Pornstar Commits Sucuide After Days of SJWs Attacking Her

Pornstar Commits Sucuide After Days of SJWs Attacking Her

23-year-old Pornstar August Ames reportedly hang herself in her Californian home on Thursday. The suicide came just days after the adult film star tweeted that she would not be doing a scene with a ‘cross performer,’ a male who does both gay and straight porn.

Fair enough. Her body, her rules, right? Isn’t that what SJWs are constantly drilling into our heads? That a woman has the right to refuse anyone for any reason? WRONG. You see, you can’t refuse to have sex with someone if you’re refusing them over STD concerns.

The CDC released a study in 2014 highlighting an incident where a male performer who was tested within the 14-day industry-recommended window, yet unknowingly transmitted the virus to another performer.

According to HIV.govgay and bisexual men accounted for 73% of annual HIV infections in the U.S. That’s a pretty massive risk to take.

Ames was pretty consistent with her argument, stating several times she was refusing to work with the performer because of health risk, not homophobia. However, this didn’t stop people dogpiling her. A lot of the more nasty tweets have been deleted.


Ames committed suicide on Tuesday after sending out this tweet:

I do not believe that mean words on the internet kill people. As I wrote in an article the other day, no one has keeled over dead from someone tweeting ‘Go kill yourself’ at them.

That being said, fuck these self-righteous pricks. You’d probably expect people to give their condolences, perhaps even be a tad apologetic.

Not from these virtue signalling fuckers.

Um, you sure?

I spoke with a friend who works in the industry about the type of backlash she gets for not agreeing with the masses.

“Nothing as bad as what August received,” she said. “I have had people contact my place of study and silly stuff. Myself and many others have basically been ousted from sex worker “safe spaces” for having viewpoints that do not coincide with the majority.”

“As a sex worker, we already experience enough shame and hatred from regular folk because of our profession. The last thing any sex worker needs is to be tormented and suffer social outrage from our small community,” she went on.

“To sex workers who are already very vulnerable, it can be life ruining.”

Nora Ralph

Student, worker, and Co-Founder of the #Killstream. You can also catch me on TheRalphretort Rundown.

  • Lost Question

    social justice cultists are “lovely” people.
    projection thy name is social justice. heres hoping that there’s some actual justice heading their way.

    • Grust

      It’s coming when people snap and become vigilantes.

      • Lost Question

        you could say that i’m worried (and yet … well) about just that, I would prefer something public via legal means
        (any betting pool’s up on how many of them are male feminists?)

  • Mr0303

    Condolences to her friends and family.

    SJWs ruin everything including porn.

  • Grust

    Never thought I’d see a moment where the Stephen Universe fanartist suicide attempt looked tame by comparison. Like I said after that SJWs are no longer fit to be called human beings, they are monsters, plain and simple.

  • Danlantic

    Irony. She killed herself on December 5 and the SJWs consider her under their orders because she is a sex worker.

    Sex workers are not property. They have not been property since December 5, 1865.

    That’s the day the 13th Amendment was ratified.

  • timlister82

    You don’t believe mean words kill people on the internet, but… you still wrote this article. Interesting tactic. Did you pick it up from CNN?

    • Persephone Sins

      You’re a bit of a dumbass and completely missed the mark.
      Sex workers are vunerable people alot of the time. It’s not the mean words that killed her, it was the social ousting from an extremely small community. Sex workers already get enough shit from outsiders, to have it come from your own community especially in the volume August got it can be life ruining to alot of people. Her comments would of taken a massive toll on her job opportunities and future in the industry.

  • SoberButStillCrazy

    I’d like to think that I’ve made at least one SJW commit suicide in all my many years of internet trolling.