That’s it folks! The establishment has failed. The progressive nutjobs have failed so hard it’s actually funny. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. I can think of no scenario where he does not win. To think anything else is to be in denial. So what now? I guess it’s time we all cracked open a beer.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you need to start crying in your beer, I understand. After all with the state of the world I think we’re shedding a few tears now and then. Trump is by no means a great candidate but at least he’s not as terrible as any of the other remaining candidates and after the events of March 11th 2016 Trump is the only possible choice for the sane American voter. When every other choice leads to certain disaster the one path that might lead to safety become the only choice. How did this devil’s bargain come about?

The American Establishment (especially the Republic establishment) does NOT understand the concept of blowback.

Seriously what part of “No Bushes! No Clintons!” did these think tank retards not understand? There was no way the American people were going to accept another president from one of those two royal families. Hell last time they were willing to settle on Obama in order to keep The Wicked Witch of the West out of office. So when Trump offered the rightfully disgruntled Republican base a way out of a soul crushing Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush match up why is anybody surprised they jumped at the chance?

But Trump is a rrrrrrracistttt!!!

So what! Better a racist than Clinton! How many blacks did Clinton get killed in Libya?

We need to STOP TRUMP!!! (because reasons)

America had a chance to stop Trump. His name was Ron Paul but that was the past and we need to consider the future.

Trump is a FASCIST!!! (Also a meanie)

Okay let’s stop there. I don’t consider Trump a fascist but he might be the last chance to stop the radical left short of second wave fascism. How historically did the fascists get into power. In every case (certainly in Italy) the fascists got into power because the common people were afraid of a communist takeover.

Now there are no real communists left in world but instead we have the radical feminists, cultural Marxists and other forms of inter-sectional filth. Who is their champion? Hillary Clinton. Why? I have no idea! No seriously I’m completely baffled by this. None the less every pretentious, utopia nutjob is rallying the Team Clinton or her semi-controlled opposition Bernie Sanders and quite frankly their making complete asses of themselves.

Onward to Chicago, Democrat stronghold and the events of the eleventh. Thousands of “protestors” including an unknown number of professional agitators disrupted a Trump rally in a violent aggressive manner and then were stupid enough to brag about all over the internet.


Truly some fine outstanding gentlemen. Not Marxists at all.


Most of the “perfectly peaceful peoples’ power protesters” were associated with the never ending fail that is Black Lives Matters and the most vocal claimed to be Bernie Sanders supports. I say claimed because there are credible claims that this event was part of a Clinton operation but who knows maybe the BernieBros really are that stupid to let themselves be used that way?


Naturally the mainstream media began making excuses for the Trump Rally being broken up by rent-a-thugs. That was expected. What was not expected was Ted “Cloak and Dagger” Cruz taking the side of left wing nut job agitators!


Thousands of former supporters vocally abandoned the Cruz camp and who knows how many do so silently. It’s almost as if Mr. Cruz was throwing the fight! No maybe not of course just a case of pride coming before the fall.


And so it begins. Hillary Goddamn Clinton with all the power and prestige of the American establishment and the full support of the corporate media versus Donald Trump and the average American. This is a battle the Establishment thinks it can win, there’s just one tiny problem with this plan.

Trump NUKES Clinton OUT OF THE WATER in a general election!!!

How? Well now that the geniuses of Black Lives Matter and Move have rallied the Right around Trump, Trump can draw in the disgrunted left by attacking Clinton as a rightwing warmonger. This is something Cruz or Rubio couldn’t do. If Ted Cruz leaves a trail of slime behind him where ever he goes. Clinton leaves a trail of scandals and crimes behind her. There is so much blood on her hands that her enemies simply don’t know where to begin exhuming corpses.

Okay let’s start with the most obvious; Libya. Hilary Clinton was the driving force behind the Libyan War. A war of choice where America supported the veterans of Al Queda in Iraq in overthrowing Qaddafi. Why? So that Italy and France could get at Libya’s oil? Okay… maybe that makes sense? However the blowback from the Libyan War has been enormous leading to a chain of events that dramatically strengthened what would later become ISIS and indirectly led to the migrant crisis that is crippling Europe. All of which can be laid at the feet of Hillary Clinton. Seriously who were the mouth-breathing idiots who decided that this women was ‘electable.’

This is just one issue! Trump will find more! What about the email scandals? Hell Trump can probably just ask Putin for copies of the deleted emails. Why not get a little diplomacy in while he’s on the campaign trail. This woman is so haunted by corruption and incompetence that she might as well be radioactive to the general public. No Trump has this. This election is decided. The Wall will be built. It will still be a horrible long slog of a struggle but in the end the Establishment (and the radical forming at the mouth left) is going to suffer an absolutely humiliating lose at the hands of the American people.

And the entire rest of the world will be cheering them on.

End Notes/Further Reading:

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  1. I see a distinct lack of mentioning Bernie outside of those hardware stores People For Bernie who Bernie isn’t yknow, fucking in charge of?

  2. Don’t start declaring victory until the enemy is dead, buried, and nothing more than a bad memory. Worst case scenario: Liberals and the SJW/terrorists they support could end up ruining everything by sheer dumb luck.

    What should be done now is supporting Trump by shredding the lies and propaganda of the paid for media groups. Trump support rises with every scandal that is revealed against the other candidates but most of it is not common knowledge, and is buried under piles of “he’s ____ist” Trump faces because of a misplaced quote.

    The support for Trump would be magnitudes stronger if the public was informed of the Truth, and the shroud of bullshit was pulled from their ungrateful eyes.

  3. I hope he does win. After the most recent media attack on him from both the Left and the Right it is obvious that he is the only non establishment choice.

  4. “The American Establishment (especially the Republic establishment) does NOT understand the concept of blowback.”
    Trump IS the blowback.
    That’s why everything keeps blowing up back in their faces.
    They think if they keep doing to him what they’ve always done to get their way that it will crush trump, but that’s like trying to put out an oil fire by pouring more oil on it, and then calling the oil fire the next hitler because it doesn’t do what they want.

  5. I can envision scenarios where Trump loses the primaries but they’re extremely unlikely. Even with a so called “brokered convention” the establishment is staking everything on the assumption that when faced with no possibility of nomination and nothing but a choice between two backs to jam a knife into that Cruz will choose to take down Trump instead of take down the establishment shill.

    That’s a gross miscalculation born of wishful thinking. The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior and Cruz’s past suggests he’ll burn down the GOP rather than act as it’s shit eating assassin. He wants to take down Trump now because he wants to be POTUS himself, if he can’t have that then he wont care about taking Trump down anymore.

  6. I live out in chicago and being a black trump supporter is making me worry, the looks on people’s faces when i tell them i support him is akin to disgust. people then lecture me on how he is racist , a bigot and so on.

  7. As fun as it is to talk about Trump being made of a combination of teflon and ass seeking feet, we still do have to do due dilligence and convert who we can with the facts surrounding this election and clinton.

  8. The establishment keeps making the mistake of trying to hold a business man to politicians moral standards. Not going to work. Business men are only doing what the politicians allow, so if Trump has done something shady, its the politicians fault.

  9. I actually figured trump would be a shoe in after the wall comments. Seriously, that’s when I remember him starting to hit back and hit hard. In previous elections, his runs seemed like jokes and celebrity apprentice guerrilla marketing. The thing is, the time Trump shines is when he’s feuding, and they’ve given him non stop feuds to fight since then. Normally, humiliating your opponent without much real substance was a leftist trick, now that it”s being used against them, they’re going all to hell. It’s amazing to me what’s been happening in a detached observer sort of way. I mean, I support Trump, but only because I hate the government and he and Bernie are the only 2 who won’t be more of the same, and I don’t like wealth redistribution like Bernie, as i never seems to give what was promised, but takes much more. Anyway, you’re right about one thing, Trump is the universe’s revenge on the republitards for how they railroaded Ron Paul.

  10. “Report of a Trump supporter being killed by Chicago protesters.”

    Damn! You Trumptardz will believe ANYTHING, won’t you……

    ….except, of course, the truth about your Dear Leader.
    But don’t worry. I’m sure, once your Dear Leader takes over, he’ll outlaw fact-checking along with the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

    1. You can certainly expect him to forget that he invited Bill & Hill to his last wedding.
      Or that they showed up, so we can assume money changed hands at some point.
      Hillary’s campaign staff are every bit as unprincipled as Trump, and they’ve been playing sleazy politics a lot longer. All Hillary has to do is thank Trump for his long-time support and let her campaign float some rumors about being some kind of Manchurian candidate and he’s done.
      There’s two ways to win an election: convince people to vote for you, or convince your opponent’s supporters to stay home on election day. Trump’s got a whole shit-ton of skeletons in his closet that the media hasn’t touched, because the media WANTS Hillary’s opponent to be an ignorant, politically-inexperience, polarizing jackass. Wait until they start a national conversation on Trump’s mob connections.

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