Here’s a short hit before I finish the update about what the crooked congresswoman is up to. Many of you already heard about that, but I wanted to drop a few hundred words on it anyway. In other news, our beloved anon sketch master is back, and they have a new drawing on feminist cooking. I never know if it’s bad to call these cartoons, or not. Maybe I should ask the anon next time. If they’re reading, that’s definitely not meant as an insult. I fucking love cartoons. Anyway, on to the show (with a karma reminder from Twitter afterwards):

Now, let’s examine why it’s important to treat people right when you’re riding high. Acting like an asshole when it’s unnecessary will come back to get you every time. Yes, I’m also speaking from personal experience. Take a look at what this SJW said about helping a GamerGate supporter several months ago:


Take a look at the trollop today. She’s begging her rad fems buddies for pity work:


(h/t @Supperdude9)

Quite a turn of events for this snake, isn’t it? Hopefully that can be the lesson for today. Don’t be a complete bitch to someone for no reason, because you might find out that karma seems to catch up to us all.