What’s up people! I’m back. Let me also apologize for taking a couple days to, you know, actually do any real work here on the site. But, I think I earned a little bit of rest and relaxation. I guess that’s the same sort of mindset that went through the minds of Philadelphia residents after their big win last night. We all expected the city to go wild after a win or a loss, but I think they might have exceeded expectations.

Take the guy who did a header off a light pole, for example.


Apparently there is something nefarious about light poles in general, which led to the decision made by one group of fans to pull one up out of the ground.

Here’s a guy who threw his TV out of the window after the big Eagles win. It appeared to have already been beat to shit, so I don’t think it was a huge loss.


OK, those happenings are amusing, but let’s get to the violence and mayhem part of the proceedings. Here’s some clown kicking out the window of a Macy’s store.

I’m afraid to even ask what’s going on here, but there’s a lot of fucking flames…

I don’t think this qualifies as violence, but it does make me pretty sick to my stomach. Yes, this man decided to eat actual horse shit in the wake of Super Bowl LII. I just…I’m not sure what to even say here.


Back to the violence, though…

Why not take over city hall as well and throw a kegger? #JustPhillyThings

I, for one, refuse to believe the ostrich story, though. But damn, I hope it’s true.

If I missed any key highlights, let me know. I need to go write a couple things about more consequential topics, but it rolling down the #PhillyPoliceScanner thread was a lot of fun. Of course, I don’t actually live in Philly, or else I might not have found it so amusing.