I turned RAW off early so I could bring you a couple stories real quick. I’ll have my thoughts on wrestling later on the sister site I’ve been neglecting. But before I get to that, I have this Poylgon piece, and an anonymous testimonial from someone who used to work with down-and-out Leigh Alexander. We’ll get to her in a minute though. First, let’s talk about Ben Kuchera and Polygon. 

Word is that Kuchera might have gotten laid off. We can’t comfirm that at this time. He is still tweeting out Polygon links. But he wrote a piece today where he talked about not gaming anymore. This is interesting for a columnist at a games site. When your job is to play games and you don’t play them, it sounds like maybe you’re moving on. Polygon knows what a huge boost it would be for him to get outright fired, so he would likely be eased out slowly. His status might even be left up in the air publicly, while privately he seeks other employment opportunities.

Ben seems to loathe games and the people who partake in the hobby. So I don’t really see why he would even want to stay around, other than the easy paycheck and the chance to force his ideology onto others. Read it for yourself. Does this sound like a guy who still has the itch?






It’s also possible that some powerful people didn’t like his attack on the neutral Chris Mancil. If you’ll recall, he went off on him for the mere act of linking to one of his articles in a blog post. You have to be a complete egomaniac to even think you have the right to do such a thing in the first place, but that’s another story:



But while we can’t say for certain that Kuchera got the axe, we can tell you that Emily Gera definitely got the boot. You remember Emily, right?Just in case you don’t, here’s a refresher:


How quickly the worm turns. As you might imagine, she already has her Patreon up and running. Ms. Gera joins the long line of creeps that we’ve gotten fired. Movie Bob, outJim Sterling, goneLeigh exiled to her shit site that can’t keep up with mine. It’s a great fucking time to be rolling with GamerGate. Who will be the next to fall to their knees? We’ve always said that it was a mistake to attack your customers. The results of that strategy is starting to be felt in a major way.

  1. I think it’s almost safe to say that, for the most part, we can call it. SJW-pandering unethical games journalists were unable to answer the bell. #Gamergate is victorious.

    But by no means is that victory permanent. There’s no reason for this movement to go away any time soon.

    1. Soon as these assholes are gone from the sites, I can officially take a break from GG. We’re now moving into month 8, and these fuckers said we wouldn’t last a week.

      1. To be fair, we wouldn’t have lasted a week if it wasn’t for the mass censorship and “gamers are dead” articles. I guess it was a good thing we died then.

        1. Oh we would have lasted longer than a week. The mass censorship and ‘gamers are dead’ articles simply cemented the lines between the factions.

  2. Idk. It sounds too good to be true. Polygon’s probably fucking with us. I wish it were true, but I don’t buy it. Also, the only place that bottom feeding piece of trash Ben FUCKING Kuchera deserves to work in is riding the back of a garbage truck. As I’m sure he’ll feel right at home there, because that’s what he is… TRASH!!!

  3. #Gamergate means lots of different things for it’s various participants.

    For me? Right from August 28th, the sole objective I wanted to see accomplished is bullies like Kuchera and Leigh becoming exiled from the field of vidya journalism.

    So, yeah. This makes me happy as hell. I wish I could personally thank every single one of the fuckers who made this happen.
    GG is a tad too large to stop now, though.
    “This is the future you chose”, “You could have stopped this”, and all that.
    I hope it sticks around and makes sure people like them won’t gain power again.

  4. Let’s not be deluded into believing that Kuchera would have been “fired”. At least not for any of his opinions. Vox is all onboard the SJW train and many of their staff are personal friends (as stated by their staff in interviews and discussions around the net and on other net shows) with the likes of Anita.

    Chances are their budget is getting tighter as they get more desperate for click-bait (which quickly replaced their “we’re the new type of game journalism ethics blah blah blah” thing). Seriously. It is disingenuous to imply that any of these people are likely being canned for anything relating to GG. At best, they’re being canned for their attitudes or behavior rubbing people wrong, internally, on something else. Even more likely, these sites are just trimming weight. Print journalism is dead. Web journalism (especially for those with useless degrees and little experience in anything short of blithering on game websites for pennies on the dollar of a real career) is close behind.

    Things will get worse. Then more desperate. Then quieter as they lay off more and more (and more of those layoffs start filling the time with noisy SJW behavior) . . . and, ultimately . . . the landscape goes totally quiet and gaming publications become few and far between (which they kind of already are when you eliminate all the copy-pasted content).

    1. It’s still the result of GG in part. Yes, game journalism was already dying – But to a point, it was dying for all of the reasons GG pointed out, brought out into the open, and then slammed on the asses of all those who are saying their farewells.

      I mean if you were a decision maker of a failing game journalism site, who would you pick to let go first – The guys who did nothing, or the ones who pissed off your audience and made your ratings drop? Ideology or none, its definitely going to be the guys who pissed off your audience. (For those stuck in their useless SJW ideology, it can be rationalized as “doing it wrong” or “I understand, but we were already 37.3% of the way to converting gamers without gamergate”, etc.)

  5. What does “he said something and it cost him 2,500 followers” even mean? Is that some sort of a currency? Who gives a shit? Oh now, my shitty reddit comment cost me fifty internet points! And…?

    1. It was a blockbot issue.

      He followed milo, and automatically became hit by the blockbot


      Being a rational person, he complained about the issue on his blog

      He cited some article on harassment protection from kuchera, in a frankly positive way, but since he was now a shitlord, kuchera freaked out and threw a tantrum of “how dare you link me” , basically directing his followers to harass him and threaten the EA employees job.


        1. It was a tweet regarding chess being a symbol of the patriarchy, I don’t remember it exactly.

  6. Whether he is leaving Polygon or not, I fail to see how that opinion piece has anything to do with it. That piece seems quite rational compared to some of the shite he’s written in the past. I tend to agree with him on this. Everyone has periods where they take a break from gaming. I’ve been there myself; take a break for a month or two and then spend five months doing nothing but… Where’s the issue with this? That doesn’t mean he hates gaming all of a sudden.

  7. Firing Kuchera would be the first good decision in the history of Polygon. The only better decision would be shutting down the site. Regardless of Kuchera the site has been turds from the start, largely due to consisting of ex-kotaku writers.

  8. About time these fuckheads realized their egos were larger than the power they thought they wielded. These dipsticks write about video games, and they think they have the pull to get AAA execs fired or the influence to re-shape the gaming culture?


  9. Who is Leigh Alexander? Can someone give me a brief recap on this person. I’ve followed this whole thing since mid August when it was just Quinn and I still have no idea who Leigh is.

      1. I took a look at her twitter a/c. She is still playing the victim for attention, even screencapping random 8chan threads critiquing her work. Beyond pathetic.

  10. Screw the Verge, Polygon, Joystiq (Engadget), and the like. Their articles and comment sections are just one huge echo chamber of ignorance where they just spew out whatever the mainstream media/ SJWs/ feminists tell them.

    I hope they’re all unemployed and forced to face reality of hunger because their agendas have caused people to suffer in similar ways.

  11. Isn’t it sickening how Gera pulls out the scared lil girl whose puppy almost got murdered by GamerGate photo for her bio to announce leaving Polygon.
    I see many Patreon $$$ in her immediate future.

  12. How could this have happened? Could it be that maybe, just maybe attacking the two most important parts of the industry might just be a bad idea? Well, I mean, I think it would be bad idea. Maybe some more game journos should attack the game devs and their audience.

    This is some great news, I hope it’s true. I will give Ben and Leigh one point though; they were right. We don’t have to be their audience. We all know Leigh is just going to sink deeper and deeper into obscurity and the bottle and hopefully Ben gets stuck in a toll booth for the rest of his career.

    1. Ben: Well I already shot myself in the foot insulting my audience. What should I do? What could I do that would be just as stupid? Oh I know I’ll attack devs and publishers. Man this shotgun barrel tastes great!

  13. We still don’t have confirmation, but if true, Benny Kooch being gone is a huge win for GamerGate. I did notice he kind of went quiet after his public tantrum directed at Chris Mancil. He probably stepped on some toes at EA with that stunt.

  14. I love how she’s RT’ing all of these assholes on twitter trying to boost her fortunes. “Hey, she’s freelance now, better hire her before someone else gets her first!”

    What a fucking joke.

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