I’m gonna cover a few stories I didn’t get to write up last week due to time constraints, or other issues coming up. I might start doing one of these every Sunday or early Monday so I can cover more ground here on the site. I’m also trying to get in the swing of raising the post count to five or six per day, rather than our standard three or four. Readers are always welcome to pitch columns. You can do that by mailing me at [email protected].

First off, here’s the head of IGDA, Kate Edwards, spouting off about GamerGate yet again:


“Many of us in this industry have been this dialogue for decades … and nothing has come of it,” said Edwards…

A “key to maturation” for the industry, according to Edwards, was the capability for content creators to speak out against industry trends or campaigns like Gamergate. The businesses that threatened to remove their services in the wake of Indiana’s original passing of their Religious Freedom Restoration Act earlier this year were an example — which moderator Stewart Rogers of VB Insight brought up — of that dynamic in action. Game makers, especially those operating independently of major publishers, didn’t seem to Edwards to have that same security.
“One of the reasons people don’t speak out is that they are easy targets,” said Edwards. “They don’t have the corporate structure to support them against harassment. And with many of them relying on Twitter, all you need is to have your feed infected [to lose business.]”
That’s funny, because the only people I’ve seen silenced are GamerGate supporters within the industry. That’s a nice alternate reality Kate has going there, though. Much like IGDA, it’s totally warped. GamerGate is not intolerant, no matter how many times they repeat this lie. I was at the DC meeting, and it was quite diverse. We’re diverse on the web. This talking point is a complete lie, and it’s appropriate that a con like Ms. Edwards is the one telling it.
Next up, yet another GamerGate developer got greenlit last week! Like I said before, the anti’s talk shit, we do shit:



Congrats on joining Rogue, and many other supporters. GamerGate rolls on.


GamerGate had another meeting this past weekend. This one was in Dallas (#GGinBigD). It looked like everyone had a great time. I wasn’t there, because I’m in Virginia. But here’s some feedback from those that were:


One more story from Tech Raptor before I go:

I’ll be back in a bit with more on Wu trying a hostile takeover on GamerGhazi (!). The story has been out all day, but I’ll give a few words on it. I’m also watching Monday Night RAW, and I’ll have a review of it up on the wrestling site tomorrow.