We all know what a shitbag Jessica Valenti is. We’ve talked about her here on the site quite a few times, and I can only say that her particular brand of crazy is unique. Why is it so special? Well, facts don’t seem to matter at all to Ms. Valenti. It’s not that any of these frauds have a major attachment to the truth, but she really sticks out. Take her Guardian column from today, for instance…aqL7bbN

Gotta love Twitter for times like these:

Like I just said on the aforementioned Twitter service, I think Ms. Valenti is misstating the obvious. If we’ve faded away, why are their 50+ columns about us every week in the press? In order for us to leave, idiots like Valenti and Arthur Chu (who wrote about us yesterday) would have to stop talking about us. But, since their careers are pathetic and they have nothing interesting to say, they keep gamedropping and writing up think-pieces about GamerGate at every turn. We bring in the eyeballs and outrage columnists can’t resist that. It’s all about the money for these cretins in the end.

Anyway, let’s excerpt her shitty column for some lulz…

It’s been over a year since GamerGate brought online misogyny to the forefront of the national conversation on women and gaming and, while mainstream circles have moved on to the next controversy and news story, women online and in the gaming industry have continued their work – and continued dealing with a regular influx of abuse and threats.

But when I asked Anita Sarkeesian – the Feminist Frequency executive director whose events have been threatened with a mass shooting and a bomb scare – about the way that GamerGate seems to have faded a bit from public discourse, she noted that “just because the media isn’t talking about it, doesn’t mean online harassment is slowing down”.

GamerGate reminded people that they’re still active this week, even though they’ve been widely discredited: on Monday, the popular tech conference SXSW Interactive announced that they were canceling a panel on gaming and harassment unrelated to GamerGate, as well as a panel made up of GamerGate participants, because of online threats against the conference. Essentially, organizers determined that there wouldn’t be a conversation about harassment because of … harassment…

Brianna Wu, head of development at game company Giant Spacekat and a frequent target of online threats told me, “When you have women being criminally harassed and threatened on one side, the people doing the harassment on the other and men sitting in the middle feeling they are independent arbiters, this is an equation women will lose in every time.”

Sarkeesian, meanwhile, tweeted that “SXSW’s ‘both sides’ rhetoric is merely the status quo of a tech industry largely ignoring systemic online harassment.”

But it’s not just feminists who were concerned: in response to SXSW’s decision, Buzzfeed threatened to pull their participation, noting that the women who deal with harassment often do their work despite being threatened, and that the conference should “find a way to do what those other targets of harassment do every day – to carry on important conversations in the face of harassment.”

Vox Media followed suit. And on Tuesday afternoon, Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts sent Forrest a letter, noting that “by canceling the event, SXSW has assisted those who wish to silence women by threatening violence.” (Sources now tell Re/code that Buzzfeed and Vox have been invited to contribute to an all-day event on harassment that SXSW is contemplating adding as a result of the controversy.)

The pitiful thing is, none of this even comes close to matching reality. GamerGate had nothing to do with the threats. Any logical person can see that. The panel we supported was cancelled as well. What would be the fucking point? I know the media has lied about us for over a year now, but this is ridiculous.

There’s not one shred of evidence tying us to the threats. Still, The Guardian and Valenti use a sub-headline saying we were trying to silence idiots like Hamburger Harper. Why would I ever want to silence that disgusting women? She gives me shit to write about. I hope she keeps talking for a long time to come, because not only does she give me material, she’s also a very poor spokeswoman. Someone with the record of Harper serving as the face of “anti-harassment” serves as the perfect example of what a fraudulent movement they’re apart of. Keep talking and keep stuffing your face with KFC, you wretch.

I’ll be back with another column or two before my appearance with Master Milo later this evening. Check the show out now, as it’s already begun…