I’ll admit to not following the Jian Ghomeshi rape trial up in Canada as closely as I should have. Mike Cernovich has been all over it from the outset, so go to his site in order to get a more thorough background picture. Still, I remember how badly their case fell apart in court last month, although I didn’t realize quite how badly until just now. Not only did one key witness lie. All three had major inconsistencies with their narratives and testimony. If you’re protesting this outcome, then you have no respect for the courts or for justice in general.

I mean, is it possible Ghomeshi still committed the crimes he was accused of? Sure, it’s possible. It’s also possible that I’ll win the Powerball lottery the next time I play.

As I mentioned, I remembered one witness’ testimony going up in smoke. What I didn’t realize, because again, I wasn’t following the case closely enough, was that ALL THREE women told major lies and still expected their clown show to pass the test. I hope this prosecutor was kept in the dark beforehand, because if not, he should be disbarred for bringing such a bogus case to trial.

Just read this trash

In a searing rebuke of the complainants, Judge William Horkins said the evidence from all three not only suffered from inconsistencies, but was “tainted by outright deception.”

“The harsh reality is that once a witness has been shown to be deceptive and manipulative in giving their evidence, that witness can no longer expect the court to consider them to be a trusted source of the truth,” Horkins said.

“I am forced to conclude that it is impossible for the court to have sufficient faith in the reliability or sincerity of these complainants. Put simply, the volume of serious deficiencies in the evidence leaves the court with a reasonable doubt.”

The first woman to testify told court that Ghomeshi had pulled her hair and punched her in the head at his home after a dinner date. DeCoutere said the former Q host had choked and slapped her at his home. The third woman said Ghomeshi had squeezed her neck and covered her mouth while they were kissing on a park bench.

But it was later revealed in court that each woman had had contact with Ghomeshi following the alleged assaults and that details of this contact had not been provided to police or the Crown in their initial statements…

Wow, talk about a smackdown from the bench. This judge sounds like he truly knows what’s up. His words didn’t go over so well over on SJW Twitter, though…



“Their truth?” There’s only one truth, you dunce.

Tell me something, readers. How could anyone with a brain believe these stories…

The first witness had told police and the court she had no subsequent contact with Ghomeshi after two alleged attacks but later acknowledged she sent him two emails and a picture of herself in a bikini more than a year later. The woman said she sent the emails to bait Ghomeshi into calling her to explain his actions.

“I suppose this explanation could be true, except that this spontaneous explanation of a plan to bait Mr. Ghomeshi is completely inconsistent with her earlier stance that she wanted nothing to do with him, and that she was traumatized by the mere thought of him,” Horkins said.

DeCoutere had told the court that she had no romantic interest in Ghomeshi after her alleged assault and only saw him at industry functions. But it was later revealed in court that hours after the alleged sexual assault, she had sent him an email saying she wanted to have sex with him and sent him a handwritten letter days later saying she was sad they didn’t spend the night together.

“I find as a fact that Ms. DeCoutere attempted to mislead the court about her continued relationship with Mr. Ghomeshi,” Horkins said. “It was only during cross-examination that her expressed interest in a continuing close relationship was revealed.”

The third woman, who told police she would only feel safe being out with Ghomeshi in public after her alleged assault, failed to disclose that days later, she had a consensual sexual encounter with him.

As I said on Twitter, rarely does a rape case (OR ANY CASE) fall apart this spectacularly. Even Lucy DeCoutere, the only named accuser, admitted that things badly went off the rails in court. By the way, if you want to read a rambling and completely incoherent explanation for her inconsistencies (i.e. lies), take a look at this interview

What she had were emails from after the reported assault — your “post incident conduct.” [DeCoutere continued emailing Ghomeshi after the alleged assault — including a note the next day that said, “I want to fuck your brains out. Tonight.” She also sent him flowers and a hand-written letter in the weeks after the incident, which she signed off, “I love your hands.”]

Post-incident conduct — that term has come to haunt me. When I was concerned about emails with Jian, they were emails from before [the assault]. I wasn’t even thinking about after because I didn’t think it mattered — because it shouldn’t matter. Now I understand that it matters because it measures your memory. I didn’t know my memory was on trial.

Speaking of memory, you really didn’t remember sending the “I want to fuck your brains out” email?

You were there, what do you think? Like when I was going through it, did you think I remembered it?

I didn’t, personally, but others did…

I thought my biggest problem was sending flowers to Jian after the assault, because I remembered the flowers. That “I want to fuck your brains out” thing is really out of character. That email was aggressive and pointed. All I can guess is [that I was thinking] “OK, he upped the ante the night before by choking me, and before that he mocked me for not being very cosmopolitan.” So maybe I was like, “Alright — let’s dance.” I don’t know. I’m doing pop psychology on myself, because I have to defend myself.

Where was your head at that weekend you visited Jian Ghomeshi in 2003?

With that email? I don’t know. Which is interesting because I remembered all the other ones. And then, I came back to Halifax and wrote this [hand-written] letter.

You don’t remember writing that either?


You said in the letter it was really late — were you drunk?

I don’t drink.

You didn’t back then either?

No. There are a couple of photos of me at the party that weekend where I look like I’m [drunk]. I’m just not photogenic.

I was thinking that maybe you weren’t drunk, but you might’ve been high.

No. None of those things. I don’t know what my motivation was, except to be as openhearted as possible. And to have that used as a way of proving that I’m lying 13 years later, while the document is being live-tweeted and I’m trying to figure out what I was thinking… I’ll never know why I wrote that letter.

Have you read it over or do you feel like, “I’m never going to look at that again?”

I read it once or twice, maybe. It hurts me to read it, because now the context has totally changed and it paints me like a crazy person in some people’s eyes — because they don’t understand how this stuff goes.

You said on the stand that by writing “I love your hands,” you were trying to put a magnifying glass on the tools he used to hurt you. Can you elaborate?

I didn’t say that I loved his eyes. This is all a wild guess, right? Sort of. But it’s me guessing on my own psyche then. I think that was an acknowledgment of what had happened and [letting him know] “I’ll just overlook it.”

The letter, to me, spoke very much to the complex feelings women can have about men who mistreat them.

The way that it was waved around, casting doubt on my intentions, was so damning that I’m still pulling it together. I don’t think the letter in and of itself is a very big deal. But the way it was presented was designed to shame me. [Henein] was trying to break me down…

How did you feel when Henein had you read those damning lines from the email and the letter aloud?

After I read, “I want to fuck your brains out,” there was an audible gasp, and it was like “Okay, take it easy people. I’m aware of how [badly] this is going.” I’m not as random as I sometimes present. I wrote that for a reason. But I don’t remember [what it was].

Good lord, this was meant to be a friendly interview, and it still paints her in a terrible light. Imagine Lucy being your key witness at a trial. I’m still in shock this case even made it to court.

Ghomeshi was lucky to have Marie Henein in his corner, I can tell you that much. A lesser attorney might not have went after these frauds as hard as she did. Kudos to her and the rest of her team.

In conclusion, if this is what you call modern feminism activism, then no sane person should ever want a piece of it. To me, it shows how bankrupt the entire endeavor truly is. How can you protest this fair verdict with any level of sanity? Feminism has truly become a cult in recent years and this is Exhibit A. The level of dishonesty and disgusting behavior is off the charts, but not one of these idiots will ever take a moment to self-reflect. After all, they’ll be another Jian Ghomeshi before long.

Unfortunately, the next poor sap might not be as fortunate as he was.


UPDATE: Footage from the protests outside the courtroom, courtesy of @BlackBeard20096

  1. Fuck false rape accusers. I think when it’s been proven that the person lied about being raped/sexually assaulted, it should be the victim’s right to go rape that bitch.

    1. the sad thing is that Canadians, especially ones down here in Nova Scotia where I live, actually sided with those women. Glad some of my friends aren’t the more insane feminist Canadians. Christ Canada is really going down the shitter.

      1. Trudeau was just the beginning. Then the fact that Greg Elliot’s case HAD a trial in the first place.

      2. O.o Really? SocJus is big in Nova Scotia? I was always under the impression that they were the rugged conservative wilderness folk of the Canadian people.

        I suppose you can have your trees and hug them too.

        1. My friend recently ran into a SJW on the bus, screaming at the driver because patriarchy. I even ran into several SJW’s at my old highschool before I dropped out and completed it online. Yeah NS has a SJW problem, Kinda why we are doing very poorly in the economy.

  2. This is how SJWs react when they see actual you know – justice. Ghomeshi is a feminist twat, but even he doesn’t deserve to rot in prison for something he didn’t commit. Seeing cases like this gives me a bit of hope that eventually we’ll push back the feminist maniacs.

  3. Another aspect of feminism that makes it one of the most vicious and dangerous things to modern society: It makes its followers part of a hivemind and it makes them entirely ignore whatever may be real in favour of what benefits their “principles”.

    Yeah listen and believe, ignore facts, always side with the accusing women, and if you don’t then the horde will attack you.
    How civilized.

  4. Holy shit,,,Lucy De Coutre,,,that is Lucy from the Trailer Park Boys,,,hope she doesnt accuse Bubbles after this fail,,,

      1. Yeah, i thought the name was the same and you know, this drama is all Canadian,,,so I hit her name link in Ralphie’s article above and its her Wikipedia with filmography etc,,,she is in the Canadian entertainment industry, so yeah,,,its her,,,

  5. Just goes to show how insane feminists are. All 3 accusers either lied, left out pertinent details and information, or changed their story several times…and yet feminists are mad that they weren’t believed. It’s one thing to misremember details, but it’s another thing to make claims in front of police on tape and then later deny making those claims.

    Also, who the hell stays in contact with someone who raped and beat them severely? Which sane person would keep calling and sending nude pics to anyone that nearly choked them to death? If I went on a date with a guy and he tries to beat me unconscious, I’m sure as fuck not going to stalk him and send him letters gushing about how great he freaked me nasty last night.

  6. This kind of thing fucking angers me, and is one of the main reasons why I despise modern feminism.

    In their eyes, they want EVERY woman who claims she was raped to be believed and the accused to be automatically guilty and thrown in jail. With no fair trial, no evidence, and no proof.

    Because women can never ever have a single bitter bone in their body and are incapable of lying right?

    These pitch-fork feminist cunts like to argue that isn’t any proof that the man didn’t do it either (as a response to there being no proof that the accuser/woman isn’t lying), but nevertheless it is still unacceptable to assume automatic guilt of the accused and throw him into jail without him having the opportunity to defend himself.

    This is nothing more than misandry from feminists as usual, it really is. A deep hatred of men where given the chance to screw his life up, they’ll do it using whatever immoral means possible. They don’t give a shit about the case or whether he did it or not. All they give a shit about is ruining a man’s life. That’s it.

    All those fucking SJW Twitter twats should be purged from existence. Because you know that they’ll be hell bent on finding the next opportunity to ruin another man’s life.

    I’ve said it before – 2 years in jail and a life-long entry into the sex offender’s register for women who falsely accuse men of rape. This should be the balance in place that makes women think twice before making a false rape accusation.

    Because after all, any association with the word ‘rape’ strikes unfathomable fear into men. No wonder feminists love that word so much. Pure blatant misandrists.

  7. “As if the survivors conspired and plotted.” Because they did. Holy shit it is hard to read that SJW bullshit. And really, “survivors” and “believe the women?” No thanks, I’m a skeptic and I’ll believe what the evidence demonstrates. These lying, manipulative, authoritarian cunts need to be stopped before they hurt anyone else. False rape claims should be counter-punishable by mandatory jail sentences. The only people that would discourage from going to the police would be those who weren’t actually raped.

    1. “False rape claims should be counter punishable by mandatory jail sentences.”
      I couldn’t agree more.

  8. Ghomeshi is an overrated piece of trash. I’m from Toronto, and I don’t think I or any of my friends ever watched or listened to any of his works, except a clip or 2 that were somewhat related to #GamerGate. No one really cared for him to begin with and he’s hardly a Canadian celebrity.

    With that said though, I’m totally happy with the outcome of the trial. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did indeed rape and assault these women (and many others), but the fact of the matter is that the 3 witnesses couldn’t convince the court that he was guilty. This isn’t about “fair treatment of women” or “believing in survivors”, it’s about properly going through the justice system and convincing the court of the defendant’s guilt.

  9. Crash and burn. I wonder if Tredeau or whatever their PM’s name is has a press conference and just says: “Re-trial! 25 years in prison, book it”

  10. I’m still laughing about when they said it was morally wrong for men to keep emails from women they’ve had sex with.

  11. Feminism poisons and destroys all that it touches. I knew right from day one it wouldn’t make a damned bit of difference if Mr. Gomeshi was found innocent feminist vermin would still be screaming for his blood, and sure enough feminist lunatics, completely ignoring the not guilty verdict are running the streets foaming at the mouth.
    Amazing isn’t it just how stupid these three moron “victims” were with the glaring inconsistencies and omissions in their lies. It’s incredible this case made it to trial at all.

    These false accusing vipers should all be thrown in prison.

  12. I just watched an episode of The Fifth Estate in which an interview with Lucy De Coutere was televised. Definitely certifiable – one fry short of a happy meal.

  13. You know what scares me?

    How soon it’ll be that we’ll have a swarm of SJW judges….or are there not many SJWs/Feminists that study law? lol

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