Police Arrest COD Swatter After KEEMSTAR Gets Him To Confess During An Interview

Police Arrest COD Swatter After KEEMSTAR Gets Him To Confess During An Interview

After losing a match in Call of Duty, 25-year-old Tyler Raj Barriss decided the best course of action would be to be to find his opponent’s address and to call the police saying he that someone had killed his father by shooting him in the head. However, Barriss didn’t get the right address. The police showed up at the house of 28-year-old dad Andy Finch who was shot and killed by police after he opened the front door.

KEEMSTAR put a tweet saying he’d like to interview the person behind the swatting and, almost instantaneously, Barriss, under his alias ‘SWAuTistic,’ reached out saying he’d like to talk.

KEEMSTAR, the star of Drama Alert, said he had planned to get Barriss to confess to the crime so he could hand it off to the police. What he, and many others, found surprising was how quickly Bariss admitted to the crime and the utter lack of remorse he expressed.

Barriss is not new to swatting. He was arrested in October 2015 and charged with making two bomb threats to ABC7.

Barriss defended himself on stream saying that he was not responsible for the young father’s death since he was not the one who pulled the trigger.

“The argument can be made that the police would never have showed up if I hadn’t made the call, however, I don’t believe I’m the only guilty party involved in this whole incident, considering I was contacted and, you know, almost instructed to swat, and taunted to swat,” he said.

I do think the cop was a tad too trigger happy, however that doesn’t excuse this piece of shit.

And of course, you had to get the obligatory ‘oh me gawd, the white supremacists strike again’ tweet.

Well done to KEEMSTAR for getting the guy on and letting him dig his own grave. Barriss is currently in police custody and is about to learn the consequences of his actions. By the way KEEMSTAR, sorry about the shit you had to deal with when Mundane Fatt falsely accused you of swatting him. What can I say? He’s a twat.

On an off note, everyone should check out Mister Metokur’s new video where he shits on Mundane Fatt and Jeff Holifag. I had a real good chuckle watching it.

Nora Ralph

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  • Renaissance_nerd

    Welcome back Ralph, sorry one of your first stories is covering such a senseless death.

  • Thor Alexander Michelsen

    Your article is wrong. One cod team blamed each other for loosing. One treatened the other with swatting In that team. The one threatened gave false adress. The one getting the false adress hired this dude.

  • Silence Dogood

    I like how people associate with jokes about autism being a white supremacist things instead of, just, an edgy joke. These people are retarded.

  • Danlantic

    I didn’t know anything about Mundane Matt. I looked him up and his YouTube videos had some interesting topics. I watched part of 2 of them and found he was simply placing the text of a magazine article on a split screen with Matt simply reading someone else’s article. It’s a cut&paste but slower.

  • Mr0303

    Fuck this guy. Let him rot in jail for using the state to try to murder somebody over a petty video game dispute.