The YouTube “Restricted Mode” kerfuffle isn’t kinda stupid to me. Yes, I would prefer that Restricted Mode not exist and everyone be allowed to post and search for whatever they want on YouTube. That is the optimum goal. However, it’s not turned on by default. You have to seek it out and turn it on yourself. That’s not how Twitter did their so-called “Quality Filter.” So comparing it to that is not accurate. Also, it’s these progressive pussies who wanted to create safe spaces in the first place, so seeing them get knocked down by the system they clamored for is hilarious.

Again, I don’t support Restricted Mode, even though I don’t see it as a huge deal in the first place. This is not on the level of Twitter’s malfeasance…yet. We should also keep an eye on what Google/Alphabet is doing, like the new ad tweaks they announced today in response to losing out on some sweet dosh recently. That will likely have much more effect on us that any Restricted Mode bullshit.

Still, that doesn’t mean I won’t laugh at SJWs who get rekt by their own idiocy, though…

Speaking of progs getting destroyed, that leads me to the headline of this post. Vice (which I don’t like capitalizing, but did anyway in my title this one time) recently tried to claim that YouTube kingpin PewDiePie was unaffected by Restricted Mode and that his videos were available while it was turned on.

There’s only one problem with this claim: It’s not true!

Keep up the good work, Pewds. The media picked the wrong fight when they decided to fuck with you.