I’m back in place for this evening festivities. Soon as I woke up from my slumber, I saw a new hashtag, #GamesSoWhite. At first, I thought this was a joke started by some fellow GamerGate sympathizers. As it turns out, it wasn’t. Instead, it was inspired by a column from one of the most radical SJWs I’ve seen over the last nine months: Tauriq Moosa. Here’s a small sampling of his bullshit:CGmFpmYXEAAoGQK CAK2UgDVIAA2bZWCGrdM8-UkAEgzNr

(That’s in response to Erik Kain’s reaction piece. Apparently, even writing about his garbage is some sort of racist act)

This is just what I could find with a quick search. Hopefully you all can provide some more juicy quotes from this race-hustling, pond scum, piece of shit. I could, but it would take a little while, and I want to get this out (side note: the new Twitter search sucks). So what happened with this tag, you ask? Well, we took it over with logic, reason, and comedy.






Based Vavra with the blowout there at the end. The Mary Sue is doing their usual propaganda spin, as is Leigh Alexander herself over at Offworld. But it’s clear who won the day. These people are so weak. They refuse to make their own projects, and instead work to tear down whatever is popular at the moment (The Witcher 3, in this instance), so that they can preach their ideology to gamers. We’re sick of it. Keep your gender and racial politics out of games. Go to Jezebel or some other rad fem hub and talk that shit, but we don’t want to hear it. You’re going to continue to lose, especially with these tactics. As we’ve seen, developers are sick of it as well. You’re pretty much starting to piss off everyone. That is the good thing to take from all this. The only ones supporting their line is the hugbox brigade.

P.S. Polygon is utter shit, and may have overtaken Kotaku as of late for the title of World’s Worst Gaming Site. All this is fresh off the heels of their much derided Rock Band 4 article the other day. Here’s a short refresher, in case you missed that gem:

In his preview of Harmonix’s game, Campbell stated, “I’m standing at a safe distance [from the game]… I don’t care about rock music. I dislike crowds and I dislike loud noises,” before saying that “sometimes in this job you gotta cover games you don’t really give a stuff about.” Some took issue with the writer’s focus on himself instead of the game,including CVG and ONM former video game journalist Chris Scullion.

Scullion said, “it has always been my opinion that when a journalist makes themselves the story instead of the game they’re supposed to be covering, they’ve failed at doing their job.” He stated that journalists can write about games personally, citing an article by Christian Donlan that explained how video games help him with multiple sclerosis. However, in Donlan’s article, “the overriding message is still ‘games are amazing’. When you finish reading it you’re more in love with this wonderful hobby than ever.”

Very professional.

      1. Indeed, but as Moosa saw fit to speak down to TB (no doubt through the safety of a block wall), I felt it only appropriate to include him as well.

  1. How the fuck can white total biscuit be racist towards white moviebob!? Who the hell is this tauriq nutcase?

    For shits and giggles here’s a pic of bob praying to his god.

  2. They’re just going to keep digging.

    I look forward to the next whining article from Alexander about how she makes no money and no one wants to buy any shitty SJW games.

  3. Daniel Vavra, unloading a combo breaker so stunning that Iron Galaxy’s trying to program it into Killer Instinct’s season 3.

    But yeah, this is the hate all white guys train, just pulling in from other parts of the social morass. Desperately looking for excuses to shit on folks so they can justify their own pathetic existences.

  4. It’s clear publishers and developers are also getting sick of Polygon’s shit as well. Let’s go down the list. Atlus probably doesn’t want anything to do with them after the Dragon’s Crown incident. Nintendo probably wasn’t happy with the Bayonette 2 bullshit (to be fair it does look like Nintendo is stepping away from the press altogether). EA probably wasn’t happy with Ben Kuchera throwing a bitch fit at one of their members. Let’s not forget they stole the website name of Lego Dimensions from Warner Bros. They say there was a call and they sorted out what was meant to be a joke. No, I’m pretty sure there were several angry phone calls, someone probably almost got fired, and wouldn’t be surprised if a lawsuit almost happened. Considering the big push Microsoft was doing with the Witcher 3 I bet they weren’t happy with that bullshit. And now the new nail in the coffin with Harmonix. Yeah I’m sure they are thrilled you were invited to a preview event for their game just so you could bitch about politics in the Philippines (how fucking hipster can you get). If I was a developer or publisher I would just stop dealing with Polygon and wouldn’t be surprised if others start doing that. Dealing with them sounds like a huge pain in the ass.

    1. Yep, Trevor unfortunately guilty whitey is not the only idiot in town!!! We got black idiots whom are telling other black people, they are not black enough!!!, or “you are acting white all the time”!!!???, certain segments of the black communities have baffled me too for years, thankfully some of us, black or white, avoids being pigeonholed or shamed by words, guilt or bamboozled into idiocy and not calling a spade a spade, shove your colors, race baiting and white guilt shaming too were the sun don’t shine, if someone is spewing sycophantic, ideological, drivel or simply illogical & unrealistic ideas or witchcraft or stupidity, they deserve to be challenged and exposed, at least for the betterment of the whole society.

      1. Is it me or has the KKK, while pretty irrelevant all things considered, franchise out their worldview to other groups. Because they all sound pretty much the same to me.

    1. That’s pretty much how I feel about humanity, only for me it started long before this socjus nonsense. I’ve always been a misanthrope at heart, but recent events have done NOTHING to restore my faith in humanity.

      1. It doesn’t help that there are always sycophants who rewrite history to their taste so that their side was right and the losers are dogs and hogs. “History is written by the winners” and all that, but the winners aren’t always the ones who are RIGHT.

  5. As a white guy I’m just like what the hell? Am I the only white guy on the planet that doesn’t hate himself? I’m the only white male that is actually happy with his life? The funny thing is I’m writing a fantasy script right now (I have a lot of stories and I’ve been meaning to get them out of my head for some time) and looking at it I know the SJWs are going to hate it. White protagonist: check, girl character that forms a relationship with protagonist but is three dimensional and flawed: check, women characters that have personalities other than the fact that they have vagina’s: check, a black character that doesn’t bring up sensitive race issues or feels oppressed and has a personality other than being black: check. Yep they are definitely going to hate this.

    1. White-skinned Native American chick grew up army brat & very VERY integrated, here. I have my own self-hate for my skin just because I can’t tan like my brother (lol) & other “whites” pressured conformity on me. The whole white guilt thing is even more fucked up when you know historically that was how a lot of slave owners and pro-segregationists treated anyone they didn’t deem worthy of being in their inner club circle. Sound familiar? yeah. They are so brainfucked I don’t even know how to unwind that mess.

      I buried my Native side for years, I never even told most of my friends my native name. I wouldn’t change that because I wasn’t willing to wear so much of that on my sleeve where it would get punched back then, but after having so many other white chicks talk down to me like I’m some ignorant fool they can just scream “MAKE EVERYTHING ABOUT RACE” at to magically fix shit really unnerves me. Like fucking hell, get integrated. I never told my friends my racial stuff, and they never asked. I never asked about theirs either, it just came to me as they were willing/wanted to share. You know. LIKE WE ARE REAL PEOPLE OR SOMETHING. CRAZY HUH?

      1. TBH, it’s sad that owning your own heritage can be made so uncomfortable just because of skin colour ><
        I think I understand what you mean though.

        As a ginger, I'm all on board with the tanning jealousy. Being a pasty Brit is no fun when the sun is shining :3 (thank goodness for good old blighty covering the sky with clouds so often ^^)

        I honestly think this "white guilt" bullshit is just "white man's burden" repackaged.
        It's oldschool imperialist racism. A form of superiority complex.
        Hell, these SJWs cant seem to understand just how "diverse" in culture "white people" are.
        They will unironically condemn all people with pale skin to suffer for the deeds of a few slave owners, while ignoring say, the root of the word "slave", the fact that slavery has been ubiquitous in the world across cultures and the fact that plenty of "white" people have been on the shit end of the stick, even "recently"
        Amusingly, they whitewash history to cast all white people as themselves (rich entitled scumbags) and then condemn everyone for such "privilege" while still enjoying all the perks themselves.

        I'm working class. My family has been working class for as far back as I know. While "people of colour" (hate that term) were suffering under an oppressive yoke in the colonies, my forebears were under the same cosh back home.
        To see the classical class struggle recast as a racial one is infuriating, considering it's apparently "the left" doing it.
        I got no hate for wealth (despite styling myself as a pragmatic socialist) or even aristocracy, but this crap always strikes me as a way to keep the proles distracted attacking each other while the rich hipsters get to keep their social advantages sipping their 15 dollar coffee in starbucks and reaping the benefits of their "benevolent" activism.
        It's a game to these smeg heads.
        Real civil rights advocates fight for social cohesion, empathy and shared understanding.

        1. I got no hate for wealth (despite styling myself as a pragmatic socialist) or even aristocracy, but this crap always strikes me as a way to keep the proles distracted attacking each other while the rich hipsters get to keep their social advantages sipping their 15 dollar coffee in starbucks and reaping the benefits of their “benevolent” activism.


          1. ^^
            It’s good to see folks across all manner of platforms, cultures and political divides arrive to the same conclusion.
            Makes me feel all smug 😀

      2. Tan? What is this tan you speak of? My friends can gauge how long I’ve been out in the sun by how much I resemble a boiled lobster. SPF30 MINIMUM for me. Freaking German/Swedish ancestry…

  6. Well jeez, at this rate, will we even make it to that convention by the SPJ before they finally finish digging their grave?

  7. Tauriq Noosa is a Muslim Apostate isn’t he? How inclusive do you think the Muslim fundamentalists would treat him for his renouncement of faith? Would they be inclusive? Would his or their race or skin colour count in this treatment ?

    Now I may have my facts wrong but I am pretty sure he is Ex-muslim Atheist.
    We’re I him, I’d not draw attention to myself so readily

    1. As an Ex-muslim, Atheist myself, I can vouch for the point you are making Ross, #Notyourshield, is there for a reason my friend, we have a lot of liars & personal profiteers running around in the new cultural victim hood forefront ie ” Sharpton ” style, Sir, the stench of hypocrisy emanating from these cultural marxist/ SJW/ femitheist, ideological demagogues, masquerading as equality & human rights supporters is dizzying and becoming more obvious & pronounced everyday Sir, hiding behind a victim hood cloak like the idiotic feminist Tumblr culture and his Full-Mcintosh, idols meanwhile making illogical arguments and Twitter victim hood claims are insulting to any hard working, merits centred individual, regardless of religious or atheist affiliations. ” whoever controls the media, the images, controls culture “- Allen Ginsberg, Ross we have to stick to our grounds Sir, this is a Marxist/narcissist ideological, cultural warfare they declared on us here in the gaming/entertainment industry, this asshole “Tauriq Moosa” does not speak for us, Muslim or atheist for that matter, he is just another ideological demagogue, Anita & SJW style, he will be swaying where the wind takes him as a typical SJW, one day he’s Muslim/victim of racism, the next day he is atheist!!!, sounds femiliar!!, nothing we haven’t seen the past 9 months, Sir.

      1. Yes.
        I am an Atheist myself. Not a drum-banging banner waving Atheist, just rather one born into a relatively non-religious country. Where religion is considered a personal choice rather than a public declaration.
        I have friends of all religious denominations and other diversities.They are not my friends because they are Christian or Muslim or Atheist or Buddhist, but rather they are my friend AND they happen to be these things.
        You are so right about his identity politics. Anyone who seeks to divide people be race, gender, nationality, religion or culture should be viewed with suspicion.
        What I guess I am saying about our zealot friend Tauriq is that as an Apostate, he should be hugely aware that many Muslims would have him come to harm for being an Apostate. That alone would have me, in his position, not draw attention to myself BUT more importantly I would see that making rather fanciful conclusion requiring huge leaps of logic would be more irrational than VERY real biases faced by people within his own cultural background rather than pointing fingers at others for bias.
        This race baiting and race politicking seems absurd when viewed in this light

        1. I personally am a deist. I believe there is a supreme being, but I very much doubt we are special in its eyes. It has better things to do than care about the latest retardation of a species of hairless monkeys that have existed for less than a blink of the eye from its point of view. Like not letting the universe implode and making sure it works as intended.

          Just my $0.02. tl;dr: God exists but likely doesn’t care that we do, stop praying and start helping yourselves.

  8. I especially liked the people complaining that the protagonist in the Fallout 4 trailer was a white guy, as if it wasn’t a choice. Fallout has given the player choice in character since the first game and character creation screens are nothing new to Bethesda…Ignoring the fact that both Fallout 3 and New Vegas you get a character creation screen, they did that shit before they acquired the rights to Fallout, because you could make your character in both Morrwind and Oblivion…I never played Daggerfall, but in Arena you could at the very least change your race and gender. So explain to me why Bethesda would suddenly stop allowing player customization? Oh that’s right, we’re talking about a bunch of hipster faggots who have only played Gone Home and Depression Quest and don’t know a single thing about Fallout outside what they saw in the trailer and just made baseless assumptions.

    I can’t wait to get my white male protagonist modeled for my own game.

  9. I guess you don’t remember how polygon was basically formed by the pussies that wanted to inject more social whining into their reviews than joystiq allowed at the time. I keep trying to remind you guys…

  10. This shit will end up the same way it did when feminists complained about Assassin’s Creed.
    Then: “There are no women in this game! SEXISM!”
    Now: “There are women in this game! MISOGYNY!”

    The only difference is it will go more like this:
    Now: “There are no black people in this game! RACISM!”
    Later: “There are black people in this game! CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!”

    There is no winning move. The only way to win is to not to play.

    1. I know what you mean but when you talk about gaming.
      “There is no winning move. The only way to win is to not to play.”

      kinda misses the mark XD

      1. It’s a movie quote, and an awesome one 😛
        It’s also making a philosophical point besides (even beyond the context of the movie, which is about nuclear war)
        There are PLENTY of games where the fail state is inevitable, so in a very real sense there is no win condition. (the trick being that people invent their own win conditions, like beating their high score, advancing further or “beating” other people)

        1. I know where the quote comes from and it’s meaning^^
          but if you use it with a gaming context it takes the double meaning that quitting gaming is the only way to win.
          to the last point there are even games where some would define winning as not playing as I do with Clicker Heros and I might use the quote if I ever had to describe how the game is like.

  11. People like Campbell come from the Hunter S. Thompson school of journalism, but they never actually got Thompson’s message. All they think is that “gonzo” means “never having to check facts” and “being the center of the story is just fine”.

    When all was said and done, Thompson’s best work spoke of the culture he was commenting on, far more than his personal disdain for it. He didn’t sit back and eat f***ing puff-pastries when following Nixon on the campaign trail. He got right into the thick of things.

    And he HATED Nixon, a helluva lot more than Campbell could possibly hate rock music.

    That said, I’d like a lot LESS “gonzo” in games journalism (entertaining) and more “Cronkite” (informative), but if these jerks insist on following in the footsteps of HST they could at least do it RIGHT.

  12. None of these racist fucks seems to understand that it is dehumanization of this caliber that led to blacks becoming slaves in the first place. Treat a person like they aren’t a person and you can justify ANY cruelty done to them. That is precisely how American slave owners justified treating blacks like shit. They said they were nothing but property.

    Now we have a whole generation of kids growing up and treating white people as if they aren’t human. They blame white people for ALL of the world’s wrongs all the while treating them like they are nothing but an inconvenience. Some even call for the eradication of ALL white people, which is NO different than Nazi Germany’s idea to wipe out the Jews.

    If these retards wind up in power, white people will be deemed sub-human in no time at all, then there’s no telling what might happen.

  13. Why should any game need to feature diversity? It’s perfectly alright to have dragons and elfs and nothing but white europeans.

    Likewise most Chinese fictions feature nothing but Han Chinese, even though historical China was much more diverse than modern China or Europe. This should be the model for historically inspired fantasy around the world, not diversity

    In fact I would argue that racial and cultural homogeneity in entertainment media is not only worthy of praise, it is necessary to improve nationalism for the majority populace

  14. nobody hates white people like white people

    in fact if you look at the Polygon thread, the more moderate voices are people who aren’t white

    most likely because social justice is a disease of privilege

    1. I come from 1) Iroquois matriarchs: Murderers and torturers who helped to ethnically wipe other Native American tribes out to screw over competition. 2) Huron warriors who were frequently tortured by Iroquois and were also fucking insane, violent as all get-out, and cannibals who liked to eat hearts of enemies to gain their spiritual essence (thanks Aztecs!) –> but got taught better by stoic badass Catholic missionaries (that they also um ate) 3) Irish drunk abusers 4) a lot of really cool French liberals who were like “enfuie avec moi mon cherie,” but lbr, they were totes in it for money & hot chicks. And romance. 5) a singular Portuguese sailor line escaping the Portuguese Inquisition but still being Catholic. :|/ I refuse to apologize for any of it. Because I’ve had enough of the karmic effects of it, thank you.

      But yeah, no one should have to apologize for things they didn’t do? And trying to take vengeance on people who aren’t even responsible just makes you racist by definition. Such a headache from these idgets.

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb_qHP7VaZE

    I imagine gaming Journalism goes a little something like joining the People’s Front of Judea.

    “If you want to join Game Journo Pro’s you have to REALLY hate gamers.”

    “I do.”

    “Oh yeah? How much?”

    “A lot.”

    “…Alright, you’re in.”

    And on that day…Patricia Hernandez was added onto Kotaku’s list of contributors.

  16. Bigotry whether sexism, racism, misogyny or what have you, is pretty evident.

    Look to see if theories or speaker is looking to the gender, race, class, or whatever to define the whole of those people sharing the group.

    I don’t much care if they are pandering and ascribing men as bad and women as victims, white people as all privileged, Native Americans as all noble, The Aryan race as racially pure, All women as good for one thing only, or Men needing to be culled to 10% of the population.

    As radical as some of these charges are, they all share that common thread. Once you can view a people through such a filter, you are a bigot.

    The SJWS, of course, waffle on about Inclusivity and being liberal. Clearly this bigoted mindset isn’t either. But then it’s not “progressive” nor is it gender or racial equality.

    They are fakes. The sooner the Liberal left cut them loose in the same way the Westboro Baptist have been disowned, the better

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