It’s always funny when you see some of these pro-SJW companies get their clocks cleaning by some of those same “progressive” forces. That’s what has happened to Twitter after they promised to get with the program and hire more minorities so that their workforce would be more “representative.” This is based on the myth that diversity should be sought over all other considerations. That line of reasoning is patently absurd when you put any real thought into it. That never stopped activists like Jesse Jackson, though.

The sad thing is, Twitter had been singing his tune for the longest. Here’s their “diversity and inclusion director” Janet Van Huysse talking about this last year:

It makes good business sense that Twitter employees are representative of the vast and varied backgrounds of our users around the world.

The article goes on to note that Jackson also slammed Google last month for the exact same thing. This may seem like an altruistic effort, but Jesse does this for publicity and for money, in many cases. Will you sometimes see discrimination within a company’s hiring practices? Sure. But that’s rarely what Jackson and his cohorts go after. They have no evidence, they just show up and say there isn’t a certain amount of black people working here, so you guys must be racist. It’s old and it’s tiresome.

Still, it’s amusing to see Twitter get publicly slapped like this. It’s hard to have any sympathy for them when they partner up with scum like Big Randi Harper:

So keep going, Jesse. Take these clowns for all you can get.