I don’t like Chris Ray Gun, mostly because he took a shot at me in a video when I had never even interacted with him. Hell, I had barely even heard of the dude at that time. Still, that’s a personal objection. And I am one to give credit where credit is do. Laci Green has a huge rack and is easy on the eyes, so now that it’s confirmed that he’s hitting that, I have to give him some props.

Of course, people had been speculating about this for weeks on end. But Laci Green put an end to all that with one quick answer on Ask.fm…


We’ll see how long this particular union lasts. I mean, what kind of degenerate meets their significant other during or because of their online pursuits?

Oh, wait. Never mind.

  1. I always thought hetero-relationships was haram to “feminists”. Isn’t it a form of patriarchy (aka things that normal human beings do) ?

    1. Question is how much longer Laci will be a feminist. Especially since radical feminist have started to send hate tweets her way.

  2. Shoe0nhead and ArmouredSkeptic also met this way. Shoe also never had a boyfriend before and then moved to Canada for him. She may be attractive but she’s every bit the socially awkward loser you’d expect from an online troll.

    1. It’s been my experience that online girls tend to be awkward. More often than not they are not this perfect girl you imagine them to be. They have their own issues with a personality or life style that is probably not for you. It works both ways but yeah. I tried three times and I was out. I liked the idea of expanding the possibilities beyond a 30 mile radius, but it’s just not worth it.

      The fact that shoe got together with skeptic tells me she’s not all she’s cracked up to be. If she were she’d be banging local guys and not even give him the time of day like every other public figure hot girl online. Honestly I’m kind of surprised she didn’t dump him for chris. She seems to be up his ass alot and he’s local to her, I think. I guess he wasn’t interested.

      As for her attractiveness, I know it’s hard for Ralph to admit she has it when he gives no breaks to anyone who is on bad terms with him, but if we’re going to use the ‘severely overrated’ term then I will admit the following evidence in the form of a picture, and we can reevaluate shoe’s attractiveness level. I’m not saying anyone has to call her smoking hot because she’s not, her look is more makeup than not, but we need to be reminded what is NOT hot:


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  3. Well yeah, he would be boning her. I must say – pretty dumb on his part to date a feminist. This won’t end well.

      1. That’s possible, but so far she’s been an ideologue. At best she might think that the people attacking her are not true feminists.

        1. Considering @EvrydayFeminism not true feminists? And still considering yourself a feminist — Once you go down that route you end up like @CHSommers

          1. She is a feminist with more supporters among the MRA then among fellow feminists. Which is not necessarily wrong.

            On retrospect I should have added a ? to the post.

          2. Sommers doesn’t really care about men though. She believes in cutting welfare, something men in need have to have access to.

          3. It wouldn’t be the first time feminists have used the no true feminist fallacy. Plus being logical and reasonable are not traits of that movement.

  4. A feminist is a woman who hasn’t been fucked right yet.

    If you get them before they engage in self destructive behavior on their bodies you can fuck the mental illness out of em. Once they start with the blue hair and weight doubling and doubling down on the derp they’re a lost cause.

      1. Hey Ralph. There’s been a lot of butthurt libtards about giving you hate views. Good job.

        Anyways, it’s true. Just look at how many of them hate all living things or at least all living male things. The irony of their mental condition is that the only males that will associate with them once they go full landwhale are the misogynistic sexual predators they caricature all men as. Case in point: That SJW journo conference where girls were getting date raped.

          1. Imagine being so libtarded and autistic you take shitposting completely at face value.

          2. Imagine being so stupid and hateful that when confronted on the internet you use it’s all a joke to explain your pathetic behavior.

          3. Hi, you must be new on the internet. If you weren’t you’d understand it’s for trolling. Quit being a triggered little bitch.

    1. He makes songs where he takes existing songs and then changes the lyrics while overlaying commissioned art, some are actually pretty funny. Other than that he vlogs with jump-cuts. He’s neither that great nor in any way really objectionable.

  5. This is potentially an important moment, if Chris Ray Gun can pioneer a strategy for rehabilitating these chicks it could go a long way toward saving Western civilization.

    1. well i would say most modern feminists can either be classified as having penis envy, daddy issues, or need to get properly laid (the irony of that last one is quite apparent to me but then again feminist social justice types are always projecting so it should be no surprise)
      tbh i thought laci was in the daddy issues camp

      1. I mean I have daddy issues and I’m not a feminist anymore lmao. All I needed was someone to explain what an anti sjw was to me, coz tumblr misleads people and makes people think an anti sjw is like, someone who is more like most of the sjws I see. Basically they are very good at manipulating innocent minds.
        They also omit very important information… Just avoid hard core sjws for the most part and everyone will be fine. I used to hang out with sjws but like they didn’t like me coz I didn’t agree with everything they said so I’m like …k bye weird sjws. And that’s why I only use tumblr for my anime gifs fix now.

      1. Comes down to demographics, if too many Western women keep becoming crazy old childless cat women because they get sucked into muh feminism and muh social justice then the West will die because it’s traditions, values and culture will die.

        1. That makes no sense. If western society values hinge on women not having opinions or goals beyond child birth. It doesn’t deserve to live.

          1. Sure thing, let’s replace it with Muslim culture who respects and values women… Oh wait no, it treats them as cattle, cuts on their pussies and beats and kills them for not following the every command of men.

          2. Ah because All Muslims behave the same way? Do nuance and individuality not exist in your world?

          3. They do. But they don’t exist in yours. Remember, you’re still here despite disagreeing with almost everyone in the most retarded ways possible, whereas your group, SJWs excommunicates people if they dare deviate from the group narrative.

            PS: The good Muslims distance themselves from that religion as much as possible and are threatened with death by Muslims for doing so.

          4. Not like you kid. Your not projecting the same tired old bootstrap crap that hasn’t been relevant in decades. Anymore nonsense you think I should see or are we done here?

          5. “Kid” “Kid” “Kid” As I said, projecting. Keep a job at MickeyDs for longer than 3 months and we’ll talk.

          6. Is it? SJWs self select a set of very narrow clone behavior and turn on each other in an instant if any individuality is shown.

          7. Yeah that’s why I don’t hang out with sjws anymore. : / it’s like, oh no I disagreed about the idea that “black people should get away with fucking crimes!”, no one should get away with crimes why would you say such a moronic statement mr Sjw.
            Like if someone is willing to ruin someone’s life via assault or murder Ect then they should clearly go to jail no matter their race or gender idk where sjws think they get away with trying to say they should be able to comitte crimes lmao

          8. They only want equality when it works in their favor. I imagine them all panicking when Killary was going on about drafting our daughters.

          9. Oh don’t worry, SJW women have already made that such a fail ROI I won’t be considering it!

          10. Every single one of us only exists because of an unbroken chain of successful reproduction going back hundreds of millions of years to strands of animate carbon in a puddle of goo somewhere. By all means though go do something else instead because surely you know better, not as if you’re just demonstrating yourself to be an evolutionary dead end…

            As for the particular brand of modern liberated western women you’re going on about most of them are just wage slaves or cubicle fodder living under the crushing student loan debt from their worthless degrees. Very few get ahead or succeed in having those important fulfilling careers they’ve been told they’re supposed to aspire to, and then when they reach their mid thirties all used up, alone and often childless they go nutty.

            Wanna know the secret to having a career from someone who actually has one of a sort? You have to ruthlessly and stubbornly invest in the damned thing to the point it consumes the majority of your waking hours. You also have to have a viable strategy and no “follow muh dreams” isn’t a damned strategy.

            Most women pursue “life balance” instead and thus lose the competition to males who will go and spent 50-70 hours a week at work. That’s what it takes to truly get ahead, to not only be better at it but to put in more time too and preferably to do so fanatically while knocking aside anything that gets in the way like a bloody minded psychopath.

          11. Working extra hard isn’t going to be enough anymore. The bootstrap theory is a myth my friend.

          12. Bullshit. I can virtually guarantee I make more money than you without wasting money on a worthless degree or getting bogged down in a banal grind. It requires a great deal of willpower, self sufficiency, and independent drive. These are all traits at a premium in modern society, but if you master it and corner the market you can easily meet your needs, then troll some lost SJW for the lulz.

          13. Except for the people who don’t start at the same place as you. But I mean why help poor people right?

          14. I started with fuck and all. Obstacles can be overcome, provided you know you meet adversity with determination instead of bitch tears.

          15. Lol the privileged bleeds through the screen. So do people with disabilities not exist in your world? How about prejudice? Point is if you made it good for you. But it’s incredibly arrogant and stupid to assume that people who are struggling have themselves to blame. Nothing is that simple.

          16. Did you just assume my race and physical status shitlord?

            Anyways, you can cry like a bitch about MUH OPPRESSSION… oh wait, even that’s a good paying job, just put a wig on and adopt a woman’s name or if you are already a woman, just invest in food until you double your weight and get some skittles hair going.

            Even with zero marketable skills whatsoever you can get by in life.

          17. Are you? Surely you must realize no one here is impressed with SJW spergery and in all seriousness, shitpossting aside do. Don’t cry, do. You’ll be a lot happier.

          18. Yeah, “get by”, we can’t have people being too comfortable. Right wingers where I live are constantly cutting welfare for disabled and elderly people.

          19. Show me a person that would work if they could be comfortable without working. Not happening. People work because they need money. No need for money, no work.

          20. Uh except for people who like working to feel fulfilled. What is wrong with your brain?

          21. I made one and a half times the American median household income for the first time when I was 29 years old. Not the median individual income mind you but median HOUSEHOLD income as in my 29 year old ass was bringing in and spending more money on my own frivolous self indulgent comfy lifestyle than most married couples in the midst of raising children.

            So yeah I’m the one here who knows what the hell he’s talking about and not you.

          22. Consistently in the top 20% of American earners and frequently in the top 15%. That also not only puts me in the top 1% in terms of wealth globally but closer to the top 0.5% really and all while still being under 35 years old and continuing to build my career.

            Get rekt scrub, I’ve got no time for your twaddle about how the game is supposedly unwinnable. Too busy winning.

          23. Yes. I believe it not out of faith or ideological conviction but because it’s empirically true based on the best information and observations I’ve been able to gather.

          24. So you’re actually going to tell me you make decisions in your life based on numerical figures and no emotion or faith at all?

          25. Depends on the importance of the decision and how much time and energy I have to devote to making it. However yes when it doubt go with the numbers over the feelz and you’ll win the game more often.

            That being said I do have the advantage of generally being less emotional than the normal human baseline. Frankly I find emotional people to be a pain in the ass to deal with at best and just plain dangerous at worst. People do profoundly stupid shit for the feelz.

          26. Yea it’s impossible to do anything as a human without emotion. So no you’re no better than the people you’re mocking.

          27. I never said I have no emotions, I said I’m less emotional than the human baseline and that I reign my emotions in rather than impulsively act upon them and that I dislike dealing with people who act all emotional because they’re irritating at best and dangerous at worst.

            Emotionalism is basically a form of permanent childhood-like immaturity. Emotional people don’t know how to behave, how to take accountability for themselves or how to handle it when they don’t get what they want. That same lack of discipline or self control means they’re also more likely to lose/fail and so right there you’ve got a recipe for behavioral sink. Emotional people are always a hair trigger away from completely self-destructing and trying to take you down with them as they go.

          28. You impulsively act with emotion all the time. Every human does. I don’t know why people have this idea that they’re aren’t ruled by their emotions? Or even that it’s necessarily a bad thing.

          29. No, I have impulse control. If you don’t have impulse control then that’s your problem but not everyone is deficient in that same way. Learning to control your emotions is not only critical to success in life but also to survival. If you cannot control your emotions someone else will eventually come along and control them instead and it’ll likely be one of your enemies who does it too.

            Frankly the over-valuation of emotion is one of the biggest examples of how ridiculously feminized our culture and society has become.

  6. Doesn’t she have warts or herpes or something? Might as well rub your dick on a public toilet.

  7. I’m actually pretty shocked if this is true. I mean shit, it’s hard for me to form an opinion about it right now. Talk about opposites attracting. Or the single greatest troll ever by Chris that we will find out in due time. I’m sorry but I place this woman in the unfuckable category for obvious reasons. To be so anti SJW on your YT channel then turn around and start banging Laci, one has to wonder just how legit his opinions are.

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