If you’ve been following GamerGate the last couple weeks, you’ve probably heard of David Pakman. He done a series of interviews with some leading figures of GamerGate (most antis are cowards, and won’t appear). He’s also done an interview with Brianna Wu, who promptly turned around and accused him of being unprofessional. If you’re familiar with David’s work, you would know that this is utter fantasy. He challenges everyone that comes on his show (and is actually a feminist himself). That’s what a neutral host is supposed to do. People like Deceitful Wu can’t handle even the slightest challenges, though. She’s like the guy we talked about early this morning, Ernest Adams. They both know that if they let any doubt in, their whole rhetorical house of cards will collapse.

SJWs like to accuse us of campaigns to smear people’s character, but all we’re doing is illuminating the truth. They’re the ones who engage in character assassination. Look at their coordinated campaign against RogueStar. That effort got an interview that had already been published, deleted from The Escapist site. The attack was coordinated, too. Alex Lifschitz  and Zoe Quinn started in on him at the same time, which happened to be while he was preoccupied on my show (probably not a coincidence). So, seeing how that paid off, they started in the same way on David Pakman yesterday. He had the nerve to ask Zoe for an interview request on Twitter. OH, THE HORROR!

Apparently, she’s too delicate to “debate in public.” But she’s not too delicate to go on the BBC and throw out a pack of lies…or MSNBC…or talk to the New Yorker…the NY Times…who else? The Guardian? She’s fucking ubiquitous now, but a tweet asking for an interview is too much? Fuck off with that bullshit, you disingenuous camera addict. The man has been nothing but professional, unlike you, who apparently slept your way to prominence. It damn sure wasn’t because of your skills, since they are non-existent.

Here’s her boyfriend spreading Pakman hate. You remember him, right? He’s the guy who thinks he’s a big shot because some Call of Duty people used to let him fetch their coffee:

tweet1Just like the rest of his thuggish crew, Lifschitz wants no part of an honest debate. The game has to be rigged:

tweet2This morning, Pakman woke up to the kind of career-threatening emails a lot of us pro-GamerGate people have been receiving lately. This is standard procedure. Stamp out all fair coverage, until there is none left.

It’s just another form of censorship, and it’s how the SJWs have tried to push their agenda through for decades. The more avenues for dissent they can close down, the more tone policing they are successful with, the more forbidden words there are…the more they win. That’s why absolute freedom of speech has to be a bedrock of GamerGate. We can’t fall into the same trap. Moderates have the right to disagree, but they don’t have the right to police the hashtag, or try to get posts taken down. Fuck that. We don’t do that, they do.

But, even with all their silencing tactics, they still cannot stop this GamerGate freight train. It’s full steam ahead in the fight against journalistic corruption and frivolous SJW pressures. We shouldn’t get too cocky, but we need to always remind ourselves how far we’ve come in the face of the wide array of moneyed forces lined up against us. They can’t beat us, because they don’t have what we have…heart.

  1. He is right actually. Their side doesn’t want a middle ground. Why? Because they don’t have any facts supporting their agenda. This will show pretty quickly in a series of unbiased interviews.

    1. Exactly right. Eventually pro-GG advocates will get their long overdue and well deserved time on mainstream media outlets. When it happens the anti-GG movement won’t have a leg to stand on anymore. The complete and total bias of anti-GG media so far is their only crutch, because like you said.. they don’t actually have any facts supporting their claims.

      Whether it be Anita Sarkeesian and FemFreq now pulling obviously a Jack Thompson or the Game journalists lack of ethics, all we need is our POV discussed even half as much as the anti-GGers to turn the tide even further in our favor. We just have to keep ourselves rallied and strong until our turn comes.

  2. I think they are trying to paint him as biased because the #gamergate side has done well on his show.
    They try to make Milo’s right wing views a “gotcha” for the whole movement, despite many of us openly disagreeing with his politics (most of us?)
    They try to slander TB (because reasons)
    Finally they are reduced to accusations of the host.
    Despite the fact he has *demonstrably* been tough on all his guests.
    Love Jenny though I do, she struggled through. Honestly I think that might play to our advantage to neutrals, as she seemed genuine but hesitant. Definitely not a professional nor coached. Just a young woman giving her own opinions.

    If anything I’d say David was a LOT more conciliatory to Brianna in an attempt to get her to talk.
    I can only hope we get more honest coverage.
    As soon as people start reading that the accusations published as fact have been no more than accusations and not only unsupported but demonstrably false the house of cards should fall.

      1. The left is by nature and history “libertarian” that label is just new because right wingers largely became fed up with their own politics 😛 (social conservatism)
        The authoritarian left is something imposed on the left. It happens, it’s awful, it has been responsible for some of the worst evils perpetrated on the world (“in the name of the greater good”) but anyone suggesting the left is by nature authoritarian loses me because they are denying the history of the term in favour of convenient modern politics.

        1. Derp, Libertarian at its basest form is anarcho-capitalism, aka Libertarian-wing. That’s center leaning to the right. Libertarian & Authoritarian are simply the methods of execution. Both can be either Left or Right. Stalin, & Mao were Leftist Authoritarian. Hitler & Mussolini were Authoritarian Right. The difference is in what they enforce. Rightwing= Nationalism, Leftwing= Equality. Leftist authoritarian governments, enforce equality of outcome. This results in the lowest common denominator of equality which is just as regressive as a Rightwing theocracy. Same shit, different terminology.

          1. Except it’s not.
            You use definitions and terminology provided for political convenience.
            I use definitions and terminology adopted over hundreds of years of political dispute.
            Just read up on the origins of the terms left and right.
            They have changed in Europe through usage and adoption by people espousing the beliefs.
            They have changed in America because the political elite hated commies.
            I think I’ll trust people to define their own politics than trust an Imperial power to impose definitions for political expedience.

          2. Really I don’t care about what part of the “left/right” the argument comes from – I just care about the “we tell everyone what to do/ we live and let live” bit. Left or right, authoritarians are control freaks who need to tell others how to live in order to feel ok, and I’m pretty sure the authoritarian right & the authoritarian left are pretty much the same on “do what we say or you are wrong, and evil” bit.

          3. Perhaps, but often the accusation is leveled at the left as a whole to dismiss the need for debate.
            be honest, how many times do you hear MAJOR libertarian personalities talk about “the left” by conflating it with regimes.

          4. Well to be fair – whether it is an accurate description or not, most of the “left” in the USA is of the extreme “do as we want you to” variety. This among people who self-identify as “leftist” or “progressive.”

            The thing that gets me – is it is obvious these, “leftists/liberals/progressives” have lost their way so bad they end up looking no better than Wesboro Baptist, yet almost nobody on the “left” calls them out.

            Except gamers, and we generally don’t care what part of the political spectrum you identify as being from, what we care about is what you do.

          5. Most openly identify as left leaning 😛
            Should tell you that maybe it’s just that the leaders have been sold a lie by a minority of activists.

            America really doesn’t have much of a left though.
            Cant say it doesn’t happen in nations WITH a powerful left, like Northern Europe. It’s a shame it happens, but it happens on both sides.
            The tea party call style themselves classical liberals/libertarians but they’re pretty damn authoritarian in a LOT of cases.

            I just hope we weather the storm, people realise they’ve been duped by a wolf in sheep’s clothing and Clinton’s warning joins the voices of the moderate “majority” (assumption there)
            Identity politics is toxic.
            It has no place in progressivism, liberalism or libertarianism. (and the most recent SJW I spoke with irl was a nice chap who happened to be a conservative catholic)
            The adults can come to the table when identity is off the table (and that does burn both ways. That birther bullshit was the flip side of the SJW bullshit)
            We’ve got a lot of middle ground to reach, as well as a lot of genuine arguments to make 😛

          6. “Most openly identify as left leaning :P”

            I might be considered “left leaning” but I most certainly don’t like being placed on the “left” or the “right”. I’m very conservative as far as government goes, I’m not fond of a large group of people dictating how everyone lives. As far as social aspects, I prefer that individuals be in charge of their own lives, so I accept that women can do things aside from childbearing, people of the same gender can fall in love, etc. My personal view is “live as you see fit” so long as you don’t go out to hurt others or force them to live up to your own moral values.

            Where people on both the left and the right lose me is when they want to make people who disagree with them follow their own moral values. Is Wesboro Baptist Church a bunch of bigots? Sure – but it is better to leave them to their own devices than to take them seriously and create legislation to stop their bigotry.

            “Identity politics is toxic.”

            Yes it is – “Are you a white male? You better become an SJW, transgendered, or gay quick, because otherwise you are an oppressor.” This is truly the “oppression olympics” where everyone seeks a special status, such as transgender, gay, feminist, female, minority ethnicity, etc. so they can be treated as human. Those who refuse to adopt one of these categories and complain about how they are oppressed automatically become the scapegoat for all of the “oppression” toward these labels. Or, even if you have one of those labels, and don’t complain that all your problems are the fault of the “cisgendered straight white male” then you are an oppressor too. Childish? Absolutely. Activism? Possibly. Acceptable behavior for adults? Absolutely not.

          7. I just think that the “left” designation *literally* means “anti authoritarian” to me. I was raised on subversive humour from the left under Thatcher and puritanical values being pushed by conservatives.

            I just honestly think this identity politics infestation and “nanny state” bullshit is damn new on the (mainstream) left.
            I just find it so horrifying to behold it being adopted and defended widely, as if the lessons of the authoritarian left and Orwell’s quite overt and explicit warnings are being ignored.

        2. Left wing originated with Napoleon III, the second empire. Last I recall Napoleon III & the Second Empire were Liberal idealist Authoritarians. I get really annoyed when people who seem to be American educated constantly spout inane historical revisionist rhetoric.

          1. So, a British socialist who is arguing AGAINST the AMERICAN misrepresentation of the left is wrong “because napoleon” and you think my interpretation is a result of an American education that quite literally teaches the opposite. Americans think “liberal” is left wing… (hint, it’s not)
            1)he was a political centrist for his day. He tried to appeal to both left and right.
            2)left/right politics predate him by decades.
            3)the origin of the left was to do with limiting Royal power, as a means of social progress. From the VERY BEGINNING the left was anti-authoritarian, and core principles of the left very much include limiting individual political power. That much is apparent in ALL of the accusations about collectivism………
            4)IF we concede the point right libertarians are desperate to win, and allow their reimagined spectrum; authoritarianism STILL isn’t synonymous, essential to nor a result of left wing politics.
            5)The only reason it is *continually* pursued is because of the demonisation of the left in America for generations.
            They cant even admit that the right was BY DEFINITION authoritarian since its inception. They were LITERALLY “pro royal dictator”

            If you are going to pretend to educate people, don’t be a dumbass.

    1. As soon as people start reading that the accusations published as fact
      have been no more than accusations and not only unsupported but
      demonstrably false the house of cards should fall.

      Indeed. Also, it’s becoming increasingly obvious to everyone else that the vast majority of the “harassment” the SJW zealots complain about is actually just people voicing disagreement or even simply asking questions.

  3. The zealotry of these fools is staggering but at the same time to be expected. They will never go anywhere that they cannot completely control the narrative. Is this a result of the SJW stooges always being able to just bully their way into everything? They have never met resistance before so they have no idea how to react. If they had organized and been open and convincing GG may never have gotten far. As a result of their incompetence and never to be challenged dogma our ranks continue to swell as they are becoming weary. Their blatant hypocrisy is on a level I never thought possible of a sentient being. At this point it is fun just watching to see what new level of assholery they will come up with next.

    1. He’s like the rich kids who’s parents fancy them as rockstars – he’s got all the electronic toys, resources, and other things necessary to be a AAA developer, but he doesn’t have the skill, so he’s gotta pretend that he’s better.

      No rich kid with an expensive guitar can beat a real musician with a POS musical instrument in quality of work.

  4. and he believed in the same shit as the SJWs? dude, I understand you hold on to feminism like my bench vice holds onto a copper pipe, but I think it’s time to just give up on these people. They’ll obviously turn on your ass when you don’t agree with them and stay completely objective. That’s almost expected of you being a feminist. if you’re a male feminist, will dispose of your ass like they dispose of tampons when your purpose has been fulfilled.

    Jian Ghomeshi was fired just for allegations. God knows what would happen to him.

    1. You’d think some of these dudes would wise up, but they never do. There is literally a history of “male feminists” having their personal lives demonized when they say/do something that doesn’t 100% conform to all feminists’ wishes… Which is pretty often IMHO.

  5. So when someone is completely neutral and unbiased, Alex outright acts a fool. Pathetic. Really pathetic. SJWs are kinda running out of valid ideas right now (well, if they had any to begin with).

  6. SJW’s don’t have friends, they have acquaintances. These acquaintances are never more than a stone throw away from being thrown under the bus. If you tout the party line, they will back you while gathering dirt on you. As soon as you dissent, they close ranks and expose whatever they have on you.

    Understand this, they don’t see you as human beings, they see you as a utility to only be used to further agendas. I suspect this is the real reason why they’re infighting and panicking. These people have never had to build real camaraderie amongst each other like gamers have done in #Gamergate.

    1. A very good examination of the SJW mindset. It also brings to mind the comment someone made about why Totilo has not fired anyone, especially Nathan Grayson. They are so incestuous that they all have dirt on each other. If someone is fired, you know that dirt is going to come out and you know they do not want that.

      1. Grayson’s probably seen a lot of the dirty dealings that happen behind the scenes at Kotaku. Totillo knows that as long as he takes the heat for Nathan and they keep playing white knight for him, he’ll keep his mouth shut. No sane EIC would have kept a reporter that was fucking someone they were writing articles on without disclosure or recusal, unless that guy had them by the short hairs.

    2. It’s a dangerous thing, to dehumanize the opposition, but also extremely necessary. I’m sure they say pretty much the same thing about anyone that talks about Gamergate in anything other than a hateful fashion.

      That said, I completely see where you’re coming from on this one. I despise them for the venom they’ve injected into the hobby I love, that allows me to unwind, but I don’t view them as evil or mustache-twirling villains. It’s more like they’re a poisonous influence that slowly kills whatever it touches without intending it. They like video games as much as I do, but see it as something broken with the players and people associated that they can fix with their mindsets and stances. Oftentimes, they look at it like Tom Cruise did in that infamous Scientology video that got released (“You see a terrible thing and you want to stop, because you know you’re the only one who can really help”).

      This is obviously excluding those who see gaming as a whole as a (and I hope you’ll excuse me using the term) cathedral of misogyny that needs to be torn down because it houses people who cannot be healed and turned to their ideals. The whore of Babylon is a prime example of this, and admitted as much in Eron’s provided proof. Talking about wanting to get to the top and destroy it all in some kind of self- and all-destructive fashion is just foolish, not to mention self-aggrandizing.

      Gotten a little off of what I originally wanted to talk about, but the point stands. Most of these people aren’t like that, because most of these people aren’t so fundamentally shattered as Literally Who or McIntosh.

  7. The SJW psychos are bound and determined to turn everyone who isn’t a card-carrying member of their cult against them.

  8. Not gonna lie. I get a bit of perverse glee when I consider that Alex Lifschitz is going to be Zoe Quinn’s next victim.

    1. Good lord, I am so looking forward to the day when she gets bored of him or he stops being useful for her. The best part is when she gets her SJW friends to turn against him and make herself look like the damsel in distress. The schadenfreude will almost be as delicious as the champagne i’ll be sipping.

  9. This war is bigger than #GamerGate. The reason we don’t get a fair shake in the mass media is because Jews control the mass media and it is Jews whom are afraid this issue could mushroom out into a fullblown cultural revolution that will overturn all of the “progress” (from their perspective) that they made in the 60’s prepping America for a gradual Communist takeover after destroying and subverting our culture from within first with the degenerate Marxist hippie movement and then all of the poison and the rot that they’ve perpetuated on our society in addition to that ie the Civil Wrongs (Bowel) Movement and it’s destructive white genocidal DIE-versity and multiCULTuralism end products.

  10. They’re afraid to go on any show that isn’t going to give them a free platform to play the victim, control the narrative, and let them plug their latest project or Patreon account.

    Pakman actually behaves like journalist, by asking hard questions, doing his research, and not taking sides – he interviewed Totalbiscuit, Milo Y, and Jennie Barraj, and didn’t pull his punches with them. That fucking makes Anti-GamerGate wet themselves.

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