield agrees with us on one thing (Richard Stanton cameo):



  1. Oh, this guy’s just amazing. Fucker makes it so obvious that he hates his audience. Funny, though, PCGamer didn’t strike me as one of the bad places. Wonder how they’ll react to this hilarious meltdown.

      1. I used to listen to the PCG podcast several years ago, but dropped off after Gary Whitta left the staff and I had an email run-in with Dan Stapleton in which he emptied his intolerant ideological colostomy bag over being called out for his bigotry. Pretty much stopped paying attention to PC Gamer and let my sub lapse then. Are they even more terrible now? Just sitting around like the beta hipsters that drove Rev3 Gaming into the dirt after Mangina Sessler took his rage elsewhere?

    1. I don’t know what you think is happening, but that’s not it. Do you seriously think anyone outside of the few of us gives a single shit about anything this guy says or does involving GG or ethical reporting? Have you forgotten what kind of journalism this guy is part of?

      1. It’s either they go through with their ethical code of conduct (which was recently made thanks to GG, if you remember), or they experience a sharp drop in their traffic, PC gamer is more responsive than Polygon or Gawker.

        So yeah, I repeat, dis gon be fun.

        1. Maybe he’ll join Leigh at Oddworld. For free, of course, since they don’t believe in paying cis-het white guys.

        1. That is an interesting point. Since we have no way of knowing the identity or motives of the anon 4chan poster who first came up with the idea. The green-purple color scheme could be a reference to the Joker as well as to feminism.

          I am however 99% sure it is not a reference to an old meme nearly everyone had forgotten about.

          1. i don’t know what the inspiration for the color scheme was for sure but this is a picture of one of the hosts from game_jam- the tv show that was sabotaged by literally who. looks pretty familiar doesn’t she?

  2. Yet another idiot who assumes that the color scheme is from picolo dick and not the original feminist movement, what a fucking clown

  3. Oh this guy went FullMcIntosh level of stupid:

    “I am loving how @TheQunnspiracy has suddenly pulled back the curtain and gone ‘you do realise I know how to use the internet, right?'”

    And yet she got herself a physical encryption key to protect herself against internet harassment, and claimed that Sargon of Akkad has “no investment” in gaming despite him working on game development (and sharing with the public) for the last 7 years, and all she can claim as her work is “depression quest” and a voice in “jazzpunk” (another worthless ‘game’)

    And somehow this guy is employed at “PC Gamer” – They should probably institute random IT quizzes and IQ tests over there – It’s pretty sad when they praise n00bs for their 1337 haxor skills.

      1. don’t forget that she’s a cyborg too! – Apparently body piercings that contain a thumbdrive turn you into a cyborg.

  4. PC Gamer did the right thing once (with that Ubisoft thing), and now they pull this BS.

    I’m starting to believe there isn’t a gaming news outlet that has gamers on staff, this is getting stupider by the second. There isn’t a single one of those bigots that seems to give a single shit about games, it’s crazy.

    Here’s step 1 to not being shit anymore, games journalism: fire fucking everyone and hire gamers. Maybe then you’ll approach relevance a little bit.

  5. “TotalBourbon”? Is that the best comeback he can muster? And what does bourbon have to do with TB? Did this hack get Biscuit mixed up with Ms. Drunkaphone?

    1. I admit I once referred to TB as ‘TotalBisquick’, but I was slightly drunk at the time. And I wasn’t writing tweets or columns for a slowly dying media outlet.

  6. Did Bransfield just say that the leader of GG fucks dogs? GG has no leaders you dunce. And Bransfield, dog fucker? You must be referring to srhbutts who is heavily anti-GG and he/she/it who cyberstalks hundreds and thousands people in GG and has no life outside of Twitter, aside from distributing CP and fucking dogs which your side fully supports btw. At least we can agree on one thing; Ben “who thinks there’s nothing wrong with pedophilia” Kuchera is a hack and many more.

    Anyway, aside from the article I just saw Furious 7 last night and I must admit it’s a pretty damn good movie. And if your an SJW, then it will TRIGGER the hell out of you! LOL! 😉

  7. Can we just make it law that any journalist that reports Mary Sue should be fired? For God’s sake their website is called Mary Sue. That is not a positive in writing characters. Fun fact I did a story in my creative writing class poking fun at all the unnecessarily depressing stories that were being made in the classroom. I named the character Sue Mary and nobody got it. Not even the teacher. Who happens to have written a couple of books. Goes to show these idiots don’t know shit about writing. Also since when has purple and green been rape colors? Seriously I want to know when I missed that meeting. My god this shit gets dumber and dumber. Purple and green being rape colors……….Well I guess Mace Windu and Yoda should never have a lightsaber fight or we might trigger some idiots.

  8. Totalbiscuits bio of himself is “An acutely cynical games critic”

    Acutely means: “extremely, exceedingly, very, severely, intensely”.

    Cynical means:
    1. Believing that people are motivated purely by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity. “He was brutally cynical and hardened to every sob story under the sun”
    2. Concerned only with one’s own interests and typically disregarding accepted standards in order to achieve them. “A cynical manipulation of public opinion”

    Critic means: “A person who expresses an unfavourable opinion of something.” “They may also include a positive or negative personal response.”

    You are incredibly stupid to think that Totalbiscuit gives equal and fair game reviews (he is not a game reviewer), as that is not what he does or is what he says he does, saying he is “biased”? what part of “acutely cynical games critic” don’t you understand?

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