OK, I realize I’m late as fuck on this reference. Oh well. It isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. But I simply have to write something about this dumbass from The Telegraph who has a theory about air-conditioning being misogynist. I don’t know how to put it any better than Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam already has:


Although, let’s face it. The headline is funny, but we know that the rad fems are going to be around awhile longer. Still, it’s fair to say that they’re getting further and further into Looney Tunes territory. The tweet below points out how out of step these people seem when contrasted with how women in other parts of the world are treated. Here in the West, feminist activists have to come up with mostly frivolous complaints and manufactured issues. They rely on political correctness and ostracization to control the political debate. Their cultural appropriation bullshit is an asinine theory thought up so some hack academics could continue to draw checks from our public universities. Maybe these leeches should send some time helping women in places like Syria instead of thinking of fraudulent/fascistic ways to push their distasteful agenda down our throats?:


They create media firestorms to sustain themselves. There’s one of those going on right now against Donald Trump over his Megyn Kelly comments. The only difference is, some of the right wingers have adopted tactics that are eerily similar to SJWs. Yes, I realize Trump is Trump, and he does shoot his mouth off constantly. But his point still remains: Political correctness is killing this country:


It’s also not even clear that he was talking about her being on her period. He claims he wasn’t:



Cathy Young, who is no fan of Mr. Trump’s, conceded that it looked like The Donald was telling the truth on this one:

So there’s at least enough of a doubt to put this all into question. Who cares, though? That’s my point. So what if Trump was joking about her menstrual cycle? I’ve heard that happen in real life all the fucking time. Even Eric Erickson, who made a big deal about disinviting The Teflon Don from his RedState Gathering this weekend, has made similar jokes…about the mother of Jesus, for fuck’s sake. Is Megyn Kelly now on the level of Mary, Mother of God?CL5rol3WIAApN0T CL5rolvXAAE99er

As you can see, this man is a stone-cold hypocrite who appeared to have been looking for a cheap headline by shitting on Trump. At least, that’s the less charitable interpretation. Either way, the underlying issue remains. The PC culture has gotten so out of hand that people are saying fuck it all and supporting Donald Trump for president. That’s not the only reason he’s been surging. It also has to do with just how terribly shitty our politicians have been the last 16 years or so. But I feel like a big part of Trump’s appeal has to do with a rebellion against the speech laws that have taken over television and the political debate at-large. The public is tired of the gotcha games and judgments of exile over forbidden phrases. SJWs and their allies in the mainstream media have been playing us far too long, and we’ve begun to see the emptiness of their game.

I like what Donald Trump is doing. I haven’t backed anyone for president yet, and won’t for many months, if at all. The service he is providing right now is invaluable, though. Because if we don’t nip the politically correct nonsense in the bud and kill it off once and for all, then the country is going to continue to descend into this type of thinking. More topics and words will be off-limits. Grievance hucksters will grow in number. All this fuckery we talk about here, and with GamerGate in general, will continue to get worse. That’s why I’ve had fun with this whole primary season so far. Maybe it’s futile to hope that we can kill the PC bastards off once and for all, but it’s fun seeing someone with the guts to try.


UPDATE: And check this out, for all of you who say this shit isn’t related to GamerGate lol…