I’ve been out of pocket yet again today, attend to a medical matter (not my own). But luckily for me, I was able to come up to this coffee chain and write a few missives. The first one is about our old friend Rodrigo Duterte. I call him a friend because if I don’t, he might take me on a helicopter ride. This is not a guy you want to mess with, as corrupt officials in the Philippines are quickly coming to find out.

Here’s the latest from President /pol/

During an oath-taking ceremony of over 200 appointees on Monday, the 71-year-old leader said that the mayors should resign and ‘make a clean break of everything’ or he would ‘really kill you’.

‘I will call the mayors, I will lock them in so it’s just us,’ he said in his speech. ‘I will really tell them, ‘The list I gave you is this thick. Look for your name there, mayor’.

‘Look for your name in the narco-list. Son of a whore, if your name is there, you have a problem’

‘Either you resign or make a clean break of everything, come up with clean nose and we’ll talk,’ he added.

‘The first thing that I would do is to deprive you of the supervisory powers over the police, second is I will remove all of your security detail,’ he said.

‘I might go down [in] history as the butcher. It’s up to you,’ he added.

If this were anyone else, I might say he was joking. But knowing Duterte, this is anything but comedy. I have no doubt that he would kill every single one of these allegedly corrupt mayors. And as far as going down in history as “the butcher,” I think that’s already going to happen…for better or for worse.

I think I’ll just go ahead and say it’s for the better, in case President Duterte happens to scroll across this article one day.