I put out a tweet a few days ago that was pretty interesting, at least judging by the number of interactions it received. It’s not the biggest tweet I’ve had by numbers even this month, but it got a ton of people talking. Why is that, you ask? Take a look for yourself…

This black dude thinks he would be safer in the hands of ISIS than he would be with a white police officer. For some progressive activists, this is how detached from reality they have become. In case you need a reminder of what ISIS does, particularly to nonbelievers, here you go

Islamic State has sanctioned killing ‘non-believers’ to harvest their organs in a document raising fears the terror group may be trafficking body parts.

The official ISIS ruling, published in a document on January 31 this year, states Muslim life must be preserved, even if it means killing ‘apostates’ to keep them alive by using their organs.

Or, maybe this one will refresh some memories

The Islamic State has 1,500 child soldiers fighting in Iraq and Syria, many of whom are forcibly converted, drugged, and made to behead nonbelievers to prove their allegiance to ISIS, Der Spiegel reports.

ISIS calls its child soldiers “lion cubs of the caliphate” and has deployed them on suicide bombing missions in the past. ISIS routinely beats and imprisons refugee children before brainwashing them into their radical ideology. The terrorist group also reportedly forces them to donate gallons of blood to replenish foreign fighters throughout territory they control.

This is only from a two-minute Google search, by the way. There’s all kinds of other sick shit ISIS likes to do like burn people alive in cages and make women sex slaves. Then again, they’re radicals. Maybe some of our own progressive radicals see something in common there? I’m not sure. But what I am sure of is you have to be a fucking idiot to think you’d be safer in their hands than you would be in a white police officer’s hands.

I used to laugh when people would say some of these people have a mental disorder. Now, I’m not so sure.