Someone showed me a new hashtag last night. It’s called #PissForEquality, and it’s just as crazy as you would imagine. To be clear, it was started on 4chan as a troll. But the mere fact that you have to do a double take tells you all you need to know about modern day feminism. With most movements, you could look at something like this and laugh it off as a complete fabrication right away. You can no longer do that with feminism, after all the insanity we’ve seen. Think about Emma Sulkowicz, for fuck’s sake. These are psychotic people.

Anyway, let’s take a look at this tag for a moment, so that you can get a flavor (lol) of what’s going on:

Keep in mind, some rad fems did catch onto the fact that this was fake. Then again, a lot of them missed the boat completely. Take a look at this black feminist ragging on white ones for being stupid. This is the kind of shit that makes me laugh my ass off, and makes this whole exercise worthwhile:

Haha, doesn’t it just warm your heart to see idiots tearing each other apart over a hashtag dedicated to pissing yourself? I gotta say, this was some top-level trolling right here. The thing that makes it so good isn’t the number of people it fools. It’s how many people see it and go, “Yea, sounds like the crazy fucking feminists again.” I guess that shitty reputation is why only 18% of women here in the US consider themselves feminist. Who would want to be associated with a band of ignoramuses? Not only that, feminists are also vicious, nasty, and mean. They’re forever complaining about trivialities that mean nothing to your average woman. The PR is so bad that normies automatically assume these psychos are down with urinating on themselves to promote some feelz agenda.

So, like I said, props to 4chan. This shit was golden. Get it? Anyway, I’m about to move on to the next post, which is about our new initiative here at TheRalphRetort. I’m kinda excited about it, and I hope you all will be as well. After that, I have one or two news hits, and then sleep. Tomorrow is Monday, and we can step it up into weekday mode. See you in a few.