Hello everyone, let’s get down to business right away this beautiful Monday morning. I’ll skip the intro about what I ate for dinner last night and shit like that (although I will say welcome back, Taker!). Instead, let’s turn our attention once again to The Guardian and Jessica Valenti. You would be forgiven for thinking today’s column was a joke. I’m afraid it’s all too real, though. Here’s the headline:

“One perk of older age? Fewer catcalls”

Lol, golden. The Guardian itself reads almost like The Onion nowadays, and this is just the latest example. Let’s bring you some choice cuts from the column, though:

The comments and lascivious stares from men have faded away the older I’ve gotten, leaving an understandable sense of relief. But alongside that is a slightly embarrassing feeling of insecurity that, with every year that goes by, I become more and more invisible to men…

[A]s much as I wish it didn’t, the thought of not being worth men’s notice bothers me. To my great shame, I assume I must look particularly good on the rarer days that I do get catcalled…

I realize the most properly-feminist response to all of this would be to proudly declare that I don’t care, that being too old to catcall is glorious freedom. But that would be a lie.

Don’t forget about the caption, which was lampooned by the comment section:11

Kudos to the readers there. I always rush down to the comments to have a hearty laugh at Valenti, and they rarely, if ever, let me down. Valenti herself rarely lets me down either. Be sure to feast your eyes on this contradiction as well. Of course she blames all this on men and the “patriarchy,” so to her, I doubt it’s a contradiction:


Also, not how the headline has evolved over the morning. I’m not sure if this is due to Valenti or her editors, but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless. I guess the first one was too bogus even for them:


I’m not the only one to have fun with this one. Vee, with his European ass, already has a video out on the subject:


I’m beginning to wonder if Ms. Valenti isn’t some sort of performance artist. Her latest columns seem like something that would seriously be written for parody (if I haven’t hammered that point home enough already). I guess it doesn’t really matter to her paymasters, so long as the clicks roll in. She’s just another clown in a long line of feminist fuck-ups. But maybe I’m missing the mark? Let me know what you think down below while I go work on this next entry.

  1. I can’t remember the last time I heard/saw a woman being catcalled in public.

    Is it even a “thing” anymore?

    Or is it just feminist women that get the (supposedlt unwanted) attention?

    1. It is a thing, but in most cases not a bad thing, it’s just that these pieces of shit seem to think that getting a compliment is equal to getting splashed in the face with acid.

      1. Too true that so many of these radical feminists can take something as innocuous as a whistle and laugh it off or take it as a compliment.

  2. She’s so inconsistent. One second, it’s toxic masculinity, patriarchy and how men objectify women, and the next it’s how men aren’t attracted to her lumpy thighs and old woman breasts. Make up your mind, Jessica!

  3. She will never stop as long as the Guardian keeps paying her for the man-hating clickbait. I posted this on the Guardian but the hugbox brigade removed it lol!

      1. yep, on the grounds of it being against “community guidelines”. Text was exactly as the first sentence in my post above yours

        1. Going through just 3 pages of comments and there’s plenty more deleted.

          I guess it shouldn’t be surprising…

  4. How unusual for a feminist to not know what she wants and then blame someone else for her lack of mental stability. Taking personal responsibility for their thoughts, actions and feelings is too much to ask from these women-children. To say that some outward factors didn’t at least to some extent shape my view of myself would be a lie, however, blaming the fucking society for my relative inability to emotionally distance myself from negative comments would be immature and idiotic and I certainly won’t care enough for it in the end to make it a problem, let alone the problem of the whole society that I sometimes don’t feel good about myself. How vapid can this child be?
    As far as catcalling goes, it’s a fucking compliment in my book, and you can’t even begin to imagine the comments women trow around when a nice looking guy comes around if they are in a group. Women “objectify” men to the same extent, it’s just that we are maybe a bit more subtle about it in most cases, but if you ever went to a male strip show women there act as downright animals that have a juicy peace of meat in front of them.
    I can’t believe catcalling is even an issue. If it is extremely vulgar or rude then ok, but in most cases (as also seen in that walking the streets video) it’s just someone giving you a compliment. I personally enjoy random compliments, I even say thank you, but then again, compared to Valenti, even I am relatively sane and stable.

    1. I was going to leave a big comment, but your reply just about summed it up lol. That said, I’d like to add that most of these pro-radfem, SJW type individuals need to see a therapist as they clearly need one to help work through their many issues…

    2. I think catcalling is silly to do myself, and a great way to not get laid.

      But harassment should mean more than “hello beautiful”

  5. This is my favorite quote (so far anyway) in the comments section:

    Maybe they just recognize you from you byline and cross the street to avoid you?

    I was going to post something similar but they beat me to it….

  6. Oh that fucking bitch. Maybe they aren’t cat calling you because they know what an absolute cunt she is.

  7. Jesus, does Valenti suffer from multiple personalities or something? She says one thing, then says the opposite the next day.

    “Women can dress however they want and not be slut shamed for it”


    “Catcalling is bad and men should stop it!”


    1. Yes, I think she has “headmates”

      One of the headmates hates all male interaction.

      The other headmate has uncontrollable lust for a strong man that just oozes toxic masculinity.

      EDIT: spelling

    2. No she clearly just has one really stupid personality, a personality arrived at as a result of how she’s both insecure as hell about her own worth/attractiveness and also extremely uncomfortable with her own sexuality.

      It’s obvious to me because I saw the same bullshit happen to my sister despite spending years trying to snap her out of it through logical arguments and observations about her behavior. She’s a self described “asexual” whose spent her whole adult life ogling Johnny Depp, half the men who have played Doctor Who in recent years and who constantly looks at pornographic images of gay men doing typical gay men gay stuff.

      These women need therapy, not media and social media platforms.

    3. Dr. Randomercam said it best when talking about Valenti, “[The Guardian] awarded a perpetual sinecure to the perpetually insecure.”

      I could not have put it better then that.

    4. The utter hypocrisy of today’s feminist is the very reason everyone’s favourite con artist Ms Sarkesian can proudly claim that she had to “learn how to be a feminist” that’s right folks navigating the hypocrisy, double standards and utter insanity that is feminism is something she had to learn. Maybe Ms Valentin needs to go back to feminist boot camp for a refresher course.

  8. I fucking called it!

    Valenti at this point is just a troll, her articles are trolls, and we should just laugh it off.

    What’s funnier about this one is that she trolled everyone, lesbian feminists included.

    I caught this this morning, and it was gloriously funny, even though I read nothing but the headline.

    You know, internet lesson #1, don’t feed the trolls.

  9. JV: “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most attractive of them all?”

    Mirror (with Dave Chappelle voice): “not you bitch.”

  10. It really is sad how some women can internalize misogyny to such a degree as to want to be degraded for the pleasure of men.

    1. What’s even sadder is how some men think they know what it’s like to be a woman just because they woke up one morning and decided to start calling themselves such and dressing the part.

    2. You’re right about one thing, my fellow troll, Jessica Valenti is quite a piece of internalized misogyny. In fact it is so internalized that she’s an outright misogynist!

      Read an article from her, you’ll see just how much she thinks women are incapable of doing shit on their own.

  11. “I hate that our culture makes me miss it”… Typical victim mentality, “I can’t control my thoughts or actions, it’s your fault I feel this way”. You can’t win with these people, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  12. Don’t worry Ms. Valenti, thanks to compulsory heterosexuality, men will eff anything that moves; just try and talk as little as possible and hit the gym, lipstick and perfume. Maybe they might not notice your personality. You will bathe in male “tears” and maybe even swallow sum.

  13. At several times in the life of a femturd, the thought of “have I been wasting my time with this?” crosses their minds. The happens more frequently as they age.

  14. Like anyone ever cat-called this frumpy bitch. I bet snow falls down from between her legs at all times.

  15. God, wanting attention from the opposite sex has nothing to do with feminism you stupid retard, this is why people stop being feminists

  16. This is the same twit who feels compelled to wear skinny jeans because she needs to be validated by men…..because of men. Jessica Valenti is utterly without reason or acountability.

  17. What fucking fantasyland do these feminist lunatics live in that they think men are crawling over each other just to get a look at them or about a compliment at them on the street? This is reminiscent of the time Rebecca Watson, aka Skepchick, claimed she was hit on four or five times in a few blocks while walking home from a bar in Manhattan.

    New York City (and London, among other places) is filled with beautiful women. Are we supposed to believe that average-looking feminazis with palpable auras of anger can’t walk down the street without being bombarded by catcalls? I’m glad the Guardian’s readers called Valenti’s column what it is — a desperate plea for affirmation that she’s still pretty, that the much-derided “male gaze” still lustfully falls over them.

    Note, however, that women are still permitted to act like absolute pigs when talking about men they find attractive.

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