BIG BULLY: OAPI Chief Randi Harper Threatens to Sue Her Critics Into Silence

BIG BULLY: OAPI Chief Randi Harper Threatens to Sue Her Critics Into Silence

I’ve been researching a couple cool stories all night, but a breaking news item has come up, as it usually does. Yesterday, a neutral writer took a look at Randi Harper’s pattern of abuse. If you’ve read this site for any decent length of time, then you’re already pretty familiar with it. The fact of the matter is, Harper is a notorious bully who has a documented history of harassment. She can sit back and threaten to sue all she wants, as she alluded to last night, but we know the deal here. She’s a phony (just read our story from the other day if you haven’t already, and see). Phonies don’t scare GamerGate, and they don’t scare people with conviction in their beliefs…like Stephanie (@Sushilulutwitch) the author of a few pieces that has Big Randi up in arms. 

In case you missed her tweets from last night, here they are. It seems like most did overlook them:


She’s “pondering if [she] needs to lawyer up. This is a VERY thinly veiled threat to silence Stephanie and/or me. I’m not sure what she plans on suing over, since everything we’ve reported is factual. But she knows that we’re upstart writers with no real organization behind us. Personally, a lawsuit would fuck with me, but I don’t care. I would never let a consideration like that color my coverage…and I doubt Steph will either.

But this is a symptom of SJWs everywhere. They constantly try to bully and silence the opposition by any means possible. They aren’t interested in a free press. In fact, they hate the unrestricted freedom of speech, simply because they can’t win with it in place. That’s what the extreme PC culture is all about. Shaming people, ruining careers, fucking up lives permanently…that’s the name of the game. The idea is to hurt you so bad that you wouldn’t dare to speak up against the radical feminist agenda ever again. The sad part is, this frequently works.

I’m sure Randi could sue us, even with no real case. The one reason I think she might not, is because we would then have the opportunity to put her under deposition. That would open the door to all sorts of inquiries…under oath. You can see why this might cause some consternation for Ms. Harper. Even so, I won’t put anything past her and the goon squad she directs on Twitter. Given their history, there’s no telling what dirty trick they might think of next.


PS: This is the woman who is going to stop online harassment lol. It’s like putting the fox in charge of stamping out crimes against hens…


Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • MacNillus

    Being on meth all the time must fuck with her brain.

    • She’ll swear up and down that it wasn’t meth she was caught with, but adderall.
      Unfortunately for her, unprescribed adderall is in the same drug class as meth amphetamines because it is the same shit but in controlled doses.

  • dingl_

    Ask her indirectly to bring on litigation, just throw it out there in your Twitter feed. ‘Litigation Randi, I welcome the opportunity to spread the truth.’

    Fighting truth/facts in court is not just unwise any good lawyer will run the other way when shown the facts as well advice potential plaintiff of their stupidity as they shut the door ;d

  • ☆ Cyborgwolf ☆

    If she involve the authorities then they would investigate and find every bad shit the whale said in the past. She doesn’t want this. But hey, if she ever want to sue me, or dox me or swat me I can send her my home adress and my phone number. I mean she never understood that she was facing people that for some wouldn’t give a fuck about what happens to them.

  • masterninja

    POOR RANDI our side doesn’t get scared or shamed into silence!

    In other words her attempts are…

  • jackie901 .

    She’s already tried to sue the internet once saying she went to court. Strangely since apparently going to court she now no longer wishes to discuss the events and outcome of that case if it indeed happened.

    I can tell you for a fact if she did indeed go to court that time her case was dismissed because you can’t sue random people on the internet for disagreeing with you which is why she doesn’t want to talk about it.

    The same goes for Brianna Wu who somehow managed to get a court restraining order against an individual later discovered to be a fictional character. Unless the US court system is screwed up I don’t think it’s possible to gain a court order against someone when the details of that person are false and you have no home address information to send the order to. She also appears to not want to talk about this too.

    It seems every time these people scream to their thousands of followers how they’re going to court they immediately fall silent afterwards and don’t want to talk about what happened.

  • WTF Magazine

    > Implying Randi will sue anyone but Pizza Hut for making her ass huge

    • Landale

      Maybe KFC too?

      • Eric Kelly

        I can see that happening for making the Double Down and not including her in the tasting process.

        • David Fitzsimmons

          I have never been able to figure out why the double-down gets so much flak. It’s basically just two pieces of fried chicken a slice of cheese and a strip of bacon. The typical fried chicken lunch would also be a couple pieces of fried chicken, a side of Mac and cheese and some other side, usually mashed potatoes. The only difference I see is a lack of starch, less cheese, and the addition of bacon.

        • tz1

          Do you mean it in the Sweeny Todd, Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Pies sense? Long lard?

          She wouldn’t like the DD. It is one of the few low-carb (i.e. “good calories”) alternatives. Eat one (without fries or other carbs) and you will feel full for a day. Eat fries or a cookie and the far end of the insulin spike will convince you that you’re starving to death in a few hours.

          Instead Randi probably eats the food pyramid, so is mummified by excess fat.

      • Alan Cliffe

        Can’t get kfc, they’re on her blocklist hah

      • Gregg Braddoch

        lol, I need to sue KFC.

    • The Leader of GamerGate

      That’s some dank meme you’ve got there, friend.

  • calbeck

    “Thinly veiled”, nothing. The only purpose of obtaining legal counsel in response to “summoning a mob” is to sue the alleged summoners. Not unless she believes the aforementioned “mob” is about to sue HER.

    Thing is, she’d be laughed out of any court which relied solely on her given reasons for suing: that someone tweeted about her a lot. Everything else comes straight out of her own presumptions about what WILL happen, regardless of what HAS happened. Which is nothing, except getting tweeted about.

    In other words, zero damages to assert.

    Hope she sues on this basis. It’s a classic example of frivolous tort, which IS a cause for counterclaim of damages. You wouldn’t even need to file a new suit, just assert the damages caused to finances, reputation and loss of time. She’d even end up having to pay the legal expenses.

    • tz1

      The only thing that would be worse than a thinly veiled threat by Randi would be a thinly veiled Randi.

      • Jon

        Thanks, ya’ jerk.

        I just recovered from seeing David Gallant’s ass. Now I have to become legitimately ill at the thought of a scantily clad Randi.

        Now I know why Leigh Alexander drinks.

  • hurin

    Meth abuse causes brain damage. That is why she cannot feel empathy.

    • Landale

      I do wonder if it’s the drugs or a natural thing with her to be such a fucking monster.

    • Cory Brandstetter

      I think it’s a mixture of drugs and sociopathy.

  • Mr0303

    “We are big, we are proud, two of us can make a crowd!”

  • Jansku Jappanen

    Anybody check local laws whether they can raise funds/advertise as their 501(c)3 before they are officially non-profit.

  • Ross

    Well I reckon we get someone legally trained like Based Lawyer Mike Cernovich to read through the Patreon TOS to see what would constitute account close-worthy indiscretions and then research Randi and Zoe’s individual behaviours. (Yeah Wu and Shandy whilst we are at it too) and change-org petition them maybe spread via thunderclap.

    We then look to report the abuses to both twitter and Facebook.

    Then we go looking at Maya Kramer’s involvement with the wizardchan and TFYC fiasco. look to reporting that and see if Zoe can divorce herself completely from that.

    We also target the claims advertised and promoted of Zoe giving legal advice on Crash

    Then let’s see what Sheryl Rubin and her association with IDGA will do. I am betting, denounce anything to do with either lady OR their ideologies.

    Just my mind meandering

  • garf02

    they could gagball ZQ ex, We can not let em do the same with Sushilulutwitch.

    The fact that she is questioning the possibility of a lawyer, means she know we might have an effect to butcher her plan to play messiahs while stabbing whoever she dislikes, also not she has engaged to threaten other, she is also a document misandryst.

    and her GGautoblocker is not an anti-harassment tool, but a personal blocklist.
    and lets not forget she is a supporter of Srh Butt/ hurt. who recently, among her other things, came out as a supporter of Suicide by bleach

  • Not buying it

    We are dealing with fucking retard’s in the anti-gamers & anti-gaming for the most part , ladies & gentlemen, these people are & were failures in the technical know how to become creators & makers of anything in gaming, no body is perfect but most challenged people in our industry whom lacked certain talents or abilities made up for it by at least being cooperative with others in their industry,!!! Not by hijacking what gaming is all about, they can not even enjoy it as a hobby without injecting their filthy ideological narrative into it, well fuck her and her ilk, and try sue my black ass you stupid ideological demagogue. #Notyourshield

    • tz1

      Now, now, one ought not insult the mentally retarded by such comparisons.

      • Not buying it

        tz1, you are absolutely right , my full apologies to anybody offended by equating them with feminist’s , no insult intended to retard’s.

  • Cenobite

    It really does not change anything. She sues, she doesn’t, and life goes on in the trenches. Stay away from those sites, send mail, and watch the salt flow. Randi is just making this hullabaloo to try, and stay relevant. I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately based on lots of articles I have been seeing around the web for other related SJW activities.

    Think in terms of the progressive stack model that they all adhere to. It is the most marginalized, and victimized person who has the most right to be heard. So in order to be someone who is heard in their circles it is not a matter of presenting a well reasoned argument it is a matter of being higher in the stack.

    Think of it as a collectable card game. You have your base cards that you can claim about yourself. physical, mental, gender, race, religion, and oppression status. Then you have the various twists you can play on them, and against others. The best hand makes it to the top of the stack, and gets to control the narrative for all the others.

    • Fatherless

      Someone should make that game. Base it loosely off poker. “Five Stud Oppression.”

      • Jan Scott

        Good idea, really.

      • tz1

        Discarded by 5 studs.
        Maybe she should alter her handle, cheapbsdgirl.

      • Zach Puckett

        The SJW card game. Who can be the biggest bitch on the internet?

  • Les Ismor

    “Someone’s been pointing out my history of fucked up behavior and my pattern of harassment…that’s harassment…” What a fucking chode.

  • Syltique

    Peter Coffin can craft the legal documents.

  • Jan Scott

    This would not make it past pre trial. You can’t sue someone for telling the truth. The courts are clogged with real cases. No judge in her right mind would let this drama see the light of day. This is not the UK where you get sued for saying homeopathy doesn’t work.


    Not surprised about this. I guess her OAPI co-founder Zoe Quinn told her how using the courts to bully victims into silence worked so well for her.

  • AimToMisbehave

    If she did try to sue you, the Streisand Effect would be in play and you’d most likely wind up with a very good pro bono 1st Amendment lawyer who could probably put a stop to the whole thing with the word “discovery”.

  • Charmieos

    ED has a term for this kind of empty threat “Lolsuit”

  • Jon

    All that energy could’ve been spent going for a jog 3 times a week and seeking therapy.

    But she has to antagonize GamerGate for whatever reason.

    You will lose, Randi “Harpy” Harper. Even Anti-GamerGate will eventually see you for the charlatan you really are.

  • Silence Dogood

    Of course her org being threatened is worrisome. She’s completely un-fucking-hirably lol. Rip her fat throat out Steph! <3

  • Silence Dogood

    Randi Harper – using sexism as an excuse for her shitty behavior and ineptitude since, well, forever. I’m surprised she’s not claiming it’s her fucking period. This is the same person who vicious attacks men who actually SHARE the radical feminist agenda if they aren’t making her money in some way.

  • Fenrir007

    I find it extraordinarily funny that people overseas are literally cockblocked from going to court due to a lack of money. Doesn’t the state provides free lawyers for anyone that can’t pony up the money for one? If they don’t, what the fuck is wrong with your country?

    • plasmacutter

      This is America “dumbass”… money is speech, the supreme court said so, around the same time they said monopolies could use binding arbitration clauses to make it impossible to bring anti-trust cases to court.

      Welcome to the new era, feudalism in all but name.

  • StefanHeisenberg

    How are you going to sue someone…over twitter?

    Doesn’t she have a block bot program?

    And why can’t she just normally block people? I don’t think any lawyer would take this seriously. Or, her.

  • cookipuss

    Maybe she’ll finally meltdown Shanley style… speaking of she’s currently playing the victim right now on her timeline.

  • Toastrider

    What a remarkably stupid threat. Time for some education!

    I wonder if Harper is familiar with Brett Kimberlin. Kimberlin has been waging legal actions against several bloggers for a while now, because of their unfortunate tendency to bring up his past indiscretions (which include setting bombs with the intent to injure/kill, refusing to honor judgements against him, and pedophilia).

    If Harper wants to go down this route, so be it, but I do not think it will work out the way she thinks it will. There’s this concept called ‘discovery’ which means that all SORTS of things can get hauled out into the public eye. Worse, a reputation for ‘lawfare’ won’t sit well among gamers; too many of us are already pissy with certain folks for spurious DMCA claims. She might wind up galvanizing people against her in ways she won’t be able to evade.

    • Back From Space

      Hah, I was just thinking of her similarities to Kimberlin. All Ralph would have to do is ask Ken White to send up the Popehat signal for someone to take it pro bono. Bring the popcorn for that moment when Big Randi discovers what an anti-SLAPP suit is.

  • jswft

    Harper is a disgusting person, not to mention she might be one of the most unattractive “women” i have ever seen. She’s a ditch pig.

  • Aj Retro

    Funny to see aGG compare GamerGaters to Scientology when they’re the ones aggressively bullying, censoring and threatening to sue people who will publicize their shady dealings

  • bgo

    seems like every time she talks about how long she’s been in tech the number gets bigger.
    working in the industry 20 years? so she’s in her 40’s?

  • Zach Puckett

    What reality do you live in? I say bring it. I would love to see you try to present this to a judge. If she takes anyone to court please send them the terabit of information we have on her. I would love to see her get her ass nailed to the wall by that judge. Also your little harassment group. Someone please send me a picture of that group. Probably just going to be a bunch of cunts(I never use that word but for these people I am willing to make an exception) with patreon accounts. I’m sure if we did a harassment support group not only would we outnumber them a 1,000 to 1 but we would be more diverse than they are.

  • Richard Olsen

    She just loves telling people to self immolate. Frankly, if there’s one person I’d like to see thrown into prison, it’s fat arse and her group of online bullies.

  • AmazingL4rry

    I don’t think they’re in any better situation financially to sue you Ralph than you are to withstand being sued. The only two individuals on the other side who have really hit the big money are Anita and Wu, and Wu doesn’t even have it anymore because of the GDC drama among other reputation problems.

    Take Randi’s patreon, cut out the usual shuffle sum and what you’re left with is something that constitutes subsistence income AT BEST for someone living in the bay area assuming they have a roommate. I personally suspected she might be drawing unemployment so I shot the California Unemployment Offices some info about her patreon on the off chance she aint reporting it.

    That’s why these idiots are all trying to build fake charities so they can launder their patreons past the IRS but more importantly to try and draw in lazy donations from corporations throwing money at tax breaks. Here’s the thing though I think their plan could very easily be made into the petard they’re ultimately hoisted upon, they’re not just trying to rip off betas on the internet now they’re trying to pull one off on the IRS. That’s like going from Little League to the Majors.

    • A Real Libertarian

      The only two individuals on the other side who have really hit the big money are Anita and Wu


      • AmazingL4rry

        Alex Lifschitz is the son of a billionaire, if he’s got big money it’s because of a trust fund. That’s why I find his and Quinn’s situation so puzzling. He shouldn’t need to be starting fake charities and shit what with all of his daddy’s money.

        It makes me suspect maybe even Lifschitz the older realizes he should have pulled out and shot the little snot out on his wife’s thigh. Maybe Alex has been cut off? The family fortune involves ties to the Israeli military complex which would imply a more right leaning household than Alex would likely be comfortable with.

        • A Real Libertarian

          As far as I’m aware Lifschitz Sr. “only” has a couple hundred million.

          So not quite billionaire.

          • AmazingL4rry

            Whatever the point is that the family has mountains more money than anyone has any immediate practical need/use for. The question remains however as to whether Alex has access to that money.

            He once described himself as a “AAA Producer” and I think he was likely telling the truth. In that case he has or had venture capital. Personally I lean toward HAD rather than have.

            The guy is clearly too ideologically driven to be truly good at business, my gut says daddy gave him a sum to invest and he pissed it away on dumb shit or at least things that didn’t return.

            I really do wish we had a window into these people’s financial statuses. It would clear up alot of questions and motivations.

          • A Real Libertarian

            He once described himself as a “AAA Producer” and I think he was likely telling the truth.

            As far as I know he was an “production assistant” i.e. a gofer.

            He doesn’t have any experience besides fetching coffee.

            I could be wrong though.

          • AmazingL4rry

            Me and a friend were talking, the game he worked on is New Vegas which pissed us both off since we love that game so much and because the idea of Alex handling the dev’s coffee cups sickened us.

            Yeah the producer bit could easily just be bullshit, he could just be talking about Depression Quest.

    • Shucky Ducky

      Rumors Wu’s cut off.

      400k sunk into her game, almost no sales, after fee’s she’s in a massive hole, her patreon doesn’t even begin to cover her costs. If theory is right, it explains her olive branches because even she realizes that her people don’t buy games at this point.
      Anyways, good job Wu, you saved 25 cents on the dollar because you hired an all woman dev team, look how profitable that was!

      • AmazingL4rry

        I really hope that’s actually the case and I suspect it could easily be. I don’t think ANY of these people are good with money, and I’d be dollars to donuts most of them have embarrassing amounts of credit card debt.

        Do some basic estimates based on where they live, what they’re actually making off patreon after the shuffle sum, the clothes they wear, the places they hang out etc and it doesn’t look very good for them.

  • I would bet my balls to a barndance that if you looked into the past of every one of aGGro’s most vocal members –Harper, Kuchera, Alexander etc.– ALL of them will have been bullied at some point in their formative years.

    Almost everything they do screams of someone who’s spent a few decades slowcooking several relatively small injustices into one massive fucking vendetta and whenever someone like that gets a position of power it goes one of two ways:

    -Make a genuine effort to right the wrongs of the past so others won’t have to go through what you did.
    -Work out your years of built up resentment by being an impossible dickhead to absolutely anyone you can; ironically becoming a bully, yourself, in the process.

    Since the latter is a lot, lot easier to do, unsurprisingly almost all of them have opted for that path.

    • Absolutely. It’s the exact same reason I have no sympathy for Phil Fish. At first, I felt sorry because he clearly had no formal media training and therefore no way to cope or understand how to properly respond to the constant onslaught he was receiving but then he just. Kept. Acting. Like. A. Total. Prick.

      If he’d just had the one meltdown and stayed gone I’d probably have seen him as a casualty of the indie scene, but the fact he kept coming back, kept running his mouth, kept threatening to cancel projects…

      There comes a point where if you’re not willing to help yourself then you deserve everything you’ve got coming, and they can call that victim-blaming if they want, but I’m not going to apologise for calling someone an idiot if they decide to go jogging through a minefield, three times a day.

  • plasmacutter

    You hit the nail on the head on freedom of speech.

    They were run off the internet and into self-segregation trying to push “rape culture” and “yesallwomen”…

    so they started WAM! and bullied a bunch of news orgs and social media companies into allowing them to classify criticism and rebuttal as “harassment”. This caused a Streisand effect which has arguably won republicans the 2014 election in the US.

    Now, they’re cynically championing “cyberbullying” as a cause, attacking online anonymity so THEY can more easily destroy peoples’ careers for daring to speak out against them online, pointing to the utterly harmless “internet tough guy” which has existed since the first pre-www BBS and claiming it’s an imminent and dire threat to public safety.

  • Jak Constantine

    Isn’t criticism under fair use? how can the blue whale sue people on that?

    Lol If she did, people will show her abusive history on the internet in court anyway.

  • Sevuz

    Randi is a nobody that uses the internet and RF to form an illusion that she has power position. We have seen so many of her threats over the last 7 months that it has become a joke.

  • Thanatos2k

    What a hypocritical piece of trash.