OAPI's Randi Harper On Leaking Her Own Address: "This is all intentional. Don't worry. :)"

OAPI’s Randi Harper On Leaking Her Own Address: “This is all intentional. Don’t worry. :)”

Yesterday was a big day for Randi Harper. Along with Zoe Quinn, Alex Lifschitz, and Sheri Rubin, she announced her new Online Abuse Prevention Initiative. If you read my article from yesterday, you know I don’t think very highly of all that. But that isn’t what we’re talking about today. Instead, I have a little story to tell you about this “activist,” that will perhaps put her efforts in a new light.

First, I want to remind you that this is a women who spread a completely false allegation about me (that I paid for a swatting) concocted by a well-known troll. Randi did this without a second thought. She used it to further her own agenda, facts be damned. This is a pattern for Ms. Harper, if you know her history.

So when someone messaged me yesterday, suggesting she was trying to setup her own doxing, or set up a scenario where she could fake some harassment,I figured they were probably right. What I didn’t figure, is that Randi Harper would be dumb enough to admit to in on the record. Luckily for us, I was wrong.

Here’s the exchange: randi1


This is all intentional. Don’t worry. 🙂 – Randi Harper

As you can see, this whole thing seems to be a rather shoddy ploy to generate harassment. She figures that if she puts her info out on the street like this (which every real security expert tells you not to do) she can get someone to start spreading her address around. Then, she can run to Twitter and claim she was doxed, or make up some shit about people mailing her something gruesome. The scenarios are endless, but that all end with Randi, Zoe, and the gang making more money off their “harassment.”

Ms. Harper is a ruthless radical who has never been concerned with the real truth, only propaganda. This looks like yet another act for the press. It’s just too bad for her that she was caught red-handed by an enterprising member of the GamerGate community. All the thanks should go to them for exposing the hypocrite once and for all. Spread this shit far and wide, screenshot it, I don’t care. But people need to know how crooked Randi Harper really is. How can anyone still trust her after this?

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of TheRalphRetort.com. Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Ace

    The best I can give them is a D+ even with the myspace angle. Absolutely disgusting.

    • There’s enough adipose tissue in there to feed the horn of africa for a month.

      • DukeMagus

        Don’t give unsanitary materials for them to eat! think of the children!

    • masterninja

      Never give them the D ever…

  • MeteorMess

    They want to fight online harassment recruiting the worst doxers and harassers (Zoe Quinn, Randi Harper ecc) avaiable online. Must be the same theory behind homeopathy…(spoiler: didnt work)

  • Dwayne Willis

    Glad i know there is now public knowledge of where this racist lives. I can now stay far away from that area.


    Randi Harper is just a sad, miserable, pathetic waste of space, morbidly obese and evil woman. I’m sharing every scrap and shred of info on this sadist with my friends and family. Just to show how awful this sadistic bitch really is. Not that it’ll make much of a difference, but that ain’t gonna stop me from trying. Not to mention Zoe Quinn ain’t no saint either.

  • masterninja

    Lol yeah and we are supposedly paranoid with all the false flags…

    What a bunch of amateurs…

  • tz1

    Never attribute to malice what can wholly be explained by incompetence.
    I know she’s both, but if she were competent, she would likely be employed where they need skilled programmers. It appears she hasn’t yet found another position.

    • AmazingL4rry

      What do you suppose these sad motherfuckers are going to be doing when they’re forty five? I mean yeah it looks like Zoe has won the lottery and is going to be marrying Richie Rich but what about the rest of them you think?

      Harper actually has a substantial criminal record. It’s actually kind of surprising she hasn’t done time yet so the fact she’s jumping on-board with these fake charities is likely to really fuck her down the line the moment it all comes apart.

      • Typical

        Well In Randi’s case I’d say Heart Disease and Diabetes is what she’ll be doing at 45.

    • gixxerharry .

      She did not write the block bot program
      Someone in the athenians+ scene wrote it a long time ago

      • Charmieos

        Yeah, online handle Oolon wrote it

      • tz1

        Ah, that explains much. Hackerdom just asks “show us the code”. Now we have to insure it is not plagiarism.

        • gixxerharry .

          Have a look at the code,It explains a lot about how these “woman” think

          • tz1

            I did. Don’t the quotes belong around “think”, not “woman”.

          • gixxerharry .

            The quotes where in the right place,i dont think these female’s are real woman

  • Gregg Braddoch

    This is why all this whining about “I’ve been doxxed” is pure bullshit. If you didn’t put your info out there to the public, 99.999999999999999999999999999% of the time (<- SJW inspired scientific figure right there) nobody will get your info. These people are either dumb as blocks and post their personal shit everywhere, or they do it on purpose.

    Now we know BOTH reasons SJWs get doxxed.

    • Denny Crane

      Given the nature of these people, they probably have had a lot of collection agents call them repeatedly, so now any unexpected contact coming from outside the hugbox is now “harassment” because they’re scared shitless that they’re going to have a lien put on their car (or have it repoed).

      There’s a certain element you get to know when you work in law, and you can either embrace it (like Better Call Saul) or use it as a learning experience and go work for a boutique firm that does patents and shit, away from the ‘retail’ legal clientele.” (Translations: most people who get into legal trouble are deserving of it because they’re shady people to begin with.

      • Gregg Braddoch

        “most people who get into legal trouble are deserving of it because they’re shady people to begin with.”

        I can only agree so far with that statement. We are living in an age where everything is over-regulated and criminalized. There are a lot of unnecessary arrests and imprisonments for victimless crimes. Now for people who commit more severe crimes such as murder, this rule probably holds true: They probably have a history of other offenses, big and small.

        In an age where people can be arrested / have police intervention based on accusation alone, this isn’t a rule we can assume is true most of the time, IMHO.

  • Megamatics

    The Narrative they try to spin is already crazy enough, this is some Metal Gear solid level of absolute plot devices. She wanted to recreate the scenario that created other prominent Professional Victims… I better stop before I give myself Severe Dejavu.


    The sad part is that even though Harper openly posted her info, the minute someone posts it somewhere else, the Antis will scream “GG DOXXED RANDI!”. After all, when someone posted video of Wu’s house from her YouTube channel, her fanclub kept calling it “doxxing”. Newsflash, dumbasses – since the home videos were posted on a public site a long time ago, they don’t count as “private info”, which means it has nothing to do with doxxing. Same goes with Quinn’s gross nude pics – she claimed they were “leaked” by Eron as “revenge porn”, even though they were photos she was paid to pose for and were available to anyone willing to pay a monthly fee, and Eron wasn’t even aware of their existence. But why let facts get in the way of a perfectly good victim narrative?

    • Aj Retro

      The Wu dox claims are especially funny since THE ADDRESS WAS STILL REDACTED

  • geupard12

    butts will find a way to blame gamergate for this anyways

    • AmazingL4rry

      Butts would claim GG caused the Horus Heresy.

  • AmazingL4rry

    It really goes to show how much these people don’t give a fuck about anything or the harm they inflict on the culture at large. The biggest harm obviously is that they’ve got this grinding dishonest witch hunt going on that’s ready to just summarily execute anyone it sees as even potentially “harassing women”.

    There’s another harm they’re causing though. Going forward I’m going to be alot more skeptical of ANYONE claiming that they’re being harassed, attacked, doxxed, stalked or even raped. These pie faced neon haired radical prog she-twinks have systematically abused the better nature of society/people in general and what they’re doing is raising an overall level of rational cynicism and paranoia in anyone like myself who can see right through it.

    So now I’m not only living in a world where I reasonably suspected the media and special interest groups like radical feminism of being generally up to no good but now I’m ALSO suspicious as hell of anyone reporting that they’ve been attacked or wronged in some way. It leaves myself and others in a situation and with an outlook where one has to hold absolutely everyone else at arms length all the time.

    This is exactly how a society breaks down because of the way it throws the social contract right out the window. It’s creates a cultural precedent of dishonesty and of treachery. What the fuck do they care though right? They get their victim bux.

    • Denny Crane

      If you have a buddy who’s a cop, take him out for drinks and after a few, ask what the real stats about false rape and harassment allegations are. (Hint: it’s about half. [1]) I stopped hanging around with people who use soggy knees unironically, and choose to live in the real world.

      The sad part is that once you get clued in to victimbux for low level cons like fake rape, you get to see what the Lung Association and the Cancer Society are really up to. On the other hand, you save a lot of money since you’re now immune from being guilted by grifters!

      [1] “In a court of justice women are more often found guilty of perjury than men. It is indeed to be generally questioned whether they should be allowed to take an oath at all.” — Arthur Schopenhauer

  • Thomas Fairfield

    This is worth a call to police; both because she seems to be committing fraud, and because she could be in real danger now.

  • GuitarAnthony

    I will relish the day when no one gives a flying fuck anymore whatever muckety muck she’s hip deep in.

  • chris perez

    As time marches on and different assholes like Schafer steal the spotlight, never forget that Zoe and Big Blue are hiding in the shadows cooking up a new get rich quick scheme. I really was hoping that after not hearing about either of them for a few months they would be forgotten but that will never happen. Zoe claims to be a “developer” but we all know that twine garbage is all she is capable of creating. Harper knows she is pretty much unemployable so starting her own company is really the only option she has to keep her meth money rolling in. They are pretty much following the Anita playbook now and they are desperate for that charity/tax exemption. I know it is easy to be discouraged when we see these parasites raking in the victim bucks but it cannot and will not last. Karma will catch up to these people and I will be one of many that will enjoy watching these vermin fall.

  • utera

    Hope Ralph doesn’t mind a link to another writer on this.
    The Underhanded Nature of The Online Abuse Prevention Initiative

    Sushilulu has also been exposing this toxic individual, the idea of her running an anti harassment program is offensive.

  • Sevuz

    The greedy duo is at it again

  • ApagaLaLuz

    I think it’s safe to say that these ruthless radicals are bonafide
    psychopaths/sociopaths based on their behavior and the generally fucked
    up things they’ve been doing/still are doing. Just look into their eyes
    of pictures of them, whether it be a pic of Anita, Zoe or Randi etc,
    nothing in em. Creepy if you ask me. Maybe I’m being extreme but these
    people are morally bankrupt nonetheless. Like the Robert Crumb comic
    says “Keep on Truckin” in fighting them and their bullshit.

  • gixxerharry .

    Anyway, Our dear girlfriend Alex Lifschitz left us,not going to miss her very much
    One by one they fail (Eric Johnson the next one?)


    • A Real Libertarian

      Leigh Alexander “is leaving Gamasutra to found a new site with BoingBoing called Offworld”.

      Offworld was launched in 2008:

  • Alex

    People fake their ”threats”.. on the internet to profit from dumb people… that’s so Captain Obvious…

  • Ross

    I see it like a drunk playing chicken on the road at night, in hope that someone will hit them and they can get compensation….and about as honest

  • Typical

    Every day is a “Big” day for Randi Harper, the beached whale.

  • Spider Jerusalem

    Show of hands anyone who believe this to be her “ace in the hole” for when OAPI fails.

    “Look, I just got doxxxxxxxed and death threats and rape threats and pizzas oh my, we really need my tax exempt charity organization, please donate.”

  • trudatness

    Not going to lie. It annoys me that some people actually think this arrogant, lying, bratty little dipshit is credible. Fucking blows my mind.