I’ve been out of pocket yet again today, attend to a medical matter (not my own). But luckily for me, I was able to come up to this coffee chain and write a few missives. The first one is about our old friend Rodrigo Duterte. I call him a friend because if I don’t, he might take me on a helicopter ride. This is not a guy you want to mess with, as corrupt officials in the Philippines are quickly coming to find out.

Here’s the latest from President /pol/

During an oath-taking ceremony of over 200 appointees on Monday, the 71-year-old leader said that the mayors should resign and ‘make a clean break of everything’ or he would ‘really kill you’.

‘I will call the mayors, I will lock them in so it’s just us,’ he said in his speech. ‘I will really tell them, ‘The list I gave you is this thick. Look for your name there, mayor’.

‘Look for your name in the narco-list. Son of a whore, if your name is there, you have a problem’

‘Either you resign or make a clean break of everything, come up with clean nose and we’ll talk,’ he added.

‘The first thing that I would do is to deprive you of the supervisory powers over the police, second is I will remove all of your security detail,’ he said.

‘I might go down [in] history as the butcher. It’s up to you,’ he added.

If this were anyone else, I might say he was joking. But knowing Duterte, this is anything but comedy. I have no doubt that he would kill every single one of these allegedly corrupt mayors. And as far as going down in history as “the butcher,” I think that’s already going to happen…for better or for worse.

I think I’ll just go ahead and say it’s for the better, in case President Duterte happens to scroll across this article one day.

  1. I’ve observed that tough police forces become corrupt police forces.

    Duterte asserts that he is incorruptible and a bunch of mayors he doesn’t like are corrupt. I don’t believe him and because I don’t live in the Phillipines I don’t have to pretend I believe him.

    1. “I’ve observed that tough police forces become corrupt police forces.”

      Where do you get this observation from? just curious.

    2. It’s not that Duterte is or isn’t corrupt – it’s that he’s laid out clear targets to be wiped out within his society – drug dealers, addicts and the people who operate and benefit from the narco trade. And it’s not a matter of “we’re going to increase policing”, it’s a matter of “if we catch you doing this shit, we’ll shoot you on the spot”. And the people of the Philippines fucking LOVE it. The man is doing what he says and he’s attacking a serious issue in his country in a way that is very straight forward.

  2. President /pol/ indeed – and the weird thing about it is, he’s going after drug dealers and users, and not the useless religious/ethnic cleansing bullshit you tend to see tied into political violence. I suspect that’s why no one is calling him out of it – he really is a “law & order” type of President. O_O

  3. He just took Japanese PM Abe on a whirlwind tour around the Philippines, perhaps as a rehearsal for Trump’s impending visit for the ASEAN (should the incoming president of the USA accept the invite). China is mad, to put it mildly.

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