INSANITY: People Are Warned Against Promoting Work Of Straight White Males

INSANITY: People Are Warned Against Promoting Work Of Straight White Males

As some of you may know, I’m currently an undergrad at university studying in the STEM field. As a result I do a lot of lab reports and essay. When I’m reading papers, I’m not particularly paying attention to the authors until it’s time for me to put it down as a reference. Sometimes I’ll research them to see if they any other papers of interest, but that’s it. However, two Geographers want you to take notice, and choose papers written by minorities and women instead. Because valid reasons.

Their names are Carrie Mott and Daniel Cockayne, both Professors. Together they wrote  ‘Citation matters: mobilizing the politics of citation toward a practice of ‘conscientious engagement’. In the paper, they argue that using straight white males for citations perpetuates ‘white heteromasculinism’, a term I’ve never heard before and don’t want to again. According to them its a

‘system of oppression that benefits only those who are “white, male, able-bodied, economically privileged, heterosexual, and cisgendered’.

Mott and Cockayne suggest that before you submit a paper, to count how many minorities and women you have cited, and then flog yourself if there is not enough of them. This is getting a bit silly now. I’m being told I can’t use a relevant paper as citation because I have already used up my quota of white males for that paper? And who wants to waste their time looking up each person’s race and gender?

Mott and Cockayne both describe themselves as feminists and have done research related to feminism. According to the Washington Post

‘Mott also focuses her research on race and social justice, among other things. She describes herself as a “feminist political geographer,” who’s interested in “how resistance movements mobilize to fight against state-sponsored violence and marginalization.” Cockayne’s research and interest are on digital media, entrepreneurship, and gender and sexuality.’

I was going to link both their Twitter accounts, however their account seem to be on protected. Seems like some people may have taken the piss out of them when they saw their ridiculous paper. On top of that their paper was published in the prestigious journal of Gender, Places and CultureThis particular journal has a h-index of 50, so we can all have a good laugh about that.

Keep your chins up Mott and Cockayne, I personally can’t wait for what you’ll publish next.

Nora Ralph

Student, worker, and Co-Founder of the #Killstream. You can also catch me on TheRalphretort Rundown.