OK, so I’ve been on Twitter most of the night monitoring an interesting situation. In case you didn’t already know, Randi Harper is widely reviled, not only by anti-feminists and GamerGate supporters, but also by members of her own SJW team. In a lot of ways, I can sympathize with her situation. Mostly, I just laugh at this assorted gallery of freaks, though.

Yesterday, shortly after my interview with Candace Owens was published, Candace decided to switch her Twitter handle to @S_Autopsy. Since she’s not as well versed in Twitternomics as some of us, I guess she didn’t think to protect her old name when switching over. Hey, shit happens. I’ve seen this go down plenty of times before. As you can guess, some goon had to go scoop up her old handle because that’s what people on the internet do.

Now, what made this whole thing noteworthy is that the person who grabbed the account got called out by Randi Harper. However, instead of taking this lying down, they went at Big Randi, calling her a TERF and slamming her for being so close with Jesse Singal. In case you forgot, Mr. Signal got into some trouble with the radical trans community a couple months back over one of the few rational and unbiased stories he’s ever written.

So, what did Randi decide to do? Well, she went over to KotakuInAction and started posting on the subject. From a public relations point of view, this could best be described as a boneheaded play, since it lets every single one of her enemies in the SJW camp slime her for posting there. Not only that, she actually gave clues as to who was running the account.

She was openly collaborating with members of a GamerGate hub. Yes, that’s fairly stunning in and of itself.


The reason she went into this thread in the first place was to protect her corrupt buddy Signal. The name of the thread was: [Creepy Singal] Clues that the Social Autopsy Egg is Jesse Singal. Probabillity [sic]? Damn compelling. I guess she figured she would go in there and clear his name. Also, note how close she is with this clown. I wonder if they were trading DMs and collaborating the entire time he was talking to Candace? I wouldn’t doubt that in the least. The guy is an unethical hack and other than the one post I mentioned above, his entire career has been dedicated to spreading SJW propaganda.

As you can likely imagine, this did not go over well at all on Twitter…





Damn, talk about a backfire! Maybe you should have resisted the attacks this one time, Randi? Then again, we all know you’re a phony and a fraud, although not for this reason. Just go look through my archives here for myriad examples of that. But what really makes this one funny is that she was targeting a trans person, none other than Nora Reed.

By the way, Reed got wind that I was going to be writing this post and I guess the goon got the idea that it was going to be about her.

I’m sorry, dear, but you’re not important enough to warrant a full-on hit. We came here to laugh at Hamburger Harper, not you. At least she’s done some things, as rancid and off-putting as those things are. I’m unaware of you contributing anything of note, ever. I think you made some Twitter bots one time, or something like that. The point is, I don’t care and neither do the readers. But, they do want to know what you had to say about the big blue whale, so please, do tell…






This is just the latest example of Randi Harper getting dragged by her own side. It’s happened to me as well, so I actually have a little bit of sympathy for her…but not much. She’s just too dishonest and too odious to ever find any common ground with. Not only that, you can plainly see that she helped plan the attack that Signal launched against Candace Owens. Even that wasn’t enough for her though, she had to go write her own post where she tried to ruin Candace’s reputation. Having spoken to Ms. Owens several times now, I can safely tell you that was way out of line. If Harper had any dignity, she would apologize. But, she doesn’t.

So, I’ll just sit here and keep chronicling her every failure instead. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

  1. Am I the only one who gets a bit of savage satisfaction from Harper getting lumped in with SocialAutopsy and “le GeeberGompers” despite her best attempts to sabotage Candace and trash GG? You do your best to be a good little SJW and this is what you get in return…

    It’s like when Stalin purged the heads of his secret police after they’d obediently purged the rest of the Bolshevik top brass.

  2. Notice how none of them even think about “abuse” she’ll receive while squatting the account?

    The “abuse” will only be valid if the real account is found.

    It’s like they’re clearly aware that what they call violence is easily avoided by simply ignoring it.

    1. Reed will get shitcanned but not by GamerGate she used her plattform to call out certain toxic 3rd partys which have a track record for going after people lik her.

  3. Another SJW has felt the wrath of the herd?

    I’m starting to wonder if they turn on each other all the time and we only hear about it when it’s one of the well known ones on the receiving end

    Wu should be lucky it’s not happening to her this time

  4. Blue Meth Whale popped on KIA and tried to use it for her personal army? WTF was she smok…oh.

    As an added bonus, posting on KIA automatically gets you banned from several subreddits, so Harper screwed herself extra hard.

    BTW – looks like these fucknuts are still scared to say our name on Twitter, so one of them decided to be clever and use emojis of a controller and an alligator. So brave!

  5. I triggered poor little Randi a couple of days ago. Although this may stop victim bux coming in from trying to blame Gamergate, she will still have an income / white knights who will continue to back her for “Good Feels”. How can we stop the landwhale?

  6. I saw Randi sister in the video today when Milo was at Umass. Could have being Randi, I don’t know.

  7. Ah yessssss……like rats in a barrel. Big fat hungry rats eating each other.

    Glorious isn’t it?

  8. I’m not as excited about this as alot of you, as long as those Patreon payments keep coming and as long as she’s got personal connections within twitter the neurotic two faced sow isn’t really going anywhere. That being said it does signify yet more division in their ranks and the crazy tranny contingent is probably the noisiest and most influential wing of the SocJus complex right now.

    Looking back at history and using the trajectory of 60’s counter-culture as a basis of comparison I think the social justice “movement” or whatever you want to call it has entered it’s decline. They’re running out of momentum, they can’t and wont engage with the outside world, they’re increasingly laughed at by a growing section of the population and all that leaves them with is to hide, in-fight and cannibalize each other.

    That being said expect to see a coalition of the worst of them still semi-active for at least another five years and expect to occasionally stumble on weird little ingrown smurph villages of the fuckers for basically the rest of our lives. Worst of all as of this time nothing has really been done to deal with the forces that actually conspired to create these idiots, and never forget that’s what they are is useful idiots for would-be authoritarian dictators.

    1. Indeed, those Patreon back-ups are a real nuisance, and frankly, it sickens me to know that vile pieces of human trash are making a large fraction of my annual paycheck in a month just for doing nothing but whine about mean tweets. I really wish we could just get these people locked away. God knows several of them have been involved in enough shady shit to warrant an arrest.

      1. In the end I suspect many of them will eventually go down for tax fraud, it’s my suspicion people in progressivism’s designated victim groups are deliberately and systematically being handled with kid gloves so long as Obama is in office.

  9. “How can we stop the landwhale?”

    We can’t, but she can stop herself. Give her time. She will eventually fuck herself over with
    emotional attacks on the wrong “big timer” ally. That’s the downside of being a con
    artist. They always slip up and ruin their own good thing. Nobody ever
    said con artists are bright. If you were bright, you wouldn’t need to be
    conning people to make a living.

    So just wait for it. It’ll be glorious when it happens to Randi, Zoe, and Anita. Although Anita is
    such a different case….I mean she is #1 SJW as far as cash intake goes
    but she spends a fraction of the effort as everyone else, combined.
    Really crazy, when you think about it. I question if SJWs actually
    believe in SJWism, and I am forced to say yes in alot of cases. But
    Anita it’s like she has so little care or faith in SJWism that
    everything she preaches has to be read from paper or a monitor, making
    her the ultimate con artist in the SJW movement.

    I still say her downfall will be SJWs pushing her out over money, and I have no doubt
    it’s going to include Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper at the front lines,
    launching attacks at Anita. When it happens it will be a glorious civil
    war. Alot of people say it will never happen, but they underestimate the
    power of greed and women hating on women. It’s gonna happen, but not
    until the right opportunity presents itself so the victim brigade has an
    excuse to push Anita’s illegitimate SJW ass right out of the victim
    movement. They will repeat everything we’ve said for years about her, call her out for exactly what she is, and it will be a lol moment for the internet history books.

    I haven’t forgot WuClan, it’s just that he/she/it already went through this and is basically history at this point. They try hard to stay relevant, though…..

  10. And just like that, Harper is getting hoisted by the petard that is “the GamerGate narrative” that she helped to create.

    We’re the folks who have SWAT teams and serial murderers at our beck and call, an army of social media bot accounts with the ability to specifically target by gender, sexual orientation, race, and ideology, with an overwhelming masculine presence in every form of non-indie game development, and have ISIS and KKK people over for tea every Thursday. When a woman dares to think about video games, we are the one that knocks.

    They’ve made us so absurdly “toxic” that any form of association whatsoever is going to result in you getting tossed in the pile with us.

    In related news, I’ve received word that my sides were spotted by NASA the other day, orbiting one of the moons of Jupiter.

  11. Having spoken to Ms. Owens several times now, I can safely tell you that was way out of line. If Harper had any dignity, she would apologize. But, she doesn’t.

    Here’s the thing, Ralph, in the same way that Owens can be a good person doing a terrible thing (even with the best of intentions), Harper can be a shitbag who, on one occasion, actually got an awful lot right in her post (assuming we’re talking about the same one, the ‘open letter’ on Medium). Leastways, from a technical point of view and, in general, why SA is a bad idea.

    Put in other words, good (or correct) things said by bad people are no less good for all the bad that that person does. Just because Harper is a Grade-A, all-round terrible person doesn’t make her wrong when she actually says something right.

    I won’t support Harper as a person, but nor will I pretend that absolutely anything and everything she does is automatically bad/wrong just because she’s RLH.

      1. I’m not entirely sure what your point is, unless it’s to give another example of Harper doing the decent thing, in which case, thanks.

        That last one, when Harper was talking about splash damage, is also pretty much on the money. The weird thing is that Harper does know the difference between right and wrong and occasionally does the right thing, but is also capable of the most ungodly amount of harassment herself. Conclude from that what you will.

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