Guest Post by @NotYirosMC

Left vs Right is dead, at least in the Real Word.

Talking Heads, Blue Checkmarks™ and Content™ will tell you the “Culture War” is at an all-time high and that America, and the Western World, has never been more divided.

However when it comes to Policy, the Left and Right have never been closer when it comes to Healthcare, Taxation, Wealth inequality and Finance Reform and Foreign Policy and Interventionism.

In short, the majority of Americans now want Medicare for All, a shortening of the Wealth Gap and reduction in Foreign Interventionism and wasteful military spending.

There are still plenty of disagreements on a Partisan basis of Social issues such as Race, Gender and LGBT issues and Immigration (however it could be argued the GOP are in favour of cheap foreign Labour via the H-2B programme). When it comes to the crunch however, it can be argued that these issues are Economic in nature but Social in diagnosis.

Many on both the Left and Right, after the initial meltdowns from the Resistance™ and NeverTrump™ camps, now admit that Donald Trump was the Symptom of the failed NeoLiberalism experiment, rather than the problem itself.

We live in a world where Stock Market and GDP gains are signalled as signs of a Healthy Economy, however in a situation where the majority of Americans do not own Stock or Businesses and Real Wages have decreased over the last 50 years, it is apparent the success of the Economy is walled off to a select few.

There is therefore no surprise that a country that voted in a Black President twice promising “Hope and Change” and a Billionaire once promising to “Drain the Swamp” is not Racist, as many will have you believe.

There is a clear thirst to burn down the system in order to build a New Economy and Democracy, rather than tweaks around the edges that end up disproportionally benefitting those who are already doing well. Americans want to restore the American Dream, with Nuclear families, Home ownership and abundant Economic opportunity. A country where the Zoomer has the same chance to succeed as the Boomer. A country that can be better.

As we approach Donald Trump’s second term, there has been much change on a headline basis, but for the average American, it is really much of the same.

Whether you are a Trump supporter or detractor, there is a burning question as we head deep into election season.

Has Donald Trump lived up to his slogan “Make America Great Again”? 

Promises Kept?

Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump ran on a Platform of Populism, singing the tune of those who were downtrodded by the fails of NeoLiberalism which were left out in the cold after the Global Financial Crisis showed the Global Economy was a House of Cards.

However, both Presidents became lackeys for the Ruling Class, despite having majorities in both the House and Senate during their terms. Both Presidents had the power to enact the change they promised but objectively have failed to deliver on their campaign plaoforms.

Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign in particular ran on four main pillars;

  • “Draining the Swamp”, an indication of the will to reform Kleptocratic America, ejecting establishment cronies, Big Money and Foreign Influence which is plaguing the US Democratic system. Trump’s actions are louder than words however, his move to hire NeoCons with their fingerprints still present of the disastrous “War on Terror” such as Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Elliot Abrams and Gina Haspel amongst others along with the questionable Foreign influences of Saudia Arabia and Israel, it is apparent the Swamp is well and truly in-tact.

It is apparent to even the most ardent Trump supporters, the Donald Trump of 2015 and 2016 is a different animal to the one we see in 2020. 

The real Swamp that needs draining

Hillary Rodham Clinton, along with the Democratic National Committee are arguably some of the dirtiest players in the Geopolitical and US political scene.

Between rigging the 2016 Democratic primaries, the numerous revelations through Wikileaks and the gradual takeover from the Corporatist arm of the left-wing during the latter half of the 20th century, it is hardly a surprise when many from the Left (including myself) consider the DNC to be nothing more than GOP-lite.

Many of the Talking Heads in the Media and BlueCheckmarks™ on Twitter will tell you that the real fight is stopping Donald Trump. But the real enemy in the eyes of the DNC, is the last true Populist and the frontrunning Democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders.

Many can see the fix is already in, between the “Shadowy” events in the Iowa Caucus , the many attacks from failed candidate Hillary Clinton and the “surprise” entry of Michael Bloomberg to the Democratic race, with recently hinting the aforementioned failed Clinton inclusion on his ticket.

It appears the Resistance™ is in full swing to stop a 2020 Populist Presidency.

An appeal to Populism

Whilst this Op-Ed has been critical of Donald Trump, I have no doubt that a Donald Trump Presidency has been good for the US and the World as a whole.

It has broken the kayfabe and pulled back the curtain to show the real players on the world stage and distinguish those who want real change, and those who cast empty platitudes to win favour with the disenfranchised.

This Op-Ed is not here to convince you to vote for Bernie over Trump, it is here to ask for your assistance in destroying the DNC.

Donald Trump had record turnouts to the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, with results over 90%. Is there any serious doubt that he will not win the GOP candidacy?

The real struggle going on right now is in the DNC.

They tried Kamala Harris, but she got bodied by Tulsi Gabbard.

They tried Beto O’Rourke, but he had nothing more than platitudes, skateboarding and table-standing to offer.

They tried Elizabeth Warren, but her failed attempt at identity politics has railroaded her campaign.

They went all in on the “electable” Joe Biden, but his rapid cognitive decline cannot be ignored, resulting in disastrous showings in Iowa and New Hampshire.

And to anyone with a brain and a keen set of eyes, it is now apparent the DNC is all-in with a brokered convention, throwing their might behind Buttigieg/Klobuchar/Warren/Biden chimera in a last-ditch attempt to stop Bernie.

My plea to you in this Op-Ed is to help 2020 become a battleground of Populism between Trump and Bernie. It is time to wrestle back the American dream from the thrawls of NeoLiberalism, and the only way we can do that is to take back our Political Parties.

De-register as a Republican, Re-register as a Democrat in the primary season, get Bernie on stage with Trump and let the best man win.

If you think Bernie is a useless Commie, a “Bolshevik in disguise” or any other bizarre attack on a Populist with rhetoric consistent for 30 years, that is fine. Get Bernie on stage and watch Trump destroy him. It will make for great Tea sipping.

But if you let the DNC rig the primary and put in another Hillary Clinton clone, you will become a useful pawn of the Swamp, a Deplorable of utmost contempt but an ally to Clinton and her cronies nonetheless.

It is time to let a Populist run against another Populist.

And then maybe, just maybe, we can Make America Great Again…together.