In a move that shocks no one, notorious developer Zoe Quinn is now using the courts to silence her critics. On Tuesday, a court gagged her ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, reportedly because of “intimidation.” This, despite the fact that Eron has never threatened Zoe, and has actually encouraged all of GamerGate to treat her with dignity, and respect. If only she would afford Eron the same courtesy.

Instead, she hires high-priced attorneys, and tells them to make her detractors shut-up. Lucky for us, and for the original Reddit poster (anonoben), we’re not Eron. And I don’t give a fuck about Zoe, or her lawyers. Free speech will always win out.

Here’s the description of how the actual hearing went for Eron, after Zoe said a bunch of bullshit about him to the judge:

Eron’s attorney:

I will speak on my client’s behalf, and then acquiesce to my client. Zoe Quinn is a public figure and criticism of public figures is protected free speech (with the specific example of criticism of her interaction with TFYC). ZQ was already receiving harassment before Eron’s blog post. Eron has never threatened ZQ with violence and has never encouraged anyone to threaten ZQ with violence. Thezoepost was a story about Eron’s life experiences and did not even include ZQ’s real name.


[Did not get to speak at all because the judge cut his attorney off to ask more questions of the plaintiff]

The judge didn’t really say much and started writing half way through the arguments.

*He did not allow Eron’s attorney to cross examine the plaintiff

*He did not allow admission of Eron’s evidence

*He refused the Attorney’s first amendment objection to the gag clause

*He mentioned nothing about his reasoning besides a vague reference to ‘intimidation’.

Order extended until x/x/2015

So, even though he never threatened Zoe, Eron Gjoni has been silenced by a judge, in the supposedly free United States of America. Is this really what it’s come to? The man has done nothing wrong. He wrote an article about his life. If Zoe Quinn had put up something similar, there would be scores of feminist ideologues who would support that. I’ve seen it happen already, with others. Their hypocrisy truly knows no bounds. People like Quinn and the SJWs will do whatever it takes to silence debate.

It’s up to those they are unable to silence to continue to speak out. Never stop poking your free speech thumb in their eyes. It drives them crazy, as you can see.  Don’t be intimidated by their fascist tactics, as that’s exactly what they’re looking for. If we all stand up, they don’t have a chance.

Good luck silencing anon, Zoe.



    1. Is she at least a decent Game Developer? I have often wondered what it was she actually produced.

      1. An interactive novel called ‘Depression Quest’. No graphics just a bunch of text.
        Needless to say it won awards and got lots of positive coverage.

        No corruption here, move along.

        1. ROFLMAO…You mean like the game from the 80s called “Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy”?

          She couldn’t sit down and spend a few days learning the Unity or Unreal Engine?

          1. Whats this equal pay for equal work thing again? Whenever a feminist is involved, common sense is apparently not so common.

        2. It’s actually more of a PSA, which would have been fine if it had been sold as such. But to call it an actual video game? Not so much. Calling Quinn a ‘Game Developer’ for making Depression Quest is like calling me a “Biochemist” because I made a bong out of laboratory beakers once.

          1. Seriously. She made some multiple choice test simulator, and now suddenly she’s a “professional game developer”?

            I used a plunger to remove a clog in my toilet, so that must make me a professional plumber!

          2. I could not agree more with that sentiment. That is also probably part of the reason that she attacked The Fine Young Capitalists as they were providing other women like her with no skills in game development a chance as well.

      2. It certainly wasn’t a game. I know a lot of people argue about “what” a game is and I don’t care when it comes to that kind of thing, we all have our own definitions.

        But if you were to tell me Depression Quest was a game, I’d have to ask you to step outside.

        1. I just sat through 2 screens of that HORRIBLE nonsense passing itself off as entertainment. WTF!!!! How does ANYONE think this thing was worth anything? My kid when he was 7 could have done better.

          Depression? Who wants to play a game about feeling sorry for yourself? This ZQ chick is seriously a complete and total waste of skin who slept her way to 15 minutes of fame.

          1. Yes it was…I won. I just picked every action a feminist cupcake would, and I won.

          2. Here’s the kicker though, there is no way for your character to actually commit suicide in this game. Zoe didn’t want to risk “triggering” people.

            A game that’s supposed to simulate what it’s like to live with depression, and the one of the biggest issues with it, the part that allows depression to claim lives, and it’s not in the game.

          3. If i had been stupid enough to sit through a few more screens of that mess it would have triggered something.

        2. I do not consider Twine a game engine. RPGMaker, M.U.G.E.N., and the creation tools in LittleBigPlanet, Disney Infinity, and Halo are better at making actual games.

  1. Poor Eron :(.
    I hope that slut rots in Hell. It only saddens me that her life probably won’t be as miserable as she deserves thanks to the army of brainless sheep that support her.

  2. This is why feminism will lead to the destruction of civilization. Feminists vote in sexist judges like this. Enjoy the decline, and know that in the end women’s suffrage will end.

    1. Women suffrage is not the same as modern feminism. Woman suffrage is the right of women to vote and stand for office and it has nothing to do with privileged 20’something first world white girls who have nothing better to do in life then to be outraged and victimized.

      1. Voting is not a right, its a privilege. The founding fathers were very clear on the fact that Democracy was terrible. We ignored them.

        The suffrage movement demanded a social say despite not carrying the burdens of society. They wanted privilege without responsibility. It is entirely the same as modern feminism.

        1. By that time they were already allowed to work (because you know, they weren’t allowed before) and to carry their own burden. Voting helped them become contributing members of society and work more. They wanted to contribute, and still do (except the SJW), I do not know what are others responsibilities you are thinking about so I cannot comment further. If you think GamerGate has anything to do with womens rights you are badly mistaken. By the same logic all men supporting the SJW’s condition that all men on GG side shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
          But I guess you have a right to your opinion, and I respect that right. Luckily, no matter how you want it, you cannot take away mine. Rationality will always prevail over delusions, that’s why we who support GG will succeed. And even tho we obviously differ on the matters of human rights I appreciate you exercising your freedom of speech.

          1. My views on suffrage extend padt women and are unrelated to #gg entirely. So yeah.

            As per allowed to work? Actually they were. And many did. However, we had general social structures for a reason

            Voting has not helped them become contributing members of society. It has allowed them to be used as an easy to please voting bloc and grow the power of the government to the detriment to society, the economy, and so forth. Universal suffrage, not just women mind you, not made laws fairer, us freer, and certainly hasn’t closed the largest gender gaps, just the nice ones. More degrees than men, but not the jobs with high risk and the like.

            Again, its not #gg here. Thats a push against a producer not producing the product the consumer wants mixed , fir some, with a push against cultural marxism.

            My point was simply that this attempt to reconcile that OLD feminism was totally better is silly.

          2. Why I mention GG is because it’s the context of this site so I didn’t assume that the first commenter left a random comment about rights unrelated to GG.
            Yes, they were, I said that, but not as much, and only because there was a sudden need for them (war).
            Like I have said, I fully respect your right to your opinion, I still disagree. I do not plan to go fully into this discussions since I honestly doubt that anything I say will change your mind and sociology is not my field so I’m probably not qualified to talk about socio-economical-political aspects of history.
            In the end it all comes down to opinions. You may feel (and I apologize if I misunderstood) that we should(or should have) give away our liberties or liberties of others for the sake of everyone. However changes happen when people are unhappy. Sure, it is selfish, but would you give away your privilege to vote or your free speech or ability to choose what you do if that will make life of everyone more comfy? Personally, my logic is that it would be for the best of society if we eliminate all religious, all invalids and leave only the strongest of men and the smartest of women and only those who will never oppose. Do I genuinely want that? No. Those who are left would have a great life, and could build a better society but it’s a weak and easy way out and personally I feel it wouldn’t be right. Maybe your argument about suffrage stays, and you are right (like I have said I am not qualified) I still am grateful that today I can freely speak my mind, and freely build my life and work wherever and for whatever reason I want, be it high risk or low. It’s selfish and irrational, but in my position could you honestly say you would be different and would give it away? Pardon my fallacies, I use them for my lack of ability to properly communicate in English, and I treat this conversation as more of exchange of opinions and thoughts then a proper discussion. I appreciate your willingness to share and ability to state your mind without being offensive. I apologize if I sounded disrespectful, it is not my intention. Disagreement does not equal lack of respect in my book.

          3. No no, you’ve been quite resoectful and the like. And yes, #gg brought me here, but the comment is just seperate from that.

            I will say your big problem is mixing rights and privileges. Freedom of speech? A right. Not because the government says so, but because it is.

            Voting is a privilege, and one with big implications and pitfalls. I question even my own validity to vote.

    2. What is going on here with SWJs is pseudo-feminism, not to be confused with actual feminism. Blanketing one with the other is just as bad as SWJs calling all gamers white privileged males.

      Unless that’s what you meant to do, in shich cse you’re not really helping here.

    1. He can appeal. What’s more, due to the Judge’s ignoring Eron’s lawyer’s rights to quash the gag and not hearing on it, he’s got a pretty damn good case for violation of civil rights.

        1. It can. Depends on the circumstances. At the very least, the judge can be forced to resign. The bad part of it though, is it would call all cases the judge had heard into question.

          1. I’d hardly call that bad. If this judge did this to him you can be assured he’s screwed other people over as well.

  3. *Made a glorified tumblr hyperlink “game” using Twine* *Described as “Developer”* *Heh*

    Zoe’s such a toolshed. Just wait till her bubble headed supporters get distracted and leave her in the dust, she’ll have no avenue to support herself anymore since her reputation is beyond tarnished by this point.

  4. I’m starting to distrust Reddit. I was never much of an avid fan, but all this love of censorship is appalling.

    1. When the whole #GamerGate thing began, they deleted 25,000 comments off a single post, deleted innumerable other posts, shadowbanned a crapton of accounts, and eventually corralled anyone who wanted to talk about what was going on into r/KotakuInAction, most likely so they could keep their eyes on those who dared to not shut up about it. You better believe they don’t deserve your trust. Fuck reddit. Right in their collective necks.

  5. Luckily he’s got a strong case on appeal, and his lawyer was so pissed off that he’s willing to do some more work for free.

    1. There are times when you figuratively tell “his Imminence, the Judge” to taking a flying screw at the moon and write what you want.

      Wait, I know you’re going to tell me that such action would entail a cost. Freedom isn’t free – it never has been. Someone has always been called upon to pay the price.

  6. If Eron starts an online fund for a legal defense I will gladly give to it. Because I will gladly give of myself to defend the freedom of speech.

  7. Didn’t Tucker Max go through the same ordeal with the Miss Vermont story?

    To those, not in the know here is a summary of what happened:

    1) Tucker Max had an affair with former Miss Vermont Katy Johnson

    2) He chronicled his affair with her, and presented her in a very bad light which was quite different from her public image.

    3) Katy Johnson managed to get a judge (who was friends with her mother Kathleen Johnson) to issue a gag order on Tucker Max on grounds of invasion of privacy. She didn’t contest the truthfullness of his story, but she asserted that Tucker Max didn’t have the right to say it, because it damaged her.

    4) Tucker Max’s story was taken down. He was also forbidden to publicly discuss the details of that case. Curiously enough, Katy Johnson and her family had full freedom to talk to the press about it and publicly call Tucker Max a “smut peddler”.

    5) Tucker Max contacted a lawyer who was an expert in first amendment rights, who examined the judge’s decision and said that it was a serious violation.

    6) After getting advice from his lawyer, Tucker’s story was temporarily taken down from his personal website but other sites picked it up and posted it in protest. The story went viral.

    7) After going to a higher court, he managed to get the gag order overturned and the story was reposted on his website, along with additional material that proved the truthfullness of his story and what went on in court afterwards.

    For more details, go here:

    I can see many similarities between this Tucker Max’s case and Zoe Quinn’s:

    – In this case, like in Tucker Max’s case ZQ is not contesting the truthfulness of Eron’s story.

    – Like in Tucker Max’s case, while the gag order forbids Eron to talk about his story and talk about ZQ and this court case, but it doesn’t forbid Zoe to talk about Eron. She is free to call him anything she likes, but he is not free to rebutt her and defend himself. Yeah, that sounds fair…

    – Again, this gag order only prevents Eron (and potentially WordPress) from posting his story. It doesn’t prevent any other sites on private servers (such as the Ralph Retort) to keep a cache of it and keep it up.

    My advice to Eron is to contact a First-Amendment-Specializing lawyer (preferably the same one that Tucker Max had), and go to a higher court. There is a legal precedent, and there is a high chance he will win.

  8. This is similar to what is happening with Pauly Perette and her ex husband Coyote Shivers. She is a huge fan of restraining orders and has used them as a weapon against him for years. She would actually monitor his social media accounts and go to places he mentioned so she could purposely make him violate the order and then call 911 on him. Women are very adept at using the justice system that highly favors them to harass and silence men.

    1. “Women are very adept at using the justice system that highly favors them to harass and silence men.”

      Perpetually presented as damsels in distress or victims, “empowered” by paramilitary armed male proxies, and with a “liberation” initially funded by the 1% of Corporate Male America for the extra consumer spendings. By far the biggest demographic supported by Big Daddy State through the extra taxes and jobs in administration, holders of the majority of votes, human rights, and seats in higher education in the west, without wanting to recognize the huge inequalities in that…-Is there anything in there that does NOT go against the stated values and purpose of feminism?
      -Anything at all ??

      You’d only have to bring in an old jew and a former nazi from WW2 and ask them if they’ve seen something similar before, and they’d start talking for hours without end…

      Wake up, fer crissake!!

  9. : This is even more reason to rally and hit this ‘developer’ with a ‘KO!’ as soon as gamingly possible.

  10. I think sometimes the first hearing is like an emergency.

    Remember, by the expanded definition (and Zoe’s own), Eron is a rape victim. (Not the felonious, violent, assault, but the 1 in 5 college women definition).

    I, too, will donate to an Eron’s legal fund, and maybe sh should go on the offense. Discovery and deposition – Under oath and on the record would expose the truth.

  11. LOL at the Zoe photo. How much filters and ‘Shopping was used to make Ms. Sadface up there look halfway decent?

  12. Awesome…I am not the only one constantly talking about how the feminist movement who constantly declares “Feminism is for equality for both sexes”, constantly works to eliminate my fundamental Bill of Rights guarantees, while theirs are held sacrosanct.

    Any Politician, Elected, or government appointed official takes a SOLEMN oath to preserve and uphold the Constitution. Even our boys in uniform take that same oath to uphold the Constitution.

    By definition anyone who performs any action which violates the Constitution has Violated their oath of office and should be removed. Further any of our officials who vote to renew VAWA (how many times has that one been renewed BTW?) has violated their oath of office and should be removed.

  13. You know this kind of “justice” happens to men every day in this country in court rooms, particularly family courts. Men are accused of things, and women seek orders against them with no evidence, and you have nothing to defend yourself. You have concrete proof that statements they make are lies, actual proof that parts of their sworn statements are outright lies, and you are told “That is irrelevant.”

    Welcome to justice in America.

  14. White knight judges are everywhere, willing to do anything they can to the point of abusing their authority (big surprise) to protect a helpless women from any sort of harm, including harmful words. Women receive about 60% discount on sentencing equivalent crimes to men, and women are somewhere like 70% less likely to be convicted than a men in the exact same situation. Feminism has done it’s part, but there is still a lot of old school chivalry, aka Gynocentrism, that exists in court. Any father fighting for custody of his kids knows exactly what I am talking about. Zoe’s just another women playing victim for her bad behavior and banking on the chivalry of the law system to enforce her agenda. Welcome to the Red Pill boys… sucks but you’re better off informed than not.

  15. I find it hilariously hypocritical how SJW’s will whine and bitch endlessly about a man making a post about his experiences being lied to and manipulated by a vindictive abuser on his own personal blog (with proof AND without naming, what a horrible harrasser amirite), and then go and post hitpieces on men who have been falsely accused of sexual harrassment on their consumer websites (we all know what i’m talking about), and act as if this is perfectly ok. Fucking idiots the lot of them. And fuck Zoe for using the court for censorship too

    1. Force NOW and others to spend their resources defending the corrupt. Force them to go begging for more donations from feminists for their “worthy cause”.

  16. That judge needs to go. I can understand a judge not making a decision that I don’t agree with but he didn’t even let the defendant make a case.
    No wounder the US has the largest prison population in the world.

  17. American law enforcement now get federal pork bloating dollars to strip guys of their basic due process rights, manufacture faulty and inflamatory statistics……..and harrass guys like Zoe’s ex boyfriend….. ( just because she wants them to).

    American law enforcement’s never ending quest for more , and more federal pork bloating dollars…has “overbloated” American law enforcement into a massive beast that is stripping American males basic, hard fought for constitutional rights.

  18. I was in a thread about this on FB a few hours ago, and a few SJWs were saying GG’s reaction was just “MRA tears”. When I pointed out that there was no harassment of ZQ by Eron (even pointing out that he advised not to harass her on his Z-POST), they claimed that there was several times he talked about harassing and destroying her.

    I replied, “If you mean his IRC chat, he said he wasn’t posting any info on her because it would be misused. If there’s anything other than that, i’d like to see proof.”

    It’s been several hours since, and not a single peep yet…

    1. Well, one guy did reply, but without any proof of Eron’s “harassment”. He just spouted off some crap that boiled down to “I don’t have proof, but I TOTALLY KNOW that Eron harassed her!” and “UGH! I can’t even!”

      With such Einsteins like that on their side, Anti-GG isn’t going to last very much longer.

  19. Disgusting.

    The Bill of Rights explicitly includes the right to free speech.

    There is no right to not be offended.

  20. When you have to silent dissent, you know your argument won’t withstand scrutiny. Meanwhile, 1000’s of people around the world have crappy nudie pics of “Zoe” on their PCs.

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