One of the best things about Donald Trump’s glorious, GLORIOUS election win is how it proved that all the main smears that SJWs and “journalists” throw at wrongthinkers – Sexist, Racist, Islamophobe etc – have lost most of their power. After all, Trump was hit with these slurs non-stop during his presidential campaign, even by “respectable” media outlets, and still ended up beating Hillary Clinton decisively. It’s about time too, because not only are smears like Racist and Sexist overused, they’ve basically become intellectual poison.

Anyone familiar with GamerGate should know that nowadays “Sexist” means any individual who dares criticize or disagree with a left-wing woman (right-wing women are gender traitors and therefore fair game). The modern definition of “Racist” is, if possible, even more ridiculous. As the recent freakout over “Alt-Right” posters in Toronto makes clear, even acknowledging white people as a group of its own, with particular challenges and interests, is deemed “racist”, “very disturbing” and worthy of a police investigation.

Now, Canada certainly has a despicable history of left-wing Censorship, with one man going through a 3-year trial for daring to disagree with online feminists, and critics of Islam regularly being targeted. However, this isn’t even a case of criticism of minority groups being labeled “hate speech” and prosecuted, like we’re unfortunately used to seeing in cucked places like Canada or Western Europe. The crime of the Toronto posters that are sparking all this outrage isn’t criticism of Islam or law-breaking migrants, but simply opposing anti-white policies.

After all, this is the message of the oh-so-controversial posters:

Hey, White Person

  • Tired of political correctness?
  • Wondering why only white countries have to become ‘multicultural’?
  • Figured out that diversity means ‘less white people’?
  • Sick of being blame for all the world’s problems?
  • Tired of being told you’re ‘racist’ for celebrating your heritage?
  • Disgusted by the garbage on television?
  • Don’t see a future for yourself and your family?
  • Questioning when immigration will stop?

Join the Alt-Right

Where’s the racism here?

Question 1 is simply an Anti-P.C. query. Question 2 points out the inconvenient fact that “multiculturalism” must be another form of white privilege, since non-white countries around the world seemingly never get to enjoy similar Enrichment. Question 3 also points to an undeniable truth – whenever you hear about a “Diversity”-initiative, it’s inevitably about replacing white men with women and minorities. Question 4 brings attention to the fact that white people are basically blamed for all society’s ills, not to mention singled out for historical crimes against humanity. Question 5 yet again addresses a very real phenomenon, as you have opinion-shaping institutions like Wikipedia explicitly affirming that all forms of ethnic identities EXCEPT white identity are to be celebrated.

Now, you could argue that the last 3 questions taken together could be understood as racist, by implicitly linking immigration to cultural and social decline – but that’s somewhat of a reach, and even if true, it would still rely anti-immigration sentiment automatically qualifying as racist. I for one would certainly reject that. Or, I would, if I still actually cared about racism, avoiding being perceived as racist, or what does and does not qualify as racist. The term has been abused and misused to such an extent that it’s now worthless at best, destructive and dangerous at worst.

Take for example this article by VICE, trying to convince its readers that the Toronto posters are Bad:

It’s not hard to see the target audience of these posters as at the top, in big bold text, it read “HEY WHITE PERSON.”
It then went on to ask several questions, most of which can only be defined as blatantly racist.
“Are you tired of political correctness?” reads the first, which is technically not racist, but we know where it’s going.
“Wondering why only white countries have to become ‘multi-cultural?'” reads the second, which is something a racist might wonder.

So “racist” is now not just a term used by SJWs to smear dissidents and critics – it’s being actively used to bully people into not asking critical questions about policies and attitudes that are demonstrably hostile to white people. Don’t notice blatant double standards, let alone point them out – if you do, you’re probably one of those terrible racists!

Moreover, today’s use of the racism term by journalists, politicians and activists is done to push a number of agendas, none of them good for white people:

– Denouncing anyone wary of unwanted mass immigration turning the US non-white as racist is a great way to get away with a demographic coup. The white majorities in Western countries are basically forbidden from objecting to or even critically discussing how their countries are being radically transformed, because not wanting to be turned into a minority (which SJWs are always insisting is horrible and oppressive) is racist.

– Criticizing Islam (easily the most destructive of the world religions) or its adherents is liable to get you smeared as a racist.  This is a great way for people who hate Western Civilization to get away with forcing Muslim mass immigration on Western countries, despite how it demonstrably harms those very countries. And that’s not even getting into the fact that a belief system is obviously not a race..

– Labeling as racist anyone opposing affirmative action or “Diversity”-initiatives is a great way to preserve and expand structural discrimination of white people on the basis of skin color. Yes, today’s bullshit definition of racism is actually being used to justify textbook racism – you can’t make this stuff up!

– And of course, identifying and addressing real problems within minority communities, like the very high black crime rate, becomes nearly impossible when anyone even attempting to do so becomes smeared as racist and anti-black.

At this point, I see no reason to further legitimize or take seriously “racism” as a term. It’s certainly not going to be applied equally in the foreseeable future – in fact, it has proved and is still proving vital in legitimizing anti-white policies while excusing misbehavior and crime in minority communities. Seeing how not being a self-loathing white person will be enough to almost certainly get you branded a racist at some point, why should we still take it seriously? As Donald Trump’s election win proves, the term actually holds very little power compared to what it used to, so why become defensive instead of dismissive when some SJW idiot attempts to manipulate you by calling you racist?

There are a number of ways to try to arrive at good and reasonable positions on issues: You can for example judge a position on whether or not it’s fair (i.e. compatible with equality of opportunity), whether it has basis in Fact, whether it’s compatible with life in a free, democratic society or by whether it’s compatible with a country’s cultural heritage. “Racism”, even when defined properly, is a poor guide on how to feel about, say, unwanted mass immigration turning a historically white country brown or black – and the most common definitions of the term are basically just meant to exploit white guilt in order to push anti-white policies. We don’t need to be avowedly anti-racist in order to be good people – and substituting natural in-group preference with pathetic self-loathing hardly counts as moral growth.