Brian Williams, the guy who is famous for making up a bunch of shit that didn’t happen while he had the top news job at NBC, is now saying that so-called “fake news” helped sway the election in Donald Trump’s favor.

WHAT IS HAPPENING? Do these people really wonder why their trust is at an all-time low? The media continues to fuck up and there is no end in sight. They’re so sanctimonious, so out-of-touch, so hypocritical…no one in their right mind holds them up as some sort of authority. Sure, I still read what they have to say all the time (I rarely watch on TV, cause to hell with that). But their days of being held up higher than alternative news sources are over. And the best part is, they did it all to themselves.

So enjoy watching Brian Williams have the nerve to talk about “fake news.” I know I did. You would think that a guy like him would never want to utter those words in the same sentence, but that’s how out of control his ego is. It’s hard to blame him, though. As I said, they’re all like that.