This shit writes itself folks. I mean in a lot of ways, this is a pretty easy gig sometimes. These people are such hypocrites that they’re just flat-out blatant with the contradictions and lies. I was actually working on something else when this just fell into my lap. Randi Harper, the notorious bully from the fraudulent anti-bullying operation OAPI, has just insulted a man’s ball size (?) and called him a loser. This is the person who wants to end Internet abuse, keep in mind. If I had done it, oh well. I’m not claiming to stop all fucking abuse. This nasty piece of work, on the other hand, is.

I’ll just leave this here. There’s not really too much else here. This is actually one of her milder attacks. I just wanted it on the record:

tN11woZRandi Should probably be more worried about what Milo has on her. He’s not one I would ever want to tangle with, seeing how he’s laid waste to numerous foes over these last eight to nine months. Just search for him right here on my site to see a lot of it. And if he has actually dirt on you too? Damn, I wouldn’t want to be sitting where Randi is right now. Well that’s not the only reason. It probably smells like Randi Harper’s big nasty ass wherever she’s sitting. That’s the other one.

This interrupted what I was already writing, but kudos to Big Randi. You’ve kept your bullying up to an elite level, as always.


    1. I know he thrives off the conflict as fuel for his career, but I just wish he’d fucking annihilate her already so these hateful fuckers would be one step closer towards absolute annihilation. Perhaps it’s a grand strategy, like in chess, to fully dismantle and destroy OAPI.

      1. I don’t believe he is. I don’t believe he even knows what this whole kerfluffle is. He has people who handle his twitter account so since there was only the one retweet, I prefer to believe it was not him.

        Far as Wheaton, him & his bigot wife can take turns pissing up ropes for al I care.

      2. All I ever heard was that he didn’t like us, and that’s fine even if its true, it doesn’t matter. Wheaton matters because he is a vile bully who faithfully repeats the lies he is told. At most I would guess all he has heard of us is media and possibly Wheatons deceptive account, and he’s not a gamer to my knowledge so he has little reason to look into it otherwise.

        Also the only evidence I saw of him even being aware was from Kim Crawley, the woman fired for dishonesty. Lets not make enemies of people like our opponents do

        1. Wheaton is just a little irrelevant cunt who has had ZERO relevance after Star Trek, whereas the rest of the cast will live on as legends in their own right. He’s just joined that vile cadre because it was his only option to get attention. He’s a waste of skin.

          1. He was always an annoying little twat that they seemed to constantly have to write episodes around, making him more akin to a plot device than an actual character. And his acting sucked imho.

          2. To be completely fair most child actors are bad, I am just unimpressed he never improved.

            His writing however there is no excuse. Even his love letter to Antia is an abysmal ramble that spends 2/3rds of its space rambling about her opposition. Unintentionally illustrating the fact that even he can’t find enough accomplishment from her to fill 3 paragraphs.

      3. Patrick Stewart is a 74 year old stage actor who occasionally tweets pictures out to the world. Who cares what his position is on GG? They’re irrelevant and he shouldn’t be judged for them any more than you judge a four year old who says racist shit, because they live in a white supremacist household.

        Like a lot of other well-meaning personalities, his opinions and statements about this subject are formed by the small community of single-minded people around him with one biased opinion and only that opinion to share with him.

        1. Exactly.
          Social media is the real media of the future.
          Less & less people watch TV & movies, or at least we don’t pay for them, which undermines the authority of celeb culture in the long run.

          This is why its so important to drive out any bias against us among the staff of sites like Twitter.
          Celebrities don’t monopolise the discourse anymore.

      4. Yeah, I can state that Ralph approves of my taste in work boots, but it doesn’t make it true. I think Guitar Anthony’s got it right.

        There’s a pic going around of Sir Patrick carrying a sign for women and children’s safety, but that’s part of his work with Amnesty International. He is VERY invested in things like domestic abuse and PTSD therapy due to his childhood.

        1. I’m giving Sir Patrick a pass because of that. He is actually trying to help a real issue and that is because he has experienced it (unlike most of these shit heads who grew up on private islands) and is actually trying to make the world a better place. He might be on the wrong side of the debate when it comes to gamergate but he is spending his time doing something admirable unlike people like Randi, Quinn, McIntosh you get the point.

        2. Yeah, him working for Amnesty International would be ACTUAL activism, as opposed to our enemies constant shilling and slacktivism. Anyone who has actually endured abuse knows how it should be addressed… unlike douche bags on tumblr and twitter who fucking cry about how “oppressed” they feel and how people should give them money.

      5. Sir Patrick Stewart is an old man, so, if he does indeed stand with the aGGro’s, that would be your reason why – ignorance as a result of age. Oooh yes, ageism! Yeah, I call it realism. The guy is not going to be savvy enough to separate bullshit wrapped in the swaddling clothes of justice and equality from the truth. Although for the life of me I can’t figure out WHY he would even give a fuck in the first place.

  1. Becoming aware of the likes of Milo has given me a new perspective on what emotional conflicts someone in an abusive relationship must have. I love him dearly but he scares me when he gets this way.

    1. From what was said in twitter Randi was going to attack Caldnar. Then Milo saw what she was doing and then he said that. Basically standing up to Randi the bully.

  2. Well, Nero openly threatened her… This could be used against him later on… I know he can put the money where his mouth is but it’d be better for him to just let her whining alone and silently drop the bomb.

    1. It’s not a threat, it’s a warning. He’s letting her know that her bullshit will only fly so far before he breaks the confidence of a source and lays her ass to waste. It’s really a courtesy if you think about it. I would have just dished the dirt, personally speaking.

  3. This is why life needs to be like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. At this point the Oompa Loompas would have rolled away the Big Blueberry and provided us an Entertaining Song

  4. Fucking TOP way to wake up this morning, Ralph! Hearing that Milo has evidence to tear that malicious cunt down a few has made my day.

  5. It really doesn’t matter. Nobody with any platform from which to get news and information out to more than a handful of *us* is going to read it as harassment and if they did, they sure as fuck won’t report it as such.

    She could be tried for drunk driving manslaughter and not have anyone in any real position of reporting or concern raise the question about appropriateness of her having anything to do with an anti-abuse cause.

  6. Will Milo ever stop being so ultra-based? If Randi knows what’s good for her, she’ll lay off on Milo and go back to eating her stair muffins.

  7. Actually public shaming should be conducted against equalists even if they don’t provoke you

    In other words it’s not “going to war”, it’s “we’re already at war”

    SJWs have much more to lose than us if negative commentary from their family/co-workers were made public – props to this guy for doing the research on Randi, now all that’s left is to publish it

  8. studies have shown that a species’ testicular size is directly proportional to the female’s promiscuity.
    tfw Big Randi basically called every woman a slut

    1. If she wants to be the kind of “Hero” that the animated movie “Hercules” defined it as, then she can go RIGHT FUCKING AHEAD. >:D Look it up if you don’t get it.

  9. Oh I really hope Milo lays waste to her. That would make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Another evil hypocrite obliterated.

  10. She just can’t go more than a week without stirring up shit with someone can she? I just looked at her twitter and it full of the typical rambling crap you see from people who don’t do anything productive in life but sit around all day projecting their failures on everyone else.

    1. She’s a massively insecure, hate-filled bitch. Likely fueled by narcotics and self-loathing. So, yeah, she can’t go more than a week without lashing out at someone and deluding herself into thinking she’s a hero. That bitch doesn’t KNOW what oppression is like. I know what oppression is like and you don’t see me with a fucking Patreon shilling for donations.

      Well… mostly because no one knows who I am. -_- Lost my damn job do to a combination of discrimination (the SECOND time that’s happened in my life, granted the first was more about me being sexually harassed and my female manager lying about reporting it and then trying to make me quit) and finding out my office (at the New York State Education Department!) was/is plotting to commit what is essentially fraud. Hey, they break contract law all the time apparently if it suits them, so I guess me raising concerns just didn’t sit with them well. And no, I cannot find a SINGLE fucking news outlet that gives a shit. Yay politics!

      1. It’s been said we live in the “information age” but I feel more it’s the “age of fraud” where dishonesty has become the norm. I don’t feel I can even pump gas or buy a couple items anywhere without having to watch that I’m not getting scammed. Prosecution of white collar or gov’t employee crime is practically non-existent. Add on top a biased media that won’t go after a gov’t of the political party they support and many wrongdoings go unheard. It’s a damn shame.

        1. Indeed. When the fuck did common decency and doing the “right thing” go out of style? Or was it never in style to begin with and I’ve just been deceived my entire life?

  11. I just laid the smack down on some little twat over at – a web comic. the author has been thinking it cute to waffle back and forth on the subject, likely to generate clicks and interest. it’s making me want to stop reading. seriously, I think I got 5 more followers just off BTFO’ing people in the comments section. I shit you not though, I am getting sick and fucking tired of people linking to that retarded Ars Technica article that claims (and has been disproven) that “4Chan came up with Gamergate to harass women” (man that sounds retarded on so many levels. That and they were just focused on Quinn, and the time line disproves it. UGH.)

  12. Please don’t forget her collusion with a member of Twitter staff, who maybe needs to lose her job for abusing her position.

    Time for ethics at Twitter?

    PS when I had a stalker & I reported it, Twitter still kept the account up because I’m not a feminist. Twitter was reluctant to ban the accounts of ISIS rapists too, never mind that they were RAPING children at the time. Of course that was all real rape, like the ones SJWs cover up, not some drunk college whore in a bar.

    Time to find out exactly who is who at Twitter if our free speech depends on it.

  13. Thank you for reporting on this, Ralph. Though I don’t consider what she did exactly abuse or harassment, I strongly think she is not fit to be the head of an anti abuse organization. This is hardly proof compared to some of the other stuff she’s said and done, but hopefully people will begin to see her pattern of character, even from small situations like these.

  14. “OAPI is currently in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) organization while being funded primarily by its CEO and Founder, Randi Harper.”

    What qualifications/training do Harper or Quinn have in running a non-profit support/counselling group?

    Also, how does a bigoted, sexist internet bully get granted a non-profit/charity license?

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