Since IGDA is a corrupt organization, and has taken several shots at me in the past, including stealing my article and making it available for download to the masses, I don’t hold a lot of love for them. The other reason I don’t like them, however, is their scumbag founder, and guiding influence, Ernest W. Adams. Of course, they will tell you this child molester looking motherfucker has nothing to do with their current operations, but we’ll get to that dubious claim later. Mr. Adams isn’t just the founder of IGDA, by the way. His influence goes deeper than that. I’ll let some anonymous researchers explain it to you more: 

“Ernest W. Adams was a director of the CGDC or Computer Games Developers Conference. The CGDC was sold to Miller Freeman Inc. in 1995. They later reorganized as CMP Media, which would grow up to found and own Gamasutra in 1997. In 1999 they were bought, with Gamasutra, by United News & Media (which would be renamed to UBM). While serving as a director at the CGDC, Adams later went on to found the IGDA with support from the CGDC. The CGDC would later go on to be the GDC. Thus UBM Tech, the organization that is behind Gamasutra, the GDC, and the IGF, is also financially tied, through its purchase of CMP Media, to the very origins of the IGDA.”

So, this isn’t just some jabroni I’m picking on, even though he looks like one. He’s connected as fuck, and still has the ear of the current head of IGDA, Kate Edwards. I have every reason to believe it was his idea to include Randi Harper’s blocklist in that IGDA list of resources for dev harassment (although Edwards is a scumbag as well, which you can see if you follow that link). And just what kind of man is Mr. Adams? Well, he’s the kind of guy who compares GamerGate to the segregationists, and even to the Klan explicitly: B3QU7eFIIAErTw4


So, now I’m a member of the Klan, simply because I don’t agree with hypocritical fucks like him, who made his wealth leaching off the industry, and creating a shit-rag like Gamasutra? No, to hell with that. You’re the disgrace, not GamerGate. Also, you look like a fucking fool. Who dresses you?

Why does this asshole dress like he's a park ranger?
Why does this asshole dress like he’s a park ranger?

So, we’ve established that he’s repugnant. You can also check the archives, as we’ve written about this nasty piece of work before. Now, let’s look at who loves the ideas flowing from his sick mind. Why, look at that! It’s IGDA chief Kate Edwards (among many other insiders). Who would have thought?!


There’s so many, that I could fill up a whole article with just that. I know Facebook likes aren’t everything, but they speak pretty loudly, especially when she’s liking shit like this:


Or this:


Go to another forum, as in, get off Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else where you could gain a real following, or have your ideas read by the masses. YouTube? Ban ’em. NeoGAF? I don’t think so. Kotaku? Off to the “greys” you go (or banned). IGDA shills blocklists blacklists to their members, then acts surprised when there’s a backlash. Even if the list shilling wasn’t Ernest W. Adams’ idea, we know Kate takes her cues from that park ranger looking piece of shit.  The good news is, if you believe people like Christian Allen from last night’s interview, their ideology is killing the organization:

NG: The recent blacklist that the International Game Developers Association curiously supported got a lot of concern and backlash. How do you feel about their support of it?

Allen: I have to admit I have not been part of the IDGA for the last few years. So I can’t comment, except to say that I think the IGDA has become increasingly irrelevant among game devs. It’s a group for students and academia, in my honest opinion. I don’t really know what they do now.

We’re gonna have more on these assholes in the weeks to come, except we’re not just gonna be talking about IGDA. The IGF, Indiecade, and the GDC, will be explored as well. Who gets paid what? Where is the money going? The key players’ rhetoric and actions will be refuted and exposed. We’ve only just scraped the tip of the iceberg on these clowns. Settle in for the long haul, because there’s much more to come.

    1. he’s also saying that someones silence=them obviously condemning gg.

      i think its WAY easier and SUPER less controversial to knee-jerk condemn the shit than anything.

    2. LOL WUT? “Even Zoe Quinn’s ex-lover admitted that he made this up…”

      Are they seriously still trying to spin that false narrative, along with “jilted ex lover” (despite the fact the HE dumper HER?).

      It’s kind of hard to call it “made up” when he posted screen shots of ZQ ADMITTING to what she did.

      1. ZQ is a great manipulator, Enron clearly showed that, her current behavior and the media’s treatment of her shows how good at manipulation she actually is.

        1. Some people are great musicians. Some people are great athletes. And some people are born to make great scientific.

          …And some people are born manipulators.

  1. >implying anyone gives a fuck about joss whedon or seth rogen.

    also, he dresses like a retarded john popper. but i’m sure without the slick harmonica skills.

    1. Joss and Seth are the last people to be propping up SJWs. Rogen got major shit from feminists for “Knocked Up”, calling Heigl’s character “an insult against women, whose sole purpose is to carry Rogen’s baby and be an emasculating nag.”

      As for Joss, he’s been accused of using rape against women as a plot device, and creating women that are essentially “fighting fuck toys”.

      It’s sad to see those guys White Knight so hard for people who will never ever give them their approval.

      1. Though Seth only popped into this cause I think he has a beef with Baldwin after that he’s been quiet it was Kotaku and other news sites that said he’s entering the fray.

        As for Whedon he’s always been praised for Buffy meanwhile I specificity remember a scene with Cabin in the woods that told a different story than the rubbish he’s been spouting.

        1. I love Buffy, but the characters ALL had things that SJW are fucking moronic about.
          Joss is just bullet proof because they need him.
          Anyone else did the things he does they’d be crucified (look at dollhouse, the main character is quite literally a fighting fucktoy. Good show with sympathetic characters, but that is always besides the point. It “uses” all those tropes these crazy fucks hate)

          I think I hate the hypocrisy most of all.
          They say these story/character elements are harmful and need to be changed, and yet like them in their own media (twilight or 50 shades, for instance)
          It is truly sickening.

          1. I do recall a feminist review of firefly that lost it’s shit over the joke about tying kaylee up in the hold.

          2. I bet if you petitioned to get 50 Shades removed from stores because it contains scenes of a woman being mentally and sexually abused, a lot of these so-called Feminists would scream bloody murder over losing their prime fap material.

  2. Unfortunately for Ernest, even this embarrassing white-knighting won’t get him laid when he looks and dresses like that

  3. Note that the president of DiGRA, Mia Consalvo, also liked those posts. Good stuff Ralph. This is the sort of article that makes them hate you.

  4. I don’t think Joss Whedon has actually said anything recently. And I remember that Frodo said something early on against us, but I doubt he knew anything.

  5. there is a damn good reason none of the major devs have come out against us… it would be suicide… i personally am done with bioware and naughty dog… i almost puked when i saw the ND lead fuckerman or whatever gushing over anita while giving her an award… so guess what ND i will never buy another of your games again… and i doubt very seriously that i am alone

  6. I love how every single facebook post that ugly motherfucker makes is a FLAT OUT LIE. And yet these SJW retards eat it up. Because to them, assertions are facts. Also, fuck Joss Whedon. Seriously, he’s made a couple decent tv series and some movies; so have a bunch of people. That doesn’t he isn’t an ignroant entitles hipster prick that’s rapidly losing relevance. These disgusting slimy corrupt scumbags and their SJW lapdogs need to be utterly expelled from the industry.

    1. Shh. You’re supposed to Listen and Believe. If you question anything, you’re a misogynistic shitlord. Look at well Listening and Believing worked for Rolling Stone.

      1. HAHAHA… but what REALLY pisses me off is the motherfucking attorney general of the state is “concerned about rolling stone reversing their position on the narrative”…. ummm.. FACTS > A FUCKING NARRATIVE. Jesus H. Christ what the fuck is WRONG with these people? Due Process exists FOR A REASON.

        1. Even worse, Sam “I LOVE BULLYING” Biddle is doubling down and calling the frat’s letter addressing the false claims “bullshit”. I wasn’t aware that pointing out the various holes in her story is considered “bullshit”. Biddle is also conveniently ignoring that RS threw the girl under the bus by placing all the blame on her and not on their shoddy fact-checking, or that the Washington Post has backed up the info presented by the frat.

          Sam’s only line of reasoning boils down to, “Well, they’re frat boys, so it’s obvious that they raped her!”

          That. That shit right there is why Gawker needs to be burned down into ashes, then covered in salt and lime to insure that nothing will grow on the land for decades. It’s not about facts or innocent until proven guilty, it’s all about “feels” and “spinning a narrative”.

          You’d think that after the Duke Lacrosse case and the Central Park Jogger case blew up the media’s face, that they would be more careful, but they obviously learned ZERO from that.

          As for Gawker, I’m not surprised. These were the same pantysniffers that all but declared Brad Wardell and Max Temkin guilty of rape based on ZERO evidence, only on the words of people that had an agenda against them and were proven to be liars. But who cares about actual justice when there are clicks to be had?

          1. And they continue to demonstrate how incredibly evil they are. These people claim to be liberal, but they are no different than religious zealots.

  7. I would assume with so many people supporting gamergate and being anonymous (because if we weren’t anonymous there’d be no reason for the other side to dox gg supporters all the time), that many do actually fear for their personal safety or the repercussions of making their opinion public. To me that would mean, yes, gamergate supporters are being silenced, not just on the forums.

  8. “If you make games more accessible to women, I won’t play”

    Who in the fuck actually, truly believes that anyone in GamerGate really think like that?

    It’s sad that they have to paint us all as 5 year old boys that won’t play with a toy if it’s colored pink. If more women want to play video games, that’s awesome! Nobody is stopping them. Video games are accessible TO EVERYONE. The console isn’t going to shut down if it senses a woman touching the controller, is it?

    These chucklefucks forget that some of the most popular and lucrative video games franchises star amazing female characters, like Tomb Raider, Metroid, and Final Fantasy. And by “forget”, I mean, “ignore anything that conflicts with their narrative”.

    1. Not only that, but in super mario 2 Peach was the best character with her floating jump, I’ve never met a gamer that thinks otherwise (even though I always play as Toad if I have the choice :P)

    2. Are games not accessible to women now?
      Are women somehow unable to use a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad as well as men?

  9. Is it just me, or does that first post sound like “Shut up niggers! Whitey is telling everyone what you think!”

  10. Mia Consalvo liked that post in the last screenshot…where have I heard that name before? Is she part of Digra? AH! Just looked it up, she’s the current President of Digra yep. Figures. Is there any one of these people who AREN’T connected to one another in some way?

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