I imagine that someday soon, progressives will accept that Donald Trump is going to be the next president. Perhaps the realization will come after the Electoral College completes their perfunctory duty on December 19th and makes it 100% official. It basically already is 100%, but nuts gonna be nutty and they’re grabbing at anything they can find at the moment. Slate has taken this mentality a step further, though. After Trump restated his pro-life conversion on 60 Minutes, they’ve put out a bounty to find any woman who may have had their abortion paid for by Mr. Trump.

Yes, they’ve really gone that low.

When asked whether he would appoint a Supreme Court justice who wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, Trump replied, “I’m pro-life. The judges would be pro-life. … Having to do with abortion, if it ever were overturned, it would go back to the states.” Stahl took this thought to its logical conclusion: “Then some women won’t be able to get an abortion.” “They’ll have to go to another state,” Trump replied nonchalantly, as though going to another state for a safe, routine medical procedure is a normal and reasonable thing for a person to have to do…

Slate would like to illuminate Trump’s personal history with abortion, which is why we are requesting information on abortions that Trump has paid for or supported. If you’re in possession of such information, please send it to [email protected]

To be clear, we’re not trying to violate any woman’s privacy or shame any woman who used to date Trump. We want to expose Trump’s hypocrisy, if he is indeed a hypocrite on this issue, in the interest of protecting other women’s reproductive rights. If Trump thinks it’s OK for his girlfriends, wives, or family members to get abortions, then his shameful plans to restrict abortion access for other American women will ring even more cynical and opportunistic than they already do. So do you have any information about abortions that Trump may have paid for or otherwise supported? Email us at [email protected]

First off, Trump himself has talked about his switch from pro-choice to pro-life. So, I’m not sure what Slate hopes to accomplish here. Perhaps he did pay for an abortion (although there’s no evidence there). But even if that’s true, maybe that’s what caused him to make the switch, seeing the horrors of abortion up close? Regardless, this is a cheap gambit from a bunch of radfems on media welfare. Their day is coming to a close and it can’t come soon enough.

  1. They’re really scraping the barrel now aren’t they? And I fully expect them to sink further, considering that these SJWs even went as far as getting women to make false claims of sexual assault and rape against Trump. Absolutely pathetic.

    On the issue of abortion: unless it puts the woman’s own life in danger or/and unless there is some major defect with the child which would lower the quality of life for him/her, murder is murder.

    1. While I dont agree with your stance on abortion mate I do agree with you about these fucksters scraping the barrel….and its happening both sides of the Atlantic.

      The Independent has been running some real howlers since his election, filling most of the front page on a daily basis with hysterical and laughable articles like “how angry white men were radicalised online and organised by the alt/right to secretly put Trump in power (written by a black feminist race hustling sheboon)”. Of course the comments sections rip their crap apart…so now they have cut the comments on a lot of the articles.

      Its a fucking disgrace.

      1. So, you think abortion should be used as birth control then? I’m not picking a fight, fair is fair: I’m for it because the people most likely to get one are those I prefer not to reproduce.

        1. There are a lot of reasons a woman may seek an abortion. Rape for example.
          And yes – poverty is another. Ive lived and worked in countries where people are piss poor and dont have an option for abortion (or contraception), so what you end up with is unwanted kids and struggling parents living in ever more misery and poverty.
          So yes, it should be used as a form of extreme birth control. Rather a dead non sentient collection of cells than another kid doomed to live its life in misery and poverty.

          1. Oh, I straight agree on that point. My personal view is that not only does an unwanted child have a serious disadvantage in life, but they also can wreck the potential of the parent as well. Plus someone who would terminate an offspring probably would raise Norman Bates anyway. Plus it’s less strain on my wallet. I would like though adoption laws and cost eased up on as well though

          2. Well said mate, and I agree. There are stacks of kids who need good homes and loving parents and a help up in life…..this insistent need to pass on your own DNA just stumps me completely. If I had ever wanted a kid I would have adopted one or two. As is, Ive never wanted kids…..Id rather be a good uncle than a bad father.
            Another consideration I left out is that the only 100% sure form of contraception is not fucking.

          3. True. It’s almost like if you believe in a creator, he has a sick sense of humor by making reproduction so easy the dumbest people seem to be the best at it. Like it should be you should have to solve a math problem to get a boner or something, that would be great.

            I am a strong believer in statistical advantages. Being an unwanted child is a very high statistical advantage for becoming a criminal, or otherwise coming to a poor end. Birthing a child you do not want decreases whatever potential you have for success, and gives you a higher chance of failure. Adopted children on the other hand, have the high likelihood of KNOWING they were wanted, picked out special even! which gives a higher statistical probability of more confidence, and self worth, which correlates to later success.

          4. You need a licence to own and shoot a gun
            You need a licence to go fishing or hunting
            You need a licence to drive a car or motorbike
            In some places you even need a licence to own and raise a dog….

            But you want a kid? hey….crack on! No problem.

            Whats that? You want to adopt one? Well thats different chummy. Bend over while the Inquisition gives you a good ddeep grummaging!

            Anyway…. I like fish

          5. Well to be fair, I don’t believe many things at all should require licenses, as you are requiring someone to ask for permission to exercise a right, dog ownership, marriage, weapon ownership, etc should be non of the government’s business. I can see driving on state built roads as a tax, or harvesting the fish and game that belong to all citizens, but a lot of that other stuff is just tyranny we accept for no good reason.

  2. It’s kind of funny how closely this parallels the MCU’s infiltration of Hydra at every level with these people.

  3. The media simply don’t learn, do they? The more slander they throw at Trump the more people will be red pilled, especially after his victory.

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