I’m gonna cover a few stories I didn’t get to write up last week due to time constraints, or other issues coming up. I might start doing one of these every Sunday or early Monday so I can cover more ground here on the site. I’m also trying to get in the swing of raising the post count to five or six per day, rather than our standard three or four. Readers are always welcome to pitch columns. You can do that by mailing me at [email protected].

First off, here’s the head of IGDA, Kate Edwards, spouting off about GamerGate yet again:


“Many of us in this industry have been this dialogue for decades … and nothing has come of it,” said Edwards…

A “key to maturation” for the industry, according to Edwards, was the capability for content creators to speak out against industry trends or campaigns like Gamergate. The businesses that threatened to remove their services in the wake of Indiana’s original passing of their Religious Freedom Restoration Act earlier this year were an example — which moderator Stewart Rogers of VB Insight brought up — of that dynamic in action. Game makers, especially those operating independently of major publishers, didn’t seem to Edwards to have that same security.
“One of the reasons people don’t speak out is that they are easy targets,” said Edwards. “They don’t have the corporate structure to support them against harassment. And with many of them relying on Twitter, all you need is to have your feed infected [to lose business.]”
That’s funny, because the only people I’ve seen silenced are GamerGate supporters within the industry. That’s a nice alternate reality Kate has going there, though. Much like IGDA, it’s totally warped. GamerGate is not intolerant, no matter how many times they repeat this lie. I was at the DC meeting, and it was quite diverse. We’re diverse on the web. This talking point is a complete lie, and it’s appropriate that a con like Ms. Edwards is the one telling it.
Next up, yet another GamerGate developer got greenlit last week! Like I said before, the anti’s talk shit, we do shit:



Congrats on joining Rogue, and many other supporters. GamerGate rolls on.


GamerGate had another meeting this past weekend. This one was in Dallas (#GGinBigD). It looked like everyone had a great time. I wasn’t there, because I’m in Virginia. But here’s some feedback from those that were:


One more story from Tech Raptor before I go:

I’ll be back in a bit with more on Wu trying a hostile takeover on GamerGhazi (!). The story has been out all day, but I’ll give a few words on it. I’m also watching Monday Night RAW, and I’ll have a review of it up on the wrestling site tomorrow.

    1. Mmmm Sarah Kessler. I think the Anon’s will be doing some digging into her and finding out just how dirty she is as well. Make certain this makes the rounds on Twitter ‘comrade’ 😉 I’d rather enjoy hearing Mundane Matt and Qu Qu rip into her while she gets her own article on DeepFreeze. These people were talking a big game about “career” suicide for people who went against their clique, but what they don’t grasp, is that after we’re done pulling the teeth out of said clique, they’re going to be left with nothing.

      1. I don’t do twitter – hopefully someone else is already boosting it.

        Almost forgot – LOVE the teeth-pulling analogy!

  1. Oh yes, it was a goooooood week. Far as the debate goes, Kate Edwards or fuckin’ nobody can now say that we don’t (or ever) want to talk. I can;t wait to see the dunderheads that will say they can speak for aGG. It’ll probably be all narcissistic zealot bullshitters & not one journalist. C’mon, Schrier, you fuckin’ wank, stand up for your profession! You’d get toasted like a strawberry frosted Pop Tart.

  2. Ok, so a crazy trans woman who hid the fact that she was formerly an obese gay man connects Gamergate with Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act… which have NOTHING to do with each other. Someone really needs to take that crazy wench down a peg. It’s ok, the IGDA is a joke and every serious (ie where the money’s at) game dev (as well as most of the indie community who doesn’t want to be dictated how they should think and feel – ie the majority) don’t have any use them either. But still, that’s pretty fucking despicable. It’s like she’s running for an elected seat with the GOP. -_-

    And what the hell is Wu hoping to accomplish with Ghazi? Turn it into her own personal fandom/PR wing? For what? The one, largely unsuccessful game she’s produced? That one just needs to go away already.

    1. As someone who’s actually been to Akihabara, that comment about it being the creepiest place on earth really pisses me off. Typical of NeoGAF, though.

      1. See, here’s the best part. Me, I’ve got no interest in an action figure from a game series I never played. So I look at it, I laugh, I make the quip about ‘Japan: It’s Fucking Weird!’ and I move on. Because life is too short to OBSESS over these things. I have games to play, movies to watch, books and blogs to read, and games to play. Did I mention I need to play more games?

        But your standard issue SJW, their lives are empty things. And they’re not even content to fill the empty spots with normal shit, like hobbies, or even fandoms. No, they have to fill it with OUTRAGE. Because the OUTRAGE makes them feel strong! That they’re CHANGING THE WORLD IN THE FACE OF EVIL PEOPLE WHO OPPRESS! And so they obsess and rage over an action figure with ridiculous tits.

        Although I can’t help but wonder if that aspect might not wind up on Barbie figures eventually.

    2. I’d pick one of those up (just to piss the SJWs off), but most of the stuff coming out of Japan has been EXPENSIVE for the last 6 or 7 years.

      That figure will likely be $300+

  3. “Anti #GamerGate avoid tweeting anything to stop #GGinBigD .Probably afraid to be target of FBI.”

    Hmm… I wonder why…

  4. *sigh* I love how Kate brings up my states Religious Freedom Act debacle like it means something.

  5. John is trying to do a hostile takeover on Ghazi? I can’t wait to see how this will turn out for him.

  6. No need to push and increase the post frequency Ralph. Quality over quantity is always best. Post the good stuff and take your time. Rushing stuff can lead to falling to trolling (like the “Oberlin choir” one) or writing less than a subject deserves.

    Keep on rocking

  7. These meet ups are the some what prophetic result of what Milo and others had been advocating for months ago; that it is not enough to destroy the establishment, but that we must rebuilt it at well.

  8. Will there be any follow-ups to the FreeSTDgirl stuff such as:

    Alleged “Swatting”

    “Cyber-Bullying” Charity
    (That one makes me vomit a little in my mouth just by THINKING about it!)

    Other topics I’d personally like to see explored further:

    MIT censorship of Brianna Wu discussions

    The BlockBot used as a blacklist/hiring tool

  9. Interesting interview – In which the Mary Sue author, and the commentators are duped into thinking the author they are interviewing is “on their side” when really his politics are far removed, and he’s rebuking their hysterical methods of “debate”:

    Archived so they can’t go back on it, but I include the original link so you can also read the disqus comments to see their nonsense (I would be commenting and telling them they are obviously reading this through very thick bias, but as like most of us, I would assume, I have been banned from TMS for posting facts they didn’t like.)


    1. So yes, I get a lot of criticism, that’s fine. I bristle at the criticism that starts with a conclusion, ‘you are a Nazi racist misogynist homophobe,’ and that’s their opening line.

      All of those are words to stop a conversation, those are shouting-down, ‘you don’t even deserve to be heard’ words. When you lead off with that, you don’t get to have a conversation with me. I will often hear said–the Gamergate controversy right now is indicative of this–is the arguments that are on that level, and start off on that level, always stay on that level.

      Because you have just filtered out everyone else [that] is going to argue
      reasonably, and [now] it’s only the verbal bomb throwers. I’ve got little patience for that, and yet it’s better than mechanisms to silence them, as well. I’m just hoping that the cream rises to the top, that the person who can back up his argument is going to prevail.

      1. ” I’m just hoping that the cream rises to the top, that the person who can back up his argument is going to prevail.”

        My favorite part. Something the Antis never will do.

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