If you’ve been following GamerGate the last couple weeks, you’ve probably heard of David Pakman. He done a series of interviews with some leading figures of GamerGate (most antis are cowards, and won’t appear). He’s also done an interview with Brianna Wu, who promptly turned around and accused him of being unprofessional. If you’re familiar with David’s work, you would know that this is utter fantasy. He challenges everyone that comes on his show (and is actually a feminist himself). That’s what a neutral host is supposed to do. People like Deceitful Wu can’t handle even the slightest challenges, though. She’s like the guy we talked about early this morning, Ernest Adams. They both know that if they let any doubt in, their whole rhetorical house of cards will collapse.

SJWs like to accuse us of campaigns to smear people’s character, but all we’re doing is illuminating the truth. They’re the ones who engage in character assassination. Look at their coordinated campaign against RogueStar. That effort got an interview that had already been published, deleted from The Escapist site. The attack was coordinated, too. Alex Lifschitz  and Zoe Quinn started in on him at the same time, which happened to be while he was preoccupied on my show (probably not a coincidence). So, seeing how that paid off, they started in the same way on David Pakman yesterday. He had the nerve to ask Zoe for an interview request on Twitter. OH, THE HORROR!

Apparently, she’s too delicate to “debate in public.” But she’s not too delicate to go on the BBC and throw out a pack of lies…or MSNBC…or talk to the New Yorker…the NY Times…who else? The Guardian? She’s fucking ubiquitous now, but a tweet asking for an interview is too much? Fuck off with that bullshit, you disingenuous camera addict. The man has been nothing but professional, unlike you, who apparently slept your way to prominence. It damn sure wasn’t because of your skills, since they are non-existent.

Here’s her boyfriend spreading Pakman hate. You remember him, right? He’s the guy who thinks he’s a big shot because some Call of Duty people used to let him fetch their coffee:

tweet1Just like the rest of his thuggish crew, Lifschitz wants no part of an honest debate. The game has to be rigged:

tweet2This morning, Pakman woke up to the kind of career-threatening emails a lot of us pro-GamerGate people have been receiving lately. This is standard procedure. Stamp out all fair coverage, until there is none left.

It’s just another form of censorship, and it’s how the SJWs have tried to push their agenda through for decades. The more avenues for dissent they can close down, the more tone policing they are successful with, the more forbidden words there are…the more they win. That’s why absolute freedom of speech has to be a bedrock of GamerGate. We can’t fall into the same trap. Moderates have the right to disagree, but they don’t have the right to police the hashtag, or try to get posts taken down. Fuck that. We don’t do that, they do.

But, even with all their silencing tactics, they still cannot stop this GamerGate freight train. It’s full steam ahead in the fight against journalistic corruption and frivolous SJW pressures. We shouldn’t get too cocky, but we need to always remind ourselves how far we’ve come in the face of the wide array of moneyed forces lined up against us. They can’t beat us, because they don’t have what we have…heart.