I’ve been playing Metal Gear Solid V for the past few hours, but that didn’t stop me from monitoring Twitter (not much does). A little while ago, a couple friends of the site got into a scrum with professional feminist Laurie Penny. If you don’t know her, then you probably should, if only so you can be as disgusted by her as I am. In fact, the term I used above (professional feminist) was taken from a media appearance of hers. I thought it was so fucking funny, that I’ve been using it ever since. So, perhaps I should be thanking her for adding to my term list. Nah, to hell with that. 

Anyway, let’s take a look at how to properly fuck up a rad fem in a public debate. Friend of the LIVE show, @HiddenTara, shows you how it’s done:




And wait, there’s more! Because not only did Ms. Penny get her shit pushed in by Tara, Sargon also had a turn at cracking the nutter:








Next, even more hilarity comes into play. Some clown calls Sargon an “anonymous troll,” despite the fact that his name has been available publicly for almost a year, and he shows his face all the time. Oh, and he’s a well-known YouTuber:


Oh, and I just about left this one out. After I jumped in to the tweet chain with a comment about how I’ve also had to live without health insurance for years, Laurie made a mistake and accidentally followed me:

This doesn’t really mean anything, but it is funny, and more importantly, it led to some decent tweets:



Speaking of Sargon’s video…

Just another morning of hilarity on Twitter dot com. I figured an SJW getting blown-out is always worth a write up. Plus, I needed an extra post before I jumped into the Charlotte Proudman bullshit. I’m going to talk about that one here in a minute, as well as the new information that has come to light today, thanks to the Daily Mail. I appreciate Laure Penny getting her ass whipped for our benefit, but it’s time to move on to more substantial news. After all, a posh, nose ring wearing twat getting shown up in a debate isn’t exactly surprising. But it sure is fucking funny.

  1. It seems that the videos from Sargon and co really have influence. I’m glad that there is an audience that recognizes these lunatics for what they are. In fairness they are so deranged that even normies will easily recognize the feminists’ insanity.

  2. Is “professional femminist” the english short for “I’m not even qualified for a dustman job-type” or what??

    1. Yes it is. A person who calls her/himself a “professional feminist” is someone who is telling you just how much they suck at life.

      1. no it isn’t its short for: “to under qualified to be the person not even qualified for a dustman job-type, but are incredibly self entitled and come from a relatively rich background and thus never had to develop any skills outside of endlessly whining, and has no intention of bettering themselves in any fashion.”

      2. I was thinking more on the lines of “Born to rich parents and got everything they ever wanted, except a brain. Or any skills to actually be a productive member of society.”

  3. >I’m a second class citizen! Give me reparations!

    How can you be a second class citizen when you’re so wealthy and privileged?

    >That doesn’t matter! I must be a second class citizen, because I’m a woman and all women are automatically second class citizens!

    I repeat, how can you, much less *all* women, be a second class citizen when you’re so wealthy and privileged? Do you have any evidence for it whatsoever?

    >Eeek! Any and all evidence for my claims is conveniently private! How DARE you dig into my private life and attack me by asking for it, YOU MONSTER! I’m going to need even more reparations now!

  4. -shrugs- It’s amazing to see how often these people make the situation worse by going on Twitter. You have to wonder if these people like getting slammed on Twitter since they keep throwing more fuel on the fire.

  5. Just to remind you all this is the same braindead turd that wrote this 1 fucking week after GG launched. Could you imagine these Social Justice Wankers in WW2?
    One week after war started: “WE WON!!!!!”

    1. The thing is it’s not just a culture war. I feel like they are trying to instigate a social revolution. They are the supposed have nots who want to take things from the haves. They’re taking racial and gender differences and trying to claim they are social and class disparities. Reminds me of the Communist revolution in a way. This stuff scares me.

      1. You should read about the Stasi and east germany. The Social Justice Communists do exactly what they did.

  6. I never thought to look at my life and evaluate it by the things it’s missing. I grew up poor. Not I-didn’t-get-a-powerwheels poor, but literally water-in-my-cornflakes poor. I am thirty-one and I’ve had no insurance for the last thirteen years of my life. I’ve been assaulted by police for having a criminal brother, despite not having a record myself and I’d been harassed by police for years because of this.

    I watched my heavy older brother die of a heart attack and my heavy grandmother die of heart complications because junk food was more affordable than health insurance in our bracket.

    And then we get lifelong richies with expensive educations telling us how bad they have it? How much power and privilege we have over them?!

    There are people who have it way worse than I did growing up so I would never call myself a second class citizen…but feminists sure as shit should stop if their privileged asses haven’t lived a life where they are valued less by the law than others as me and my family were.

    1. Same here man, I grew up wearing hand-me-downs, barely affording food, things like chocolate would be a once a month kinda luxury, got so bad I ended up going into Foster care and had to live separate from my family for years. When that finally ended i was back to being alone, but now i was also estranged from my family so my entire life became my own responsibility. I never blamed anyone though, these are the cards i was dealt and i ain’t leaving the table till i get that royal flush.

      These people who claim they don’t have rights from some high end apartment make me sick to the core when there are weeks i have had to skimp on decent food just to pay bills.

      1. I feel you man i grew up eating dollar menu food and constantly having my light gas and water cut off and these sjws bitch about being second class citizens.

    2. “But..but…I WAS CATCALLED! Now i’ll have to spend years of therapy with coloring books and puppies in order to function normally in society again!”

      “Daddy bought me a new Cadillac Escalade for my Sweet Sixteen…but it was the wrong color! I wanted it in PINK, not BLACK! Even now, I still get flashbacks…the horror, the horror…”

      Unless any of these silver spoons have been raped at 7 by a neighbor, molested by a family member until your teens, raised in a religious cult, grew up so poor you had to wear 20 year old hand-me-downs, spent time in a mental institution, and spent most if their teens in the closet, then they need to shut the fuck up about how “oppressed” they are.

    3. That’s what bugs me the most about these precious snowflakes. Yes, some people have a tougher time than others. Be THANKFUL if you don’t draw some of those shit cards from the Deck of Many Things that is life.

      There was a time when money was tight for my family. Not ‘do we eat or pay the power bill’ levels of tight, but let’s just say my transition to PC gamer wasn’t driven by forward expectations of the PC Master Race. A computer was a far better investment than a console was. And I wound up eating a LOT of tuna fish casserole (to this day, neither mom nor I can eat tuna easily).

      There’s a story talking about ‘Little House on the Prairie’ that springs to mind. Link: http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-01-29/joni-ernst-s-bread-bags-and-economic-progress

      Some people need to shut the fuck up and be -thankful-. Be charitable if you feel some obscure guilt over being lucky (or good). But give the guilt tripping a rest.

  7. Gotta love the “I DONT OWE YOU AN EXPLANATION”

    Bitch, if you want special cuddles from society you bet your ass you explain why.

  8. It’s necessary that we constantly and relentlessly throw these zealot’s insanity back in their faces. They took over our culture because we ignored them while doing normal people things and that is our fault.

    Keep it up, everyone. We can take our civilization back from these people if we don’t give up.

    1. Totally fucking true. It started back in 2007, and then became popular in 2012, and then became a fucking movement in 2013. Everyone took a backseat and feminists played the “we’re not going to take away your toys” little girl persona while somehow, in 2015, manspreading is a fucking law in New York.

  9. These two Sargon videos are awesome… I was waiting two days for the Part 2.

    On a side note – For some reason, in Google Chrome (haven’t tested in other browsers) theralphretort.com wants to keep scrolling up suddenly. Not sure if it is something to do with Disqus (seems to be the only JS on the site) or something else – Anyone else have this problem?

      1. I’m going to guess it’s some incompatibility between Chrome’s latest version and Disqus. More than likely google or disqus will fix it in their next update. It is probably the new comments bar like Megalomaniacs4u mentions above – I haven’t seen that show up recently, even on new articles.

    1. it could be disqus. I used to get that random scrolling alot in the past on disqus enabled sites in firefox, but not suffered for a long while now. Its the box for “new comments” that they poll for that can cause it as the dom changes and some browsers get there scrollbars a bit screwed up in those cases

      1. Yeah, that is my guess as well, maybe some CSS + JS glitch which causes the viewport to jump back to where it was when Disqus loaded.

    2. It might be that Chrome is loading the page slowly. I’ve seen this in the mobile version, but not on desktop. And yeah, when Disqus loads it can make the page hiccup a bit.

      1. I’m gonna guess it is some incompatibility between my Chrome and Disqus. The page has already been loaded well before the issue happens – Mostly, I will be reading the article and/or the comments, and the page will spontaneously jump to the top of the article. Thought maybe my mouse needed new batteries, but it’s happening on a different machine, with a wired mouse.

  10. What a pampered booger-eating twerp, gotta love how feminists who are giving speeches and getting mainstream attention are all born with a silverspoon in their mouths but they claim they speak for poor, underprivledged classes while doing absolutely nothing for them. And they can’t adequately speak for the people they claim to represent or, hell, even the demonize. And with Laurie Penny the only “handicap” she has is that she was born female (despite being wealthy) so her argument has no leg to stand on especially when she start bring the idea that every male in society has privileges that she doesn’t.

  11. God, I love seeing professional whiners get BTFO to the Moon and back.

    Why is it that only the idiots who grew up with extreme monetary privilege (FullMcIntosh, Moosa, etc) are always crying about “muh oppresshun!”? Muthafucka, you attended schools where the janitors get paid more in a month than most people do in year! SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT BEING DEPRIVED!

    Bitch, if you’re going to go up on public television and cry bitter tears about what a hard knock life you had, then proceed to scream “MY LIFE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” at your critics, don’t be surprised if people start to question the validity of your claims.

    PS – If you want to avoid getting BTFO any further, then it’s best to stop poking Sargon. Intellectually, you’re bringing a water gun to a bazooka fight.

  12. Penny is yet another of the “bearded ladies” media outlets exploit for their sheer freakishness the way carnivals used to operate. The difference is Penny doesn’t realize she has a beard. She’s put out there to laugh and gawk at. In some cases her audience are the mentally ill who really believe the world is out to oppress them. Brianna Wu is an independent contractor but another case in point. She doesn’t realize how ill she is nor her supporters. People who talk about straight white men every day like they’re monsters are like weirdoes who pluck out their hair one strand at a time or have a dread fear of buses.

  13. Second class my ass. Just look at her! The way she talks, the way she acts and how frail she looks. She’s exactly like those angsty teens that locked themselves away in their rooms and are socially awkward and frail as an adult. She’s never tasted desperate!

    Growing up, i had 2 older brothers, my mother drove a school bus (so unemployed during the summer) and my father was a machinist at a plant that slashed his hours every summer. There were some summers that if my dad hadn’t bagged a deer the previous Fall or caught some fish, we wouldn’t have ate. I went without insurance for most of my childhood, had a dentist that nearly took us to court over a late bill. My Aspergers treatment would have bankrupted my parents if a loophole in my mom’s insurance hadn’t allowed her to at least covered 40% of the bill.

    I’m now married, with a good job i worked hard to get, and i have a plenty of female coworkers that are well respected. My wife has a college degree and i want to see her do even better than me so long as she finds a job that makes her happy. So Ms. Penny can take her arrogantly self-righteous opinions and shove them up her privileged ass.

    1. Her appearance throughout that vid definitely stood out to me – the facial ticks, shifty eyes, straight-up bizarre body language.. methinks the girl has serious issues.

  14. The irony Penny doesn’t get is the very ideology she promotes considers her a second class citizen, which makes me wonder to what extent she understands where her ideology actually comes from, along with the rest of these new feminists.

    For example, she is now promoting a link to her article at The New Statesman about “gender-neutral” language. The problem there is that is a thing only ever actively promoted by lesbian ideologues, and for what should be obvious reasons. In the same article Penny notes how much she loves the word “mansplaining.” What are feminists like her going to do with the built in irony where they would have to assign immorality and stupidity in a “gender-neutral” fashion, like the rest of the world does – law, for example. Do you for one minute think these nuts will be happy with “mxsplaining”; that would take away their bogey man and whipping boy, and they’re not going to do it.

    One of the most important of the early gay feminists is Frenchwoman Monique Wittig. She published a science fiction novel in 1969 which had gender-neutral language. The cherished idea behind that is that not only that men can no longer oppress women if they can’t see them as such, but that the destruction of the gender binary of heterosexuality would liberate more women to be their true selves – lesbians. This is why “genderblindness” is so attractive to this cult. Fast forward to today and don’t be surprised the genderblind science fiction novel Ancillary Justice wins an historic number of awards, though it is an average story by a first time novelist. Gay feminism is the default orthodoxy of core SF today, as it is that of Anita Sarkeesian, Wu, Alexander in gaming and all the rest. It’s no coincidence The Mary Sue is celebrating “moar lesbians” in Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars tie-in novel.

    Everything these people promote is a self-contradictory lie. They have no more interest in gender-neutrality than the KKK does in treating blacks and whites exactly the same. Implement gender-neutrality and Penny and all her moral preening disappears in a puff of smoke. Penny is a supremacist, as are all gay third wave feminists, regardless of whether they are gay or even men. The ideology’s contempt for men drips off the page. Anyone who believes gay feminism or the KKK are working to make themselves obsolete is too stupid to talk to.

  15. Awww, you’re missing the one where she said something about being judged for how she’s dressed and someone posted a picture of the scientist who landed a probe on the asteroid. That was pretty funny.

    1. I did sent it to their twitters all at once. Wu blocked me in less than 5 seconds, Femfreq and antis all ignored it.

  16. She need to personaly cheak her own privilige. Has she been beaten up bloddy by anyone? Has she ever been stabed? To me, she looks, behaves like someone who has NEVER had any big issues in her life other then not geting her coffee in time at a Starbucks, that she later complains about as if its a microagression.. Why are we seriously giving platform to people, that are talking about things that are acording to them…. IN THE PUBLIC AND FOR ALL TO SEE. From my personal experience. She has no idea how it feels to be treated like a REAL second class citizen… in the country you were BORN IN: Only to see imigrants, fucking barbarians, be treated like poor victims, runing away from their terorrists… ONly to be behaving like monsters in their new home. I live here. I live in constant fear when going outside of being jumped and attacked whille going outside at night. Which has hapened multiple times. I still have scars from those times.. Have i ptsd? No… i had… from the time that i got stabed in the back… with a knife. But nooo.. me as a serb living in Sweden,.. in the RAPE CAPITAL… am more priviliged then a woman… that looks fucked up…. beaten with an ugly bat over and over. That dares to call herself a second class citizen. When she is earning alot more money then me.. who live of wellfare… 700 usd per month… for who knows how long more. Where i have no place to stand on stage, be payed and talk about being treated badly…. But clearly, she is more of a second class citizen…. cus she is a woman…..

  17. Has she also EVER been called EVERYTHINGT bad in the book… for being a woman? Dont think she has. Not as much as i have been called for being MALE…. and then even more for being a fucking GAMER. Racist, misogynist, sockpuppet, worse then Hitler, anti semitist and who knows what else. Has she? Nope, dont think so. Sooo technicly… im PUNCHING UP… Not down.. if im attacking her in any way. Cus im someone that has very litle. And over that litle i have been shamed by the very people writing for me and other people like me that love games. The people who themselves call them gamers…. whille writing favourably about their friends. Even if their friends dont deserve any recognition… Other then being whores, cunts, assholes and pedofiles. How is 1 fucking game, that nobody likes, something to be praised over. Especialy when only 1 group of people likes it, mainly their journo friends, but the gamers… fucking hate it and think its garbage and not even a game. How isnt that a sign of privilige… But nooo… she is a woman as well…She is a pure and innocent flower……like hell they are.

  18. Hey look i’m famous now! I’ll like to thank my mom and dad for raising me, also my fans for blowing air at me during the day and night while i sleep and one if it wasn’t because of my shitposting skills i wouldn’t had made it here today.

  19. “Go without without health insurance for years” — a trump card that usually only 3rd worlders and Americans can play when “Four Yorkshiremening” a debate.

  20. Couldn’t any and all of those things she complained about also happen to men, except the husband revealing himself as gay (why is she so homophobic, by the way?) ? And when it comes to divorce and child support issues, it takes a huge amount of nerve to say that women are the second-class citizens…

  21. I doubt this lefty scum has had a “dangerous idea” in her life! What a deluded, fucked up, priviledged bitch she is! And that voice!! Fuck, it grates!

  22. I don’t know about anyone else but I simply cannot hear Laurie Penny’s name without calling to mind that wonderful video where David Starkey utterly DESTROYED her after she attempted to shame him. Oh man! That was some AMAZING pwnage! If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour and take a look, it’s HILARIOUS!


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