As I said in the YouTube video I just posted, I will be out of town for most of the day attending to personal business. But I wanted to run this quick update on the /pol/ News Network Twitter banning story I posted on March 27th. One of the people who runs the account reached out to me this morning and I thought some people might be interested to hear about it.

Good morning!

On 03/27/17, Twitter suspended our Twitter profile: @polnewsnetwork1. We were a page that was rapidly growing (43k followers in 3 months, gaining roughly 500-1000 followers per day). Our page specialized in sharing Politically Incorrect content from 4chan’s /pol/ board. We created the viral meme “This Is The Future Liberals Want”, and we had several of our investigative posts turn into news stories (Shia’s HWNDU Flag, 4chan members using webcams to watch the US/Mexico border, etc.) Your website has featured a number of our tweets.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, this account was great and provided some key material for several stories here on TheRalphRetort.com.)

Twitter has not told us why we are suspended, or for how long. Furthermore, we have been careful to not break any Twitter rules, so this was unexpected. We are trying to appeal to Twitter to reactivate our account, but we are hearing nothing. Unfortunately, other accounts have popped up claiming to be our new one, which will hamper our efforts to appeal to Twitter (as Twitter does not allow this behavior).

If you could spread the message about this, it would be much appreciated. We were a page followed by Ann Coulter, Mike Cernovich, Baked Alaska, and dozens of journalists. Additionally, Milo Yiannopoulos regularly published content from our page, and Paul Joseph Watson has retweeted us numerous times. It’s easy to see that Twitter is trying to shut us down because we have become too strong of a right-wing voice; we need to fight against this to gain access to our following again and get back in the fight.

As I said in my response email, this account was very serious about following the Twitter rules. I can think of no legitimate reason why they would be banned, so I hope Twitter does the right thing and reinstates the account. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, so we’ll see.

  1. All of you guys start a gab account.
    You can then have a place to operate while dealing with Twitter censorship.

  2. Best of luck guys, but I don’t like your chances, those pussies will hide behind the wall of silence and wait you out hoping you will go away, of course they wont tell you the reason for the banning, that would mean you wouldnt break their imaginary rules again… they’re trying to kill any rising new right voices, theyre terrified, twitter is dead

  3. Never liked the fine print in a ToS that states your account can be terminated at any time for any reason. It’s practically used 100% across the internet including online games. Basically it means you are at the mercy of those in control and if they have a bad day and ban you just because your name was the first that crossed their eyeballs, that’s okay, and they don’t have to tell you squat.

    For a part of our lives that so heavily depends on us to put money in their pockets, the internet business machine sure is content with throwing around their ‘my way or the highway’ weight. As usual we put up with it.

    1. It’s frustrating watching the sort of crap that made forum culture so unlivable that we grumpily migrated to social media to get away from creeping into those same massive social media platforms. It’s just going to kick off the same cycle yet again where smaller and more obscure platforms that cater to the user’s desire to be USABLE will start to bleed userbase away from bloated and decaying tyrants.

      How the fuck hard is it to just let people post what they want to post and talk about what they want to talk about in an ethereal electronic void where new real-estate can be continuously generated at will? Sure I’ve trolled and raided people’s communities over the years but I never felt like permanently tearing their hangouts away from them.

  4. Eventually, all the social media sites will need conservative/nationalist alternatives. Most of the current platforms are owned/operated by leftists, and the modern left does not truly believe in free speech, no matter what they say.

    Over and over, they have bought into the idea that “offensive” speech can be banned. And “offensive” speech is invariably defined in the same way: offensive to the left. They have absolutely no problem with the most virulent, nauseating hate speech imaginable, as long as it is directed against white Christian male conservatives.

    Trying to change this mindset or reason with the management of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, etc. is a fool’s errand. Ultimately there will be no choice but to abandon ship for a rightist platform. For messaging, Gab is it. Looking ahead, the left’s next attempt will be to shut down the alternative sites. That is where the really must-win battle must be fought. Without alternatives like Gab, patriots will be reduced to samizdat flyers passed out in parking lots.

  5. Henry Sumner Maine said that the progress of society could be guaged on how relations in society progressed from being arrangements based on status to contract.
    Status being who you are according to extraneous attachments, and contract being who you are as an individual. This, of course, is classical nineteenth century liberalism.
    If twenty-first century liberalism is going to retain any connection at all to the intellectual movement that gave it birth it, it must judge people on their individual merits according to universal rules, otherwise it descends into treatment old individuals by their attachments and becomes the fascism it claims to descry.
    And yes, it doesn’t matter if the people dealt with are suspected of being fascists themselves. Because, if we treat fascists like fascists, the fascists have already won, haven’t they?
    Isn’t being a liberal great?

  6. Always find it funny when bigots get offended that their rights are being trampled on, after they spend all day trampling all over the rights of everyone who aren’t straight white Christians. Sure, you have the right to spout as much offensive hate speech as you want, and Twitter has the right to deny you the use of their social platform to do so, it’s their website.

    Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but we also need to live together. We’re spending so much time fighting each other that our society has stopped moving forward. We used to be able to put aside our differences and work together, with the understanding that although we may lead different lives and have different beliefs, we could still compromise and work together to create something that would benefit everyone.

    It seems like no one is willing to give an inch anymore.

    1. Explain precisely how the /pol/ news network twitter account managed to “trod” on anyone. As for your complaints I would argue you’re simply witnessing how multiculturalism is a miserable failure.

  7. In separate developments paypal blocked Brother Nathanael, and archive.org purged William Luther Pierce’s radio addresses.

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