I’ve been playing Metal Gear Solid V for the past few hours, but that didn’t stop me from monitoring Twitter (not much does). A little while ago, a couple friends of the site got into a scrum with professional feminist Laurie Penny. If you don’t know her, then you probably should, if only so you can be as disgusted by her as I am. In fact, the term I used above (professional feminist) was taken from a media appearance of hers. I thought it was so fucking funny, that I’ve been using it ever since. So, perhaps I should be thanking her for adding to my term list. Nah, to hell with that. 

Anyway, let’s take a look at how to properly fuck up a rad fem in a public debate. Friend of the LIVE show, @HiddenTara, shows you how it’s done:




And wait, there’s more! Because not only did Ms. Penny get her shit pushed in by Tara, Sargon also had a turn at cracking the nutter:








Next, even more hilarity comes into play. Some clown calls Sargon an “anonymous troll,” despite the fact that his name has been available publicly for almost a year, and he shows his face all the time. Oh, and he’s a well-known YouTuber:


Oh, and I just about left this one out. After I jumped in to the tweet chain with a comment about how I’ve also had to live without health insurance for years, Laurie made a mistake and accidentally followed me:

This doesn’t really mean anything, but it is funny, and more importantly, it led to some decent tweets:



Speaking of Sargon’s video…

Just another morning of hilarity on Twitter dot com. I figured an SJW getting blown-out is always worth a write up. Plus, I needed an extra post before I jumped into the Charlotte Proudman bullshit. I’m going to talk about that one here in a minute, as well as the new information that has come to light today, thanks to the Daily Mail. I appreciate Laure Penny getting her ass whipped for our benefit, but it’s time to move on to more substantial news. After all, a posh, nose ring wearing twat getting shown up in a debate isn’t exactly surprising. But it sure is fucking funny.