The big political story these past 24 hours has been President-elect Donald Trump’s press conference, in which he humiliated both BuzzFeed and CNN, describing the former as “a failing pile of garbage” and the latter as “fake news”. The reason for Trump unleashing his wrath on these two outlets was that they had the day before put out an explosive hit piece on him, one that at best was completely unverifiable and full of obvious errors, and at worst was a 4chan Hoax.

Trump supporters were generally ecstatic about the President-elect’s show of force, but SJW Leftists and even a few fake Centrists were not happy with him:

The common talking-points on the anti-Trump side are 1) that he was attacking free speech and democracy by not letting a loud, rude CNN hack interrogate him, and 2) that he petulantly and pointlessly ruined his relationship with the mainstream media. Point 1 is obviously wrong, and stupid – just because you raise your hand and yell loudly doesn’t mean you have a right to be picked ahead of anyone else. I’d imagine most of us already learned this in grade school. Not getting to ask the president-elect a question during a national press conference (think of all the journalists who never even make it there in the first place) is a far cry from Censorship. Besides, where were these people, so concerned about “holding Trump to account”, during the past 8 years of the MSM acting like Obama’s lapdog?

However, the second point about Trump supposedly ruining his relationship with the MSM is far dumber still. Unless you have the memory of Leonard Shelby, there’s no excuse for pretending that the MSM was ever going to give Trump a fair shake. Remember the overwhelming anti-Trump media bias during the campaign, when Trump’s tame locker room talk from 2005 became a giant controversy, while dozens of potentially devastating Hillary scandals were outright covered up? The MSM barely bothered pretending that it wasn’t working non-stop to prevent Trump from becoming president, and guess what, he still won decisively.

So basically, not only had the MSM already declared war on Trump (the only reason such a poorly sourced hit piece ended up on CNN in the first place was that they hoped it would hurt Trump), but Trump has already shown that he can win despite all of the MSM relentlessly attacking him. The potential downsides to Trump firing back against the Lying MSM are basically non-existent – which is precisely why the Trump-haters are squealing so loudly. Jim Acosta, the obnoxious CNN hack who got put in his place by Trump yesterday, clearly understands that the president-elect has all the leverage, as he’s reduced to lamely call for all sides to “deescalate”.

As a rule, whenever leftists are talking like this it means the Right is winning big – after all, whenever leftists have the upper hand, compromise and deescalation is the furthest thing from their mind. Fact is, Trump played this beautifully – he caught left-wing media propagandists with their pants down, as they were clearly pushing fake news in an attempt to damage him, and he made them pay for it, publicly humiliating them with what they had hoped would be their grand new talking-point against alternative media.

Successfully waging war on the MSM will also help Trump’s chances of being re-elected. Having followed the 2016 campaign coverage, I can confidently predict how the media will cover the Trump Administration: Any and all good things it achieves will be downplayed or outright dismissed, minor controversies will be portrayed as huge scandals (and that’s when said “scandals” aren’t COMPLETELY fictitious) and anyone attacking Trump will be portrayed as a brave hero speaking truth to power. The more Trump manages to hurt and discredit the MSM, the less damage they will be able to inflict on him with their propaganda during the next 4 years – which is why it’s so advantageous that he went on the Offense sooner rather than later, and that he blasted the MSM over such an obviously weak story. From now on, ANY anti-Trump story put out by the MSM will seem at least *slightly* suspicious.

Crucially, Trump is refusing to go along with the Lie that the MSM just reports the news and asks the questions the public wants answered. Instead, he’s treating the MSM “journalists” as exactly what they are: Left-wing propagandists who are more than willing to mislead and even outright lie in order to make their viewers arrive at the “correct” conclusions. The fact that Trump was able to win the election despite their best efforts shows that they are already weakened, but The Donald is wise to take no chances and instead move in for the kill.