I’ve mostly just been sitting around watching British television all night. Recently, Pramface has been on the menu. It’s a great show, and has a guy named Ben Crompton (Game of Thrones) playing a supporting role. I remember him from one of my other favorite UK shows, Ideal. Anyway, to make a long story short, both of those programs are well worth your time. You know what isn’t worth your time, though? Buying Brianna Wu’s bullshit. Just as many of us predicted, Wu has gone full-victim over her asinine “Samus is Trans” article from Tuesday. This was the goal all along. I guess this odious slag has her eyes on another motorcycle or some shit (she was alleged to have spent a previous Patreon haul on just such a vehicle).

You’re welcome, readers.

Here’s some sections from the second consecutive kooky Mary Sue column. Their standards clearly aren’t that high, people. They know a nut like Wu brings in the views, though, regardless of intellectual coherence:

The most harmful, damaging argument by far is that by claiming Samus is a transgender woman, I am somehow taking away her legacy as a strong female character. This, put bluntly, is blatantly transphobic and terrible. Cisgender women do not have a monopoly on the female perspective. Neither do white women or straight women.

Yesterday, Idris Elba was trending because many white people were unable to see him as James Bond. Clearly, if you can’t imagine Bond as a black person, you have unconscious bias against black people. Similarly, if you can’t imagine Samus as a transgender woman, you have unconscious bias against transgender women.

Yea, this is just like Idris Elba. That’s the ticket! All the cishet shitlords will understand that reference!

You can see the wheels turning in that demented Wu mind. She clearly wants to equate trans issues with racial ones, even though they’re not even close to the same. It’s a cheap and tawdry rhetorical device that’s designed to ratchet up discord. It’s one of the reasons things are so fucked here in America right now. People are so quick to throw gasoline on everything in order to score political points. It’s sickening, and needs to end. Of course, that end looks very far off at this point.

Anyway, let’s sample a little more insanity before I move on to the next story:

Sakamoto’s further comment doesn’t invalidate the idea that Samus could be transgender, it just brings up more questions. Why would creators disrespect a character and trans people by dangling her potential transgender status as a joke? What does that say about how transgender people are treated by the games industry? And why can’t transgender gamers look at jokes like that and reclaim them? This is exactly what happened with Poison, whose transgender status was slowly accepted as cannon.

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This whole thing is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard anti-gamers come up with. Samus is well-known as one of the most celebrated naturally-born female characters of all time. There was zero legitimate evidence pointing towards her being trans, but because Wu and The Mary Sue needed to print some bullshit for clicks, here we are. The only silver lining is this shows those who were somehow still on the fence just how crazy John Flynt Brianna Wu really is. If the nut is willing to put out unhinged garbage like this, just imagine the crazy that’s being hidden from public view. The good thing about that? Wu’s crazy always outs in the end.