OK, that was a longer break than I wanted. Blame it on Witcher 3 and my cell phone botching the alarm. But, I’m back and ready for action…unlike Arkham Knight on the PC. What’s first on the agenda this morning, you ask? How about a rad fem professor, funded by U.S. taxpayer dollars, saying that we need “men control” in addition to gun control? That’s what The Daily Caller was talking about recently, and I’d like to discuss it a little bit as well.

IN case you think this is a joke, or a hoax, it isn’t. We’ll leave that to the likes of Rolling Stone and Jezebel (speaking of the UVA Hoax, this professor also backed that lol). Take a look at Ashwini Tambe for yourself:TAMBE-1 TAMBE-2There’s one or two more gems in the actual Daily Caller story, but those are the most noteworthy. First off, love him or hate him, Rush Limbaugh’s office getting attacked by murderous gunman would be a tragedy for free speech here in the United States. Saying there shouldn’t be an outpouring of support for him or his staff after that is an act of extremism. Politic is one thing, and life is another. If you let your political leanings define your core being to such a degree, you begin to become a total fanatic. Plus, it’s just not healthy. I guess I’ve always been like this, which is why I can be friends with every political stripe. It’s also why I liked the old Washington, where there parties had their fights during the day, but broke bread at night. Now, by most contemporary accounts, it’s a lot more factionalized and ultra-partisan.

I’m shocked…

It’s mentioned in the headline, but it bears repeating: Professor Timbe is funded by taxpayers, and she has a position at the University of Maryland. That’s the benefit that radicalized feminism has. It’s firmly ensconced within academia, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Still, the more we expose them and highlight their madness for the general public, the better.