OK, I realize I’m late as fuck on this reference. Oh well. It isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. But I simply have to write something about this dumbass from The Telegraph who has a theory about air-conditioning being misogynist. I don’t know how to put it any better than Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam already has:


Although, let’s face it. The headline is funny, but we know that the rad fems are going to be around awhile longer. Still, it’s fair to say that they’re getting further and further into Looney Tunes territory. The tweet below points out how out of step these people seem when contrasted with how women in other parts of the world are treated. Here in the West, feminist activists have to come up with mostly frivolous complaints and manufactured issues. They rely on political correctness and ostracization to control the political debate. Their cultural appropriation bullshit is an asinine theory thought up so some hack academics could continue to draw checks from our public universities. Maybe these leeches should send some time helping women in places like Syria instead of thinking of fraudulent/fascistic ways to push their distasteful agenda down our throats?:


They create media firestorms to sustain themselves. There’s one of those going on right now against Donald Trump over his Megyn Kelly comments. The only difference is, some of the right wingers have adopted tactics that are eerily similar to SJWs. Yes, I realize Trump is Trump, and he does shoot his mouth off constantly. But his point still remains: Political correctness is killing this country:


It’s also not even clear that he was talking about her being on her period. He claims he wasn’t:



Cathy Young, who is no fan of Mr. Trump’s, conceded that it looked like The Donald was telling the truth on this one:

So there’s at least enough of a doubt to put this all into question. Who cares, though? That’s my point. So what if Trump was joking about her menstrual cycle? I’ve heard that happen in real life all the fucking time. Even Eric Erickson, who made a big deal about disinviting The Teflon Don from his RedState Gathering this weekend, has made similar jokes…about the mother of Jesus, for fuck’s sake. Is Megyn Kelly now on the level of Mary, Mother of God?CL5rol3WIAApN0T CL5rolvXAAE99er

As you can see, this man is a stone-cold hypocrite who appeared to have been looking for a cheap headline by shitting on Trump. At least, that’s the less charitable interpretation. Either way, the underlying issue remains. The PC culture has gotten so out of hand that people are saying fuck it all and supporting Donald Trump for president. That’s not the only reason he’s been surging. It also has to do with just how terribly shitty our politicians have been the last 16 years or so. But I feel like a big part of Trump’s appeal has to do with a rebellion against the speech laws that have taken over television and the political debate at-large. The public is tired of the gotcha games and judgments of exile over forbidden phrases. SJWs and their allies in the mainstream media have been playing us far too long, and we’ve begun to see the emptiness of their game.

I like what Donald Trump is doing. I haven’t backed anyone for president yet, and won’t for many months, if at all. The service he is providing right now is invaluable, though. Because if we don’t nip the politically correct nonsense in the bud and kill it off once and for all, then the country is going to continue to descend into this type of thinking. More topics and words will be off-limits. Grievance hucksters will grow in number. All this fuckery we talk about here, and with GamerGate in general, will continue to get worse. That’s why I’ve had fun with this whole primary season so far. Maybe it’s futile to hope that we can kill the PC bastards off once and for all, but it’s fun seeing someone with the guts to try.


UPDATE: And check this out, for all of you who say this shit isn’t related to GamerGate lol…


  1. Trump is awesome. He’s a shitposter sans peer. 🙂 Far as Max Fisher, bet he doesn’t even care about women. Women hating articles get clicks & that’s all that matters to Vox. Hey Vox, once Gawker is done, guess who is next?

    1. a beautiful thing this is gossip sites posing as news sites just lining up to get mowed down as if they didn’t see the bigger site in front of them get piledriven into the dirt. c’mon step into the ring with the 4-ton wrestling gorilla made of nanobots and running on a tokamak reactor, your scrawny ass can take it after all I think its getting tired.

  2. Trump would be a shit president but we should continue to revel in his comedic genius because it’s actually useful. Plus no one would be a worse president than Hillary, who is pretty much a guaranteed win for the liberals given her ownership of a vagina, which somehow counts as a qualification

    1. Well some Democrats are legitimately concerned that with all Clinton’s baggage, the two concurrent investigations into how she treated classified information at State, the fact that she repeatedly gets caught lying, and the fact that she apparently cannot handle questions unless they’re from carefully vetted supporters…well, how can a candidate like that actually weather a general election?

      A New York Times reporter famously described her campaign as “like an armored car rocketing through primary states.” In other words, no one has access to her, and reporters can’t even ask her questions. This is why she gets so flustered if something happens off script, or if somehow a person doesn’t lob a complete softball question at her.

      When you operate like that, it doesn’t bode well for future debate performances, and it’s hard to take you seriously when you say you’re going to have a transparent and honest administration. So if I was a Democrat, yeah, I’d be very concerned, and I’d be taking a hard look at Bernie Sanders and anyone else looking go challenge Clinton.

      1. Well her main demographic have a tendency to not think and just religiously support anything said by a woman but I have no idea what kind of a percentage of the Democrat voters they’d make up, since i’m not American. Hopefully they’re all either underage or too busy crying on Twitter to vote, though if they aren’t as numerous as I’ve been assuming it surely won’t matter anyway. lol

        1. If the American “left” (a laughable concept, but still) rely on this bullshit as the British left did the last election, they’ll lose.
          The Tories turned a marginal “victory” in terms of support (if you can count less than a quarter of the nation supporting you a win) into a landslide in terms of electoral results.
          The policies of the left appeal to more voters (admittedly imo as a socialist :P) but the identity politics replacing it just divides people.
          To me, the left sold it’s soul to become institutional (history repeats, apparently) and try to distinguish themselves not with policy (which is typically conservative by any metric) but with identity politics, because it “works”
          The left, albeit in international terms, is adopting the Souther Strategy employed by Republicans in the past.
          The gains will not last and decades will be surrendered rebuilding.

          If the libertarian movement is smart and abandons such close (incestuous) ties with neoconservatism and the right in favour of moderate/centrist positions and bridge building with “liberals” they will go from a marginal power in *some* right wing circles to a truly dominate political ideology.
          As much as I disagree with many libertarian positions, I think that’s a good thing. A real opponent to state authority is a good thing, as state power should always have to justify itself.
          I just wish more libertarians could appreciate that the state is not the ONLY authority which must be countered. Corporations/capitalism are not benevolent nor malevolent, much like the state itself.

          1. I like to think of myself as a very mildly left leaning centrist and honestly if I were American I think i’d just pass on voting entirely because both sides repulse me equally at this point. lol

          2. Believe me, I’m considering it. If the general election is Bush vs Clinton, I probably will not vote. We’re a country of 300 million, are we supposed to believe we can’t do better than electing people from the same few families to high office?

            At least the British peerage system is symbolic these days. In America, our politicians are aristocrats in everything but name.

        2. It’s true. I’ve got a family member who is voting and volunteering for Clinton because she’s a woman. My family member does not actually know anything about Clinton’s policy positions or her record as a senator, she’s simply voting for Clinton because she has a vagina.

  3. I really love the GG namedropping:

    Them: Haha goobers No one cares about your long dead GG! Now please watch as my peers and I talk about GG in every other article we write.

    1. Most of these idiots keep gloating about how GamerGate is dead or unimportant, then they spend nearly every waking hour on Twitter bitching about it or writing every other article about how GamerGate is a threat to women and the industry.

      How can GamerGate be dead and a threat at the same time? Are we zombies or something?

      1. If we are, we’re definitely going to win. None of these people play games anyway, so none of them could land a headshot if their lives depended upon it

  4. We should really start charging royalties on the gamergate name, the whole movement would be rich by the end of the month

  5. “Politically correct”?

    They’re all raging sexists and racists, that’s not exactly “politically correct”.

  6. Yeah, I really don’t give a shit about size of government anymore, or foreign policy, or health care, or national debt. Nope. Not until we can actually talk about these issues without social justice bukkake mucking up the dialogue.

  7. Fuck Red State. Let them go have their events with Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum, and see how many people pay attention or even give a fuck. The whole reason half the Republican base is rooting for Trump is that they’re sick of this PC bullshit and stopping to the level of SJW thought policing. Well, have fun PC-ing your party into irrelevance, you twatwaffles. Besides, these are the same douchenozzles who think it’s a good idea to make an election about social issues like gay marriage.

    So these morons think it’s okay to police who people have sex with, but they’ve got their Ayn Rand panties in a twist because Trump has the balls to say what he thinks.

  8. Also lol @ this Amy Farrah Fowler looking idiot for going on TV to cry about how air conditioning is sexist. First world problems indeed.

    1. That thought occurred to me, as well. But then, as a white heterosexual male it’s a given that I’m a sexist transphobic bigot.

      /sarc 😛

    2. I thought it was Amy Farah Fowler from Big Bang Theory but she dresses far too heavily to complain about AC.

  9. Bringing #GamerGate into a wider Political discussion was a big mistake – now we’re going to be pulled into a place where there is REAL journalism, BIG (potential) ethical violations and so much misinformation and outright lying that #GamerGate could make careers out of fighting it.

  10. Perhaps because it was kinda tangential (at best) to the focus of the article, but you didn’t mention another reason that Trump (of whom I am not a fan, though I will admit to some schadenfreude about the reactions to him from some corners) is getting traction: He’s willing to mention issues that the “traditional” political class of both parties is unwilling to touch but weigh heavily on the minds of J. Random Citizen, like illegal immigrants ([fornicate] that “undocumented” garbage).

    Do I think he’d make a good president? Hell no. But credit where credit’s due for kicking the establishment square in the figurative goolies on stuff that they’re either afraid to mention or won’t address because it suits their goals.

    1. another reason that Trump (of whom I am not a fan, though I will admit to some schadenfreude about the reactions to him from some corners) is getting traction: He’s willing to mention issues that the “traditional” political class of both parties is unwilling to touch but weigh heavily on the minds of J. Random Citizen

      Bernie too.

  11. Female colleage at job mentioned the sexist air-conditioning thing, then i suggested her to work on a warmer place, like the kitchen, haha.

  12. I don’t really like Trump but I do enjoy the fact that he’s making all these SJWs drop lakes full of greasy tears over his comments. Also Vox knows that if they mention Gamergate in any unrelated story that some of us will go there to comment. Don’t fall for it, its just outrage clickbait.

  13. Here’s what happened:

    Gawker: “I’ll give you free cash only if you promise to take free potshots at Gamergate!”
    Every website ever: “Yay! Fwee mwoney! I can’t passw thwis wup!”
    Gawker: “Good. Now go my children, bring in hate and fear for everyone in the world!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!”

    End scene.

  14. Steven “Louder with” Crowder featured Carly Fiorina and they mentioned GamerGate as part of the political correctness.

    (Side note, how can a pregnant woman have PMS – liberals hate science).

    If they are against Air Conditioning, the SJWs aren’t cool.

    1. Man, Fiorina is a retard on-par with the idiot pushing this “air conditioning is sexist” bullshit. I mean, if we’re going to have an idiot who successfully ran a corporation for president, then… well… I guess that rules her out… with the successful part not being met and all.

  15. I have not watched that dumb bitch up there, but I can guess why she’s saying air conditioning is sexist: Because men dress in business suits, that AC in offices iss generally set lower to accommodate them and the poor wimminz are all cold. Well, to that I say: How about you learn to dress appropriately in a place of business asshole? I don’t see many men getting to parade around in glorified tank tops at the office and still be considered appropriately dressed.

    Am I on the mark with the video?

  16. What is it with all these Indians jumping on the SJW bandwagon? Not that any of them will ever step back home. The harsh reality of a developing country would probably make their brains (what’s left of them) explode.

  17. You know, maybe i should invite that woman to a tour of the factory i work at. I’m sure being surrounded by molten metal and 700°F castings will change her tune. I’ve not heard any of my female coworkers complain about the A/C other than that we don’t have it.

  18. What’s so fucking retarded is that they’re talking about temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees. That isn’t “chilly, freezing, frigid temperatures”. 70 degrees is fucking summer weather. It is TWO DEGREES WARMER than what the government is constantly telling you to keep your home thermostat at (or under) for efficiency.

    I mean, sure, if you’re saying “damn men are keeping the office temperatures in the 50s and it’s killing me!”… fine.. maybe I can get that. But fucking 70-75 degrees?!

    And isn’t it hypocritical for her answer to be “men should wear shorts and tee shirts to work”. Why? So your answer to “the office temps are uncomfortable for me and instead of me putting on more clothes to stay warm, men should put on less clothes to stay cool”….? What the fuck is this accomplishing?

    1. I worked in a server room and we had to keep the temperature at 60 degrees to keep the machines cool. These people wouldn’t last an hour in my place. And I worked with 2 women’s that were my boss and they ran the place. I didn’t see them bitching.

  19. I think – in general – women are basically mentally handicapped people. It’s not their fault. It’s just their nature. Seperate them from the men, especially at work, so they are save from their suposed misogyny. It would make life for women as well as men better.

    We all withness that every day, day in day out, the media bashes it in all out faces, without priorily asking for consent btw , which lieterally equates rape btw, literally ! #duh! #stopfemalementalrape )

    We all can see again, the nonexisting intelligence of the underdeveloped, degenerated female mind in plain sight bashed into all our faces.While sitting there half naked and in clothes designed to reveal as much as possible, they do not have anough braincells to come up with the idea to wear something a lil warmer.I truely think, that ppl one hundred years ago or more had it much more correct and empirically so to speak when they said that women have minda like 4year old children and that they never grow out of that state. WOmen truely are pathetic and mentally degenerated. But that’s just my personal opinion based on observation and btw: no, insults from your side – especially from women and manginas – will sure not change my mind, but rather confirm my view.

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