The Ralph Retort Statement On Lane Davis

The Ralph Retort Statement On Lane Davis

News has reached me that Lane Maurice Davis (aka Seattle4Truth) has murdered his own father in cold blood. It’s no secret that Lane has contributed to The Ralph Retort for a number of years but those days are over. In fact, after today, I’m erasing all of his articles.

Lane Davis was a 33-year-old unemployed loser who lived with his parents and had no income to speak of. The man he murdered is the sole reason he was able to subsist at all. He had some volatile anger issues which are evident in the many YouTube streams he’s been present on. He’s also made threats and wild unfounded accusations against a lot of people over the past few years. I thought it was all in jest, but hindsight is always 20-20. Anybody who even slightly disagreed with Lane became the brunt of his verbal attacks and he would often label his detractors as “leftist pedos.” Lane used this same term against his own parents. When his father asked him to leave, Lane snapped. Lane Davis stabbed his father several times in the back and chest and by the time police arrived, he was dead.

Lane’s father, Chuck Davis, was a proactive member of his community. He was a husband, father, grandfather, among many other things. My sympathies go out to his family, especially Lane’s mother. I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose both your son and your husband.

As for Seattle4Truth, we’ll be working to erase him from this website in the coming days. I don’t care how big his contribution was. A guy that would murder his own father in cold blood doesn’t deserve to be read. No matter how accurate he was in the past, he ended his usefulness to this world when he ended his dad’s life.

Seattle4Truth is not only the biggest regret of The Ralph Retort, but he’s the biggest regret for his family and community as well.

Rot in piss, fucker.

Nora Ralph

Student, worker, and Co-Founder of the #Killstream. You can also catch me on TheRalphretort Rundown.

  • Doge

    “in the many YouTube streams he’s been present on.”

    I think you mean “all”

  • Hawk Hopper

    Thanks for this statement.

    I thought this guy was doing an extreme edgelord/conspirtard shtick, but he was actually a fucked up retard. All his mistakes are his own, and he should have been the only one to suffer the consequences.

    • tRump Sucks Putins Dick

      repigliKKKlans are SCUM!

  • Mykeru

    Just read an article on it. Did he really call his parents leftist paedophiles or is someone making a joke? He seems more than a little preoccupied with the subject.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Oh fuck I thought that was a shitpost, it was real? What the hell is it about us blogger people? We seem to be a bunch of degenerates. Anyway rest assured I wont murder any of my family members because that would require a degree of passion I don’t seem to be capable of in any part of my life.

  • Femen Kiribati

    What the fuck happened to you S4T? Dang I thought he was just larping with his conspiracyfag shit. DUDE.
    as to others, remember to take breaks after hours of being online.

    • beck

      Seems this goes a bit deeper than taking social media breaks. If you find yourself this worked up over politics and left vs right then it’s you, not politics or social media. I’d recommend removing oneself from all of it with the understanding you don’t have a sound enough mind to function in the territory.

  • Celerity

    Wtf? Seems even our own side can catch cancer from Seattle.

    • Ryan Arko

      Your side supports a redneck who wrote a song about fucking underage girls, a Greek Brit who tried to argue that some kids are capable of consenting to fucking adults, a President who spoke about wanting to date his daughter, a dead sniper who bragged about killing animals for fun when he wasn’t inflating his kill count, a media chairman who said his outlet was the outlet of the alt-right, a leader of the alt-right who wants to get rid of all minorities, a man who was pepper sprayed for attending a white power march having espoused the “14 words” rhetoric, and the owner of this site who drunkenly assaulted a cop after a history of calling people like that “thugs.”

      A murderer among you shouldn’t be a shock by this point.

      • Celerity

        Kek. And yours supported innumerable rapists, assassinations, murders, high treason…

        “Our” side has a few random fuckwits that do stupid shit then get blasted for it by both sides. “Your” side has the crazies as the norm and never ever turns on the most lunatic of these until absolutely forced and then only reluctantly.

        Seattle went full retard and was disowned swiftly. Antifa went full retard unchecked for years. BLM went unchecked for years.

        Hell, most of your spergish, screeching comments are libtard salt because you think we shouldn’t have turned on him when he did not represent our values any longer, and this comment section smells like SJW infestation in the same manner that your mother smells like the Chad train that was run on her. Meaning, some desperate cuck got wind of a crazy on our side (or a psy op plant, who knows?) and is now using him as ammo against us.

        Remember guys, I have years of experience identifying and countering shillish swarming SJW tactics. Please put at least a little effort in your point and shrieks, kkthxbye.

        • tRump Sucks Putins Dick

          repigliKKKlans are SCUM!

          • Blank Spott

            ANTIFA are globalist shills, the cowardly useful idiots of the ruling elite.

            I remember when on the left we were anti-globalist. ’99 in Seattle comes to mind. Now it’s all about hating on imaginary white racists.

            Be racist towards enough white people by calling them “racist”, “privileged” and “klan members” because of their skin color, you might actually make some racist white people. Matter of fact, it appears to already be happening. Your (((masters)) thank you, stupid goyim.

        • Blank Spott

          ^dis here n sheeeit nikka

  • TotinosBoy

    Sam Hyde is going to get away with it again, isn’t he.

  • tz1

    So he hasn’t even been charged yet, but you know he is guilty?
    You should remove content, but we’ve all see accusations turn out to be false.

    • WildGoose

      He’s been charged with First Degree Murder. He also admitted to deputies that he stabbed his father to death. That’s called a guilty verdict.

      • Silence Dogood

        Oh, hey WG, long time. Haven’t seen an article from you in ages.

      • Toastrider

        Strictly speaking, that’s called a -confession-.

        But it really doesn’t look good.

  • Jason

    Erase all his articles? Why? Embarrassed you gave a murderer a platform?

    • BasedLink

      Hard to be embarrassed when he wasn’t a murderer when he was initially given it.

      • Dr Dub

        Yeah it’s a bit like asking Nike and Oakley if they are embarrassed for giving money to woman killer (Oscar Pistorius). They gave money to a decent hardworking, committed sports man. They didn’t give money to a murderer because they dropped him once he committed the crime.

        It’s how you behave after the fact that counts.

        Unlike say the BBC who continued to employ a person who was widely known to be a pedo (Jimmy Saville) and even covered it up and silenced documentary reports into him.

        • Silence Dogood

          The BBC is royally fucked in both how it operates and how it’s structured.

        • Toastrider

          The revelations surrounding Harvey Weinstein also spring to mind. Hooooo boy.

          • d0x360

            Harvey Weinstein is the norm in Hollywood…a liberal institution. I’ve never been so ashamed to call myself liberal as I have these last 3 years. The left is every bit as rotten as the right. It doesn’t matter if they began with good intentions because they have lost the way.

          • GildedSplinters

            What did Harvey Weinstein do differently from Trump and senior Fox News staff?

          • Blank Spott

            I was formerly of the left, a well-known figure in Anarchist circles. Identity politics- encouraged and promoted by the very elements we had always been in opposition to- have destroyed the “left”. It’s driven anyone with any genuine interest in justice- economic or otherwise- away from the “left” and towards a “third position”.

            You don’t beat racism with more racism, sexism with more sexism, etc. The majority of what remains of the left are just insufferable dupes and witch-hunting hysterics with absolutely no concept of integrity. You don’t attack people for immutable conditions of being. The “left” was hijacked by the elites and quite effectively used… as just one example, open borders were used to break the unions in the United States. As soon as the left was duped into dumping issues of class for those of “intersectionality” and “privilege”, the takeover was complete.

            The ONLY ideological challenge to the elites today comes from the Identitarian/Altright movements… and the powers that be are genuinely terrified of us. That’s right- US.

            You can tell how threatened said elites are by the “left” by looking at whose ideology the elites/corporate America promotes and who they give a pass/praise to in the media. Thirty years ago, Heather Heyer would barely have made a media blip. Now she’s a landwhale martyr for nothing more than having a heart attack (sorry, not struck by car) at a rally that would have gotten ZERO coverage back then… but does now, because the mainstream media is 100 percent on board with the “whites are evil” crap. Of course, it also wouldn’t be happening if (((fellow white people))) weren’t fully in charge of the media. 30 years ago they were only about 25 percent of the media class. Through the practice of ACTUAL RACISM (yeah, that’s what ethnonepotism is, racism), that number is now closer to 85 percent. They thank you for your mindless compliance, you intellectual coward and weakling!

          • L. McCartney

            I agree, good and evil have always be mixed together within us all, hence the pray to deliver us from temptation and evil. We need to be honest and admit that and then we are free to fight it. You can’t fight what you don’t acknowledge. Time to stand for truth in everyday life , we have gotten so used to everyday lies we no longer react enough to them.

  • Yuno Gasai

    While i understand the reasoning I disagree that you should remove his articles.

    • Maintenance Renegade

      Yeah fuck it, I don’t want to throw him down the memory hole. That’s not in line with the mission as I see it but I’m not the one with keys to the site.

    • Mr0303

      I must agree. Disassociate with him for what he did, but don’t throw the articles into the memory hole. It won’t hurt him and it won’t prevent the baseless accusations of TRR “enabling him”. If anything they could be a useful case study what went wrong with his head.

    • How about a compromise? Have the relevant articles hosted somewhere else, since TRR will not be hosting them here any more.

    • Nick Rockway

      you people need to wake up. this is the ideology of insane people. you’re on the path to being like this man. WAKE UP.

    • Blank Spott

      Agreed. That’s just silly. Pulling his stuff is actually juvenile and cowardly.

      The guy was obviously mentally ill on some level (whether that illness was due to the horrific frustrations of being a NEET- and possibly an INCEL- or he was a NEET INCEL because he was mentally ill is a chicken or egg thing). I’ve been angry to the point of violence many, many, times (and have engaged in fisticuffs from time to time) but I can’t imagine stabbing someone unless I was being attacked with deadly force- especially a relative. Regardless, those who smugly judge this guy and pile on and moral/virtue signal.(and the gloating scum who like to signal that they’re somehow in “opposition” to the “right” can have their typical ghoulish field-day nonsense), but all that does is make you look foolish.

      It’s fine and dandy to make a statement and counter-signal his alleged actions, but dumping his content is just silly, junior-high-tier, and makes you look bad…. and I’m not even a fan of the dude and have never even read any of his stuff- and I guess soon I won’t be able to. Any insight anyone might have gleaned from any of his work they’ll have to get someplace else, I guess.

      There’s an awful lot of guys in their thirties out there who are in similar positions to this guy, at least if what I’ve read here is true. No real job, living with parents, single, and presumably pissed the fuck off. Sounds to me like a life of lonely rage. And there’s a lot more of him out there nowadays, A. LOT. I won’t go into/theorize why this is at length, except to say that I believe the conditions that have created the massive, MASSIVE, (actually unprecedented) increase in the number of people in similar situations were intentionally created. Reading through his “work” might’ve given a little more insight into that- but we’re not gonna be able to get that, are we? Signalling your disgust and shock rather than remorse and maybe- just maybe- a little attempt at empathy- is far easier, and again, erasing his content is so catty, middle-school girl. Are you gonna cut him out of photographs, too?

      Just juvenile.

  • Silence Dogood

    Wow, I guess it can be hard to spot the difference between someone who is really fucked and the head versus someone who is actively going after the world around them. I don’t know how I feel about erasing him from the sight, but you are right, his usefulness is definitely over. I imagine he reacted to being kicked out by his father with a mixture of rage and terror – rage at being rejected and terror at the prospect of being homeless because he was unable to function in society at large. It’s a shame it had to come to what it did. Also, please right more stories. Reaction pieces to current events would suffice. I like reading articles on TRR, but ever since Ralph went to the clink it’s been quiet on here.

  • Broken Word

    I would recommend against deleting the articles.
    You can put a disclaimer on each one though.
    Deleting the history is a kind of a Gawker thing.

    • Ryan Arko

      So was colluding to decide how to fit a story into their narrative but the leaked chats showed TRR is very okay with that.

  • What a shame.

  • T E

    >No matter how accurate he was in the past

    • Ryan Arko

      Even when calling him a loser, they back his shit. Nora points out that people who disagreed with S4T were verbally attacked by him but I disagreed with him and her husband attacked me for it.

  • If politics cause you to murder a family member, let alone one’s father, not only are you everything you hate, but you are worse than it. If you can murder someone because of their politics, it speaks to how evil you have become.

    My god how terrible.

  • Boy, you degenerates backpedaled so quickly you’ve broken the sound barrier. You can distance yourselves all you want, but your false narratives and ideologies stoked the flames of his insane fantasies, and he won’t be the last one.

  • The Prince of Thieves

    You gave this nutjob a platform and now you’re chickening out by deleting his articles. This is the true face of the alt-right and it should be shown to all, not censored. Who would have thought that the ridiculous inflammatory rhetoric of online ‘activists’ screaming that everything is a ‘leftist pedophile plot’ would lead to actual violence.
    Oh wait, everybody, this has precedent.

    • d0x360

      It’s all been archived and while I agree with everything you wrote the same can be said for any extreme, even on the left. Stephen Crowder a comedian exposed antifa handing out weapons and trying to “funnel” people wearing Trump hats into traps with the intent to severely injure them.

      We need balance. We need to heal and we need to stop listening to idiots like Ralph or any other person on the extreme end of any ideology. They are always dangerous.

      • tRump Sucks Putins Dick

        repigliKKKlans are SCUM

        • Blank Spott

          Yeah, and delusional religious nuts who deny science and evolution to promote their laughable ideology of “egalitarianism”, are standing on the moral high ground… because, after all, they are such rebels working for a better world, doing the bidding of their corporate and globalist masters. Remember, white people are evil scum and must be destroyed, and anyone who doesn’t agree with that and dares to speak up is a NAZI who is engaging in “hate speech” and must be no-platformed and gang beat, because their words are violent and “othering”.

          The hypocrisy and stupidity of you foot soldiers for global capital is hilarious. You’re such laughable and moronic dupes of the elites… elites you think are white males who hate skin color and homosex and are “oppressing” protected classes that are actually WORSHIPPED by media and business elites. Funny, that- very little difference between antifa’s delusions and what you can hear in any modern corporate boardroom.

          It isn’t just us who’re laughing at you. They are too. “HURR DURR NO NAZIS NO KKK NO FASCIST USA” essentially means “we want no borders or impediments to global trade and we want all peoples subsumed into a mud-colored mass of deracinated, alienated, powerless consumptive units without race, gender, or any ideology other than that of worship of “diversity” while we work to destroy the same”. LOL LAUGHABLE

  • Kek Wills It

    What the fuck is this bullshit cop out? You promoted & encouraged Lane, the more outrageous the better for your site traffic. You might as well of handed him the knife.

    • Ryan Arko

      I agree with the majority of your statement but you can’t say they may as well have handed him the knife. They did encourage him without any checks or balances to be a fucking awful human being but a person chooses to murder others.

      If Nora wants to be an irresponsible coward and hide the fact they supported this kind of person, that’s her choice. S4T chose to murder his father like Ethan chose to assault a cop, like the site’s friend Milo chose to endorse lowering the age of consent, like the site’s friend Sargon chose to mock a rape victim with a comment about rape.

      You can blame them for the huge drop in site traffic, but they can’t be associated with S4T’s cuntish chicken shit choice.

  • wow so goodbye evidence ehh?

  • Ryan Arko

    Lmfao! I came to this site today because I needed to look for a starting point about a Wil Wheaton story you guys covered a couple years ago. I stopped coming here because you, Ethan, Lane and your little circle did exactly the kind of shit game journalists did that this site condemned with its public face.

    Specifically, I stopped after slapping down some of the stupidest shit you let Seattle4Truth publish. “I’m GamerGate 2.0 but I don’t play video games and don’t care about game journalism.” I argued with him, you guys took his side, and Ethan even published an article with my comments used as the focus.

    Now that S4T is a murderer, you don’t want to take his side? Advocates violence, you take his side. Advocates harassment, homophobia, and rape apologia, you take his side. He kills his father and suddenly “he’s a loser, always has been.”

    I bet any amount of money in a year or two, you’ll pretend he never wrote for the site. You’re going to Mary Sue his Sara Nyberg.

  • People like you helped create this monster, and now that you’ve seen the effect your insane rhetoric can have on the “unemployed losers” who buy it wholesale, you retreat as quickly as you can on a high horse.

    You helped this happen by giving him a platform and egging his anger on. Erase his articles if that makes you feel better, but your hands will never be clean.

  • wicksy

    Here is the problem in America today. Killings over politics. The politics have devided a national. United States of America or devided States of America

    • tRump Sucks Putins Dick

      repigliKKKlans are SCUM

  • Cory Warren

    Just put it in a category labeled “Written By Murderers with Similar Ideologies”. It’ll really open the door for you…

  • GildedSplinters

    Thank god all the fact-free deranged paranoid lunatic ranting on this website is TOTALLY separate from THIS GUY’S fact-free deranged paranoid lunatic ranting. Which was bad. Unlike your stuff, which just RANDOMLY happens to attract the kind of person that would do that.

    My point is, you should feel proud of the content you publish here, and the kind of people that are attracted to it.

    Sure, Lane agreed with you on most issues and ended up being a bad apple, but why let that spoil SUCH a great barrel — a barrel that’s full of apples that almost never murder their family members. That’s what’s really important, so keep up the good work!

  • tRump Sucks Putins Dick

    repigliKKKlans are SCUM!

  • The Gator Gamer

    Dear cocksuckers: You might not be familiar with the Based Comment Section (TM) but your kind isn’t welcome here. You know, the faggoty soy-semen-latte drinking TRUMP RUSSIA HURRRRR type of mongoloid. Kindly drink antifreeze, because while you may still vote for Hillary in death, you will no longer waste precious oxygen and resources.

    • Ryan Arko

      Did it hurt to not say cuck in a post? I know it killed you to not use an emoji but given you twats say cuck as often as you breathe, it has to suffocate you to go a rant without it.

      • The Gator Gamer

        Calling you a cuck would imply that you were successfully able to convince a woman to be naked in the same room as you.

  • Michelle K.

    But, but… by scrubbing his content from your site, aren’t you “erasing history”?!? And isn’t that just the worst thing to do according to the alt right? So confused..

  • Tape Operator

    You practically killed the old bastard yourself.