I hate to sound like the hype man who has nothing for you, but Milo has delayed his column on Big Randi Harper…again. It’s now scheduled for tomorrow. I don’t think there’s much danger of him doing this again on Monday, since there will be a lot of pissed off people if that happens. Actually, there were several today as well, but I think most understand the situation. The weekends aren’t the best time to reach big audiences, barring some mega news event. So, tomorrow it is. I’ll bring you all the reaction and some excerpts from the article. I’m sure it will be quite thorough, even though it’s just the first (out of three) part.

But Big Randi has been busy. Last night, she tried to get KotakuInAction shut down due to their focus on her penchant for bullying, as well as her lack of ethical compass:Z17QUiL

(archive link)

She also had some words for Yuji Nakajima, the dev behind Troops vs Women. We interviewed him yesterday on the site. Destructoid also put out a piece on his game last night. It was just as shrill as Randi was here:


I’m pretty sure you would be raising money for a “#killallmen” game yourself, Randi. Except I don’t think some of you nutters would be joking. All this does is help with the game, of course. You SJWs will never learn that this does nothing but help, will you?


So, keep it up, Randi! Why don’t you shoutout my book when I officially announce it here in the next couple of weeks? I’d appreciate the boost. Perhaps you could call me a terrorist or something juicy that the SJW press will pick up on. I wonder what people are going to be calling you after Milo starts dropping bombs, though? I can only imagine. We’ve likely only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your misdeeds. I’m kind of excited to see if there’s any new stuff in there. Just how low does it go?


We shall see.

  1. Patience is a virtue but damn it Milo. Give us the goods already. Quit teasing us you handsome devil. I mean-

    Yarr the great sea warrior Milo lost the elusive white blue haired whale.. for now. No matter. He always harpoons his prey in the end.

    Argh. *fixes eyepatch*

      1. Yarrr… just until she walks th’ plank. After that I gotta return the eye patch to the costume shop.

        1. ,,,yarrr,,I be implyin ye be a butt-pirate, y’arr,,,but me catchy, double entendre days be sunk like 12 Big Macs down Moby Harper’s gullet,,,yarr,,,i be a sad pirate,,,yarr?

          1. Tis’ okay. My pirating days sank faster than Harper sinks a tub of ice cream. Yarr. Sad pirates least get some fine mermaids. Argh!

    1. My harpoon has been erect for more than four hours, so I’m getting blue (whale) balls over here.

  2. man is she flailing about scared… makes me really wonder what has got her spazzing about so much. i’ll say that milo definitely knows how to tease for a article.

    1. I hope all the legal crap is sorted out because people like her needs to be exposed. Any lawyer that thinks to serve Milo papers for exposing the truth deserves a public execution.

    1. If victory means thousand of pissed people who will want to avenge themselves. Yeah fucking big victory. I can’t wait.

    2. I don’t think she can swing it without catching ghazi, and also maybe SRS in the crossfire as well.

      1. You think she would care? If she could take down KIA, even if it meant half of reddit getting deleted, she would do it.

    3. Victory and SJWs don’t go together. When they think they win, they lose. When they think they lose, they lose. They are losers who always lose.

  3. Give Milo a slack. It can’t be worse than Anita’s vaporware videos. At worst he has like 3 years of reserve to release that XD

    1. You know Milo isn’t even a gamer right? You all are stupid to fall for his shit just to get more popular xD

      1. Newsflash, we all know Milo is not a gamer like we are. He probably plays a game for the lolz here and there, but that’s it (he did goof around in Postal 2 Paradise Lost where he guest appears). But we (gamers and #GamerGate) appreciate his help for media exposure after us being absolutely and totally censored and ignored on all fronts in the media. If he gets more popular in the process, so be it. It’ll be a side payment for the help. Quests are rarely done for free you know… Besides, he already appeared on UK’s national TV before the #GamerGate, so it’s not like he was desperate for more attention…

  4. How many games are there where you only get to kill men actually? Im pretty sure alot more then where you only kill women…

    1. There’s a pretty popular one called Call of Duty.

      Another called Battlefield.

      Oh, and every singe warfare game.

        1. Soldier of Fortune and Return to Castle Wolfenstein definitely did those things… and was never touch upon again, but I haven’t played the new Wolfenstein. I swear, they infantalize women so much all while harping on how strong they are.

  5. Milo may be looking for maximum impact, which means it really needs to release Monday. Sunday’s not good.

    He better not sit on it later than that, because the 4th of July is coming up, and Americans are going to be fucking off and doing very little. Presumably he’s going to drop it tomorrow so us Yankees will have something to talk about while barbequing.

      1. Hah, I wish. I get paid every second week and I missed three days last week due to being sick. Hell, I almost went home Friday, I felt so weak, it felt as if something were literally draining my strength the more the day went on. Even if I could afford to take Monday off, an article I can read any time wouldn’t be worth it. I do realize I’d miss the initial shitstorm, though.

        1. Missing the initial shit storm sucks but if these idiots have taught us anything it’s that the initial fit lasts for days.

        2. I remember feminists had a ball making fun of men being sick and that somehow women don’t complain about going to work while ill… disregarding all the men that carry on not saying a peep even if they had the flu.

  6. This is going to be some good reading once Milo’s story is out. I can’t decide what I am anticipating more, reading the article or reading Harper’s comments on his article. What a surprise to see her using the rainbow colors on her avatar.

  7. You lot really are full of ’tism.

    Lets see……three serious terrorist attacks (one of which was in France again, and one which involved a significant number of dead Brit tourists), two major news US court decisions, Greece sends its banking system into Limbo, and a bus full of Brit schoolkids goes off a motorway bridge in Belgium.

    Now why I wonder …. why would a Brit online media site delay some scandal article about a fat blue haired nobody who scores almost zero interest outside of “GG vs SJW” world?

    Breitbart positions itself as a news site first and foremost, not GGs pet scandal rag.

  8. Hey, Randi, there is a “kill all men” game, it’s called Hatred. Sure, you can kill women, but I bet most of them are men.

  9. Good. Perhaps Milo can beach the whale for a while and shut this woman up long enough for GamerGate to complete overhaul everything and uproot these sleazy hacks from core gaming altogether.

  10. I don’t like seeing well-meaning people be ruined, but Big Blue is anything but well-meaning. She’s easily one of the sleaziest people Anti-GamerGate has, and that’s fucking saying something, with the likes of BatWu, Butts Nyberg, Zoe Quinn, and Jonita McInkeesian competing against her.

    When it comes to shitty individuals like them, I’m completely cool with them being ruined. In fact, I like seeing them fall from the ivory tower and into the waiting hands of GG.

  11. I know a lot of people might not appreciate this but having a “killallmen” game is like having a white history month.

  12. The only thing these people have to sell is race and sex hatred. Gender studies classes produce nothing but a formal education in how to harass society. Intersectional feminism is a racist cult and that’s all it is. The sooner these people are delegitimized and mocked right out of gaming and SFF the better.

  13. I don’t think I ever seen a single person attempt to shut down / censor so many websites as her. This is truly sickening.

  14. You can really tell you all have no point when the first thing you attack her on is her appearance like her being big makes her less of a person, which it doesn’t.

    Beyond that, using her teenage MINOR son to make a bullshit hit piece is completely disgusting. Milo, eat shit and die. You’re not even a fucking gamer. Stop pretending like you’re fighting for gamers. I’m a gamer and you sure as fuck don’t represent me.

    1. Fuck off.

      No one here buys your “I’m a real gamer and Meth Whale did nothing wrong” bullshit.

      Your kind is ending as the games industry and the world at large is waking up to disgusting reality of “Social Justice”.

      In 10 years you assholes are going to be remembered just like Dubya.

      1. Wow awesome debate skills! Starting right off with “fuck off.” But no I’m actually a 33 male living on his own that actually enjoys video games. I know a bit about gaming and definitely know a woman making a free game and another woman making youtube videos are not threats to the status-quo. I wish they were though as nerd culture is toxic as fuck and needs a vasectomy.

        1. This isn’t a debate.

          I’m simply telling you where you’re going to end up (hint, exactly where every other bigoted, totalitarian, political cult ended up).

        2. “Nerd culture is toxic as fuck and needs a vasectomy.”

          Spoken like a true believer of the SJW mindset…

  15. Nope! It’s actually kill all brown men or kill all different race or kill all asians. It’s rarely kill all men. White straight men are good and should not be killed.

    1. But multi-player games it’s kill the other team… most are team-based. I’m all for putting women in with men. I’m about equality but most war games only have male soldiers. It’s why I prefer games like Mass Effect that have a variety of genders, races, and orientations all on the battlelines. That’s how it should be.

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