I spent last night writing a column on the morally and intellectually bankrupt SJW cult, and arguing about Boogie’s loyalties to the GamerGate movement on Twitter. Someone dropped me a line on Malka, but I was simply tied up. When I actually got around to looking at all this new information, I was shocked and disgusted at the alleged behavior of NeoGAF proprietor Tyler Malka. I simply had to bring this to the readers. So may not have seen the Reddit story. It’s also important that we document these allegations for the record.

Actually, it’s pretty hard to even call these allegations, because they come from Malka’s mouth himself. He admits to groping a female without her permission, “grabbing her ass hard to show I wasn’t being taken advantage of.” This is because he bought her a drink. Apparently, he thinks that entitles him of grab two handfuls of ass. I had never realized that was part of the package, myself. I guess that’s also why I don’t have any stories like this written about me. Keep in mind, this is from his own writing, not mine, or someone else’s.

This is starting to becoming a disturbing trend for Mr. Malka. How long until he’s branded an abuser of women? Look at what’s happening in the NFL. How is Malka getting away with the stonewalling? There should be a media firestorm right now. Where is Kotaku, Polygon, or Gamasutra? Why are they protecting Tyler Malka?

If there’s nothing to all these charges, why does he continue to remain so quiet? Has his legal team advised him against speaking out? I know one thing: the silent treatment isn’t doing him any favors. If there’s nothing to all these allegations, come out and address them. Put up a post on NeoGAF. Do something. You’ve banned people for broaching this subject in the past. The time has come to answer these charges. You’re only hurting yourself, and NeoGAF.



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UPDATE: One other gem from Malka. I tweeted about it last night. How to explain this ? And if it’s a joke, go ahead and tell us why it’s supposed to be funny.

  1. Brad Wardell has wrongful allegations against him and gets the full force of the activist army on him. For some reason this guy seems to get a free pass. If this guy was pro gamergate and this info was given to the anti crowd, he’d be torn apart. Hm…. idea….

  2. I’m sure that the anti-GG squad will rush to his defense anyway, pushing the bounds of cognitive dissonance to the limit by making up reasons why it was OK for him to do it or why she deserved it.

  3. Please remove this from #gamergate tag.
    Making accusatory allegations of sexual assault before any evidence exists is a typical SJW shaming tactic and has nothing to do with us.
    Also, the way you imply that being silent about this is working against him is again SJW shaming.
    Whatever allegation (if any) he has, he has the right of dealing with it privately unless incriminatory evidence is shown.

    If you take this route you’re no different than your typical SJW shaming men of rape from just hearsay, and I want nothing to do with this.

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