Man, yesterday was interesting on so many fucking levels. Thanks for the response earlier, as always, but it’s time to get to business. Actually, I would have been back sooner, but I was watching wrestling and then I got lost in the Internet. I’ll have more on the work going on over at the sister-site later (we’ve got a few writers now besides me). But for now, let’s talk about Arthur Gies and the asswhipping he took earlier today. If you’ll recall, Gies is the hack who tried to “slut-shame” Bayonetta (to use a SJW term).

The new Bayonetta 2 is getting near universal praise in the week before its release. That admittedly doesn’t mean much, with the state of gaming journalism, but it is notable. One early outlier, is the review from Polygon. In it, staff writer Arthur Gies admits that the gameplay, and just about everything else in the game is spectacular. But, he still gives it a 7.5 due to the ‘over sexualization” of the main character. You literally cannot make this shit up, at this point. The SJW Tumblrverse mentality strikes again.

But, not only is Gies an idiot, he’s also a hypocrite. You see, Mr. Gies himself is a member of the fairly well-known pornography site Suicide Girls. How in the hell could Bayonetta 2 be more objectifying to women than actual pornography? What kind of deluded mind actually thinks that is logical? It might not be the biggest example of hypocrisy we’ve reported on here, but it is one of the most striking.

As you can see, Arthur is known to be a hypocrite. But until now, I didn’t realize he was a complete idiot as well. He got into an argument with Warhorse Studios Chief Daniel Vavra earlier today over the lack of colored people in a fantasy Polish setting (Witcher 3). It didn’t end well for poor Artie:


Creators are now supposed to shoehorn in people of color in places they don’t fit just to satisfy the SJW mob. It’s fucking ridiculous and should be ridiculed loudly. I’m not the only one who feels this way:

The only way to please the outrage factory would be to have every race, every gender, every minority imaginable represented equally. As long as the hero, Geralt, is not a straight white male. And whoever replaced him, they would certainly not be allowed to be nicknamed The White Wolf.

Adrian Chmielarz (the guy behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter) knows the deal. You can’t please these people. The only way to win, is to refuse to play their silly games. Laugh at them, point out their idiocy, and do your own thing. Rank and file gamers don’t give a shit about these types of fake controversies, no matter how much propaganda outlets like Polygon try to push their agenda. It’s never going to work, so long as we keep pointing out the absurdities.